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  1. So i tried to fix up the pirates Cutlass by useing a custom projectile, now local its perfect, but online the dust effect and sound is slightly delayed also sometimes the effect/sound dont play, the projectile still seems to be right.. eg.. when slash someone, they die istantly, not when effects played... So any ideas?.. heres the cutlass and projectile tweaks if they help... Projectile (proj_cutlass) rem *** Generated with Bf2Editor.exe [created: 2006/5/15 12:52] GeometryTemplate.compressVertexData 1 GeometryTemplate.maxTextureRepeat 16 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe GenericProjectile proj_cutlass ObjectTemplate.creator BEN-PC:Ben ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "Ben" ObjectTemplate.setNetworkableInfo BasicInfo ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.createNotInGrid 1 rem ---BeginComp:DefaultCollisionComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultCollisionComp rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultDetonationComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultDetonationComp rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultProjSoundComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultProjSoundComp rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultPenetrateComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultPenetrateComp ObjectTemplate.penetrate.allowSolidPenetration 0 ObjectTemplate.penetrate.allowLiquidPenetration 1 rem ---EndComp --- ObjectTemplate.geometry proj_cutlass ObjectTemplate.setCollisionMesh proj_cutlass ObjectTemplate.mapMaterial 0 knife 48 ObjectTemplate.drag 0.5 ObjectTemplate.mass 1 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType Point ObjectTemplate.floaterMod 0 ObjectTemplate.collisionGroups 8 ObjectTemplate.material 48 rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_proj_cutlass_Looping rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.timeToLive CRD_NONE/0.05/0/0 ObjectTemplate.material 48 ObjectTemplate.damage 10 ObjectTemplate.minDamage 5 ObjectTemplate.distToStartLoseDamage 2 ObjectTemplate.distToMinDamage 4 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_proj_cutlass_Looping ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "Ben" Cutlass rem *** Generated with Bf2Editor.exe [created: 2006/5/15 11:52] GeometryTemplate.compressVertexData 1 GeometryTemplate.maxTextureRepeat 16 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe GenericFireArm cutlass1 ObjectTemplate.aiTemplate cutlass1AI ObjectTemplate.creator MAREK:Mark ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "1/2Hawk" ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.castsDynamicShadow 1 rem ---BeginComp:WeaponHud --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent WeaponHud ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.weaponIcon Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\cutlass1.tga ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.altWeaponIcon Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\cutlass1.tga ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.selectIcon Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\Selection\cutlass1.tga ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.hudName "KILLMESSAGE_WEAPON_cutlass1" ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.guiIndex 4 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.altGuiIndex 0 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.deviationFactor 4 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.maxVisualDeviation 10 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.minVisualDeviation 10 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.hasFireRate 0 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.showInfo 0 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.disableOnSprint 1 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:SingleFireComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent SingleFireComp ObjectTemplate.fire.roundsPerMinute 120 ObjectTemplate.fire.fireLaunchDelay 0.07 ObjectTemplate.fire.addFireRate 0 ObjectTemplate.fire.fireInCameraDof 1 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultAmmoComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultAmmoComp ObjectTemplate.ammo.nrOfMags -1 ObjectTemplate.ammo.magSize -1 ObjectTemplate.ammo.reloadTime 0 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:SoldierDeviationComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent SoldierDeviationComp ObjectTemplate.deviation.setFireDev 0 0 1 ObjectTemplate.deviation.minDev 0 ObjectTemplate.deviation.subProjectileDev 1 ObjectTemplate.deviation.setTurnDev 0 0 0 1 ObjectTemplate.deviation.setSpeedDev 0.1 0 0 1 ObjectTemplate.deviation.setMiscDev 0 0 0 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultSoundComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultSoundComp ObjectTemplate.sound.noisy 0 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultAnimationComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultAnimationComp rem ---EndComp --- ObjectTemplate.geometry cutlass1 ObjectTemplate.floaterMod 0 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0 rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_cutlass1_Fire1P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_cutlass1_Fire1P_Outdoor ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_cutlass1_Fire3P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_cutlass1_BoltClick ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_cutlass1_TriggerClick ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_cutlass1_SwitchFireRate ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_cutlass1_Reload1P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_cutlass1_Reload3P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_cutlass1_Deploy1P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_cutlass1_Deploy3P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_cutlass1_Zoom rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.animationSystem1P Objects/Weapons/Handheld/cutlasses/AnimationSystem1p.inc ObjectTemplate.animationSystem3P Objects/Weapons/Handheld/cutlasses/AnimationSystem3p.inc ObjectTemplate.projectileTemplate proj_cutlass ObjectTemplate.velocity 50 ObjectTemplate.itemIndex 1 ObjectTemplate.delayToUse 1 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_cutlass1_Fire1P ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "1/2Hawk" ObjectTemplate.soundFilename "objects/weapons/handheld/cutlasses/sounds/knife_fire.wav" ObjectTemplate.loopCount 0 ObjectTemplate.is3dSound 0 ObjectTemplate.stopType 1 ObjectTemplate.volume 0.45 ObjectTemplate.pitch 1 ObjectTemplate.pan 0.5 ObjectTemplate.reverbLevel 1 ObjectTemplate.pitchEnvelope 0/1/0.9/1.1/1/1/0/0.99/1.02/ ObjectTemplate.volumeEnvelope 0/1/0/1/1/1/0/0.9/1/ ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_cutlass1_Fire1P_Outdoor ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "1/2Hawk" ObjectTemplate.soundFilename "objects/weapons/handheld/cutlasses/sounds/knife_fire.wav" ObjectTemplate.loopCount 0 ObjectTemplate.is3dSound 0 ObjectTemplate.stopType 1 ObjectTemplate.volume 0.45 ObjectTemplate.pitch 1 ObjectTemplate.pan 0.5 ObjectTemplate.reverbLevel 1 ObjectTemplate.pitchEnvelope 0/1/0.9/1.1/1/1/0/0.99/1.02/ ObjectTemplate.volumeEnvelope 0/1/0/1/1/1/0/0.9/1/ ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_cutlass1_Fire3P ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "1/2Hawk" ObjectTemplate.soundFilename "objects/weapons/handheld/cutlasses/sounds/knife_fire.wav" ObjectTemplate.loopCount 0 ObjectTemplate.is3dSound 1 ObjectTemplate.stopType 1 ObjectTemplate.volume 0.67 ObjectTemplate.pitch 1 ObjectTemplate.reverbLevel 1 ObjectTemplate.pitchEnvelope 0/1/0.9/1.1/1/1/0/0.99/1.02/ ObjectTemplate.volumeEnvelope 0/1/0/1/1/1/0/0.9/1/ ObjectTemplate.minDistance 1 ObjectTemplate.halfVolumeDistance 1.6 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_cutlass1_BoltClick ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "1/2Hawk" ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_cutlass1_TriggerClick ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "1/2Hawk" ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_cutlass1_SwitchFireRate ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "1/2Hawk" ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_cutlass1_Reload1P ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "1/2Hawk" ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_cutlass1_Reload3P ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "1/2Hawk" ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_cutlass1_Deploy1P ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "1/2Hawk" ObjectTemplate.soundFilename "objects/weapons/handheld/cutlasses/sounds/knife_deploy_1p.wav" ObjectTemplate.loopCount 1 ObjectTemplate.is3dSound 0 ObjectTemplate.stopType 0 ObjectTemplate.volume 0.6 ObjectTemplate.pitch 1 ObjectTemplate.pan 0.5 ObjectTemplate.reverbLevel 1 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_cutlass1_Deploy3P ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "1/2Hawk" ObjectTemplate.soundFilename "objects/weapons/handheld/cutlasses/sounds/knife_deploy_1p.wav" ObjectTemplate.loopCount 1 ObjectTemplate.is3dSound 1 ObjectTemplate.stopType 0 ObjectTemplate.volume 0.5 ObjectTemplate.pitch 1 ObjectTemplate.reverbLevel 1 ObjectTemplate.minDistance 0.7 ObjectTemplate.halfVolumeDistance 1.4 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_cutlass1_Zoom ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "1/2Hawk" ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_cutlass1_Projectile_Looping ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "1/2Hawk"
  2. Hey, Was trying to test pirates online and i get a crash on my pegville map while loading into the server, just as join game button appears.. http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/6048/errorgk.jpg All other maps seem fine so far, just this one. Anybody got any ideas to stop my pulling my hair out? Edit, found the same error message in this thread.. http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=2168&st=0&p=14282&hl=template%20id%20not%20found&fromsearch=1entry14282 And damn i have a water plane that sticks out over onto surrounding terrain... guessing thats the problem... Edit: no removing waterplane still gives same error. Final Edit: Fixed, was missing a silly "endif" after my object spawners Doh, took all day to figure that out Thanks to Cassio for help debugging
