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  1. Is the map packed? server and clients just need the zips and the info folder.. Client.. Info folder, server.zip and client.zip Server... Info folder and server.zip. Pack the map in the editor, if already packed, make sure files are the same for clients and server.
  2. Also default water settings, with low graphics settings, causes a crash at pressing join game.
  3. Yea you can also put objects on the skybox, works well with distant sky scrapers/city plus more
  4. Yes you can... http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9361
  5. Becaue your content.config file got fubared. Either do as msch says which should fix it, or open EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\bf2editor\Settings\Content.config and be sure it contains the following lines... A repeate of it for each mod is needed too. Mod bf2 folder default Objects\common folder default Objects\Effects folder default Objects\Roads folder default Objects\StaticObjects folder default Objects\vegitation folder default Objects\Vehicles folder default Objects\Weapons folder default Objects\dynamicobjects folder default Objects\freecontent folder default Objects\kits folder default Objects\miscobjects folder default Objects\soldiers folder default Objects\water
  6. Just load map in editor, go to the terain editor, then save/save as...
  7. Useing a bf2 map in your mod?? does it still have a md5 file? if so remove that file from your mod.
  8. http://www.gamershell.com/news_30744.html
  9. There are tools for exporting objects from g-max, and also there is a .dds plugin for gimp.
  10. Well you can first set the default pose, "animation/set as skin pose", then you can then just pick "animation/assume skin pose" to set it back after moveing and setting the weights.
  11. Cool stuff Beex , cant belive an aussie sobered up long enought to write that though... i suspect foul play
  12. Some plug-ins to make that easy e.g.. http://www.raylightgames.com/2010/06/xrayunwrap-15-rc1-beta-released/
  13. http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9361
  14. It could be an issue with max 2009, has anyone else lightmapped with max 2009? The tools are only comfirmed working with max 6-9 i belive from 6 anyway, but only up to max 9, not 2009.
  15. No not what i ment, i mean your maps light settings in the editor, not max, check the staticsun/sky colour settings. Yea you will need to render all the lods, but for testing you can just do the first.
  16. Maybe.. but none here will help you break the law by useing bf2 objects in another game.. locked.
  17. Yea Just having sun pass would look ok, but just sky not.. humm running out of ideas, what are your maps light settings at? Well Staticsunlight and staticskylight. make sure non are too dark.
  18. Do you have a vehicle on the map? if not that maybe it as it needs one, or maybe you have "ScatterSpawnPositions" on your spawn point's checked.
  19. Check the editor logs, should tell you the problem there, not much else i can suggest with the info
  20. Try sunlight set to 1, and shadows to 0.5 see if that helps. As you have your shadows set to .7 when sun brightness is only .8
  21. Take a look at the tga's and dds files and look to see if its all black, or has shadows. Also what settings are you useing on your sun light in max? also make sure your units were correct before import (generic 1 unit = 1 inch) Also try lightmapping the building next to it.
  22. Bensta

    Reverse Geometry

    Cant you select all faces and press "flip"? or does g-max not have that? Nice tip with the -100 though mscho
  23. yea your missing the minimap then, copy the imgamemap.dds from the daqing and put in your map. Or generate a new one in the editor
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