  3. Nice one Detrux, 3 cheers.. hip hip horray.. hip hip...
  4. No, you can import them, but the model will be missing channel info, and normally problems with model. This tool is for exporting your model to .bundlemesh or .staticmesh, aswell as other things
  5. Bensta


    Very nice.. moved to WIP showcase.
  6. Nice one, sounds a usefull litle app
  7. Yea what i thought, anyway i gave it a try and your right .. it has its limits. i'll think i'll stick with the moon on the sky dome. Thanks anyways
  8. Ah thanks Why only 512 or 256? mines a 1024x1 map.. although not much of the map used.
  9. No theres no way to set that, but you can either select large groups/areas on the map or go through the object list A-Z and select one, then "sellect all same type" and lightmap them in groups of same type objects.
  10. Wish i knew the fix too happens to me too, although the other day it worked fine, think it was either the singleplayer editor being loaded, or after lightmaps.. didnt test what fixed it, but i belive the sp editor did it.. but i've kinda got used to it now anyway
  11. Many things esp with 4k+ objects, use 3dsmax if you have it, its much quicker and better results, plus it crashes less
  12. Cool i'm listening But most of the windows have wodden shutters/boarding over them, but yea the bottom windows are glass..
  13. Yea looking good, yea only thing i could suggest is allitle more detail. Good stuff
  14. Humm was thinking that best for a remake, but yea maybe
  15. Depends on the map really some maps, like flat no rivers, no bridges etc would normally be ok. But you don't know till you look at the mesh to see if it looks good.
  16. Thats sounds intresting Steven yea Done a few small changes, and lightmapped the terrain in 3dsmax (wouldnt lightmap on final in editor) Heres the minimap, and some new images... oh and i changed the name, sucks i know but hey, sue me oh and ignore the bf2 flag poles, its on my to do list http://img686.imageshack.us/img686/4691/sap1.jpg http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/3461/screen105.jpg http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/9624/screen101y.jpg http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/4350/screen098.jpg http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/2290/screen094.jpg http://img188.imageshack.us/img188/1072/screen093.jpg http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/2078/screen092b.jpg
  17. Cheers guys, and good advice beex, i want a big moon in the sky too, ill see what i can do
  18. I started another map 2 weeks ago, It still needs a name, so any ideas welcomed... this ones for the Pirates mod. Just spent past 2 days lightmapping it. Still a bit to do to it, and ive not done the minimap yet so cant show that yet, more pics will follow.. Its a small town map, undead attacking and peglegs defending the town Big thanks to StevenB for the donation of some statics
  19. Plug in for maya comes with the game.. although maybe installed with the editor, but should be... EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\maya But the only version of maya that supports the plugins is maya 6 if i remember right. Anyway good luck with what your doing, just don't expact loads of help from here as not many if any use maya.
  20. Bensta

    Joans Horizon

    This is just something that happens when you set that layer and not fully pained your map, its not a bug or error, you just need to paint your map.
  21. Sweet work mate as allways, looks a fun map, will d/l it
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