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    The Crater

    So i decided to pick up my BF2 mapping gloves again last week and help out the very fun Interstate Nitro Mod with a map or two... Still a few little bits to do, but the maps nearly done, as you will see its quite a basic small map, but great fun haveing a car battle on .. So on to the pics.... Be sure to keep an eye on this mod, its sooo much fun Check out the mod here... http://forums.tarmacstudios.org/
  2. Yippee nice one xww2 team Downloading now... here CB... http://www.bf-games.net/download/9/experie...t_1_0_full.html
  3. Billboards.... http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...p;hl=billboards
  4. Well then you create a mod in the editor, copy the maps to your mod, then remove all lines in the gameplayobjects.con referring to vehicles from map_name/server.zip/gamemodes/gpm_cq/16,32,64 then you shold be good to go. You wount need to pack the maps client.zip's in your mod as it will load the ones in the bf2 mod.
  5. Beex quit it will ya! Too good, making us all look bad! I like that one reminds me of the hunter from l4d. So what you doing with all these characters?
  6. Why a v.1 server? as newer patch has the server option of infantry only... i know some vehicles were better in v1 but were snipers? but yea creating a mod with those maps with no vehicles would be quite easy yes..
  7. Great, look forward to seeing the results You say your after real world scale, but just remember the biger the map (x1,x2,x4) the more streched the texture will be, a 1024 map needs a 4096 texture, So a 1024x1 map will be smaller, but have great colourmap quality, 1024x4 the colourmaps will be big, but have poor quality colourmaps, so hope you find the right ballance
  8. Well you use that image as the colourmap, and paint the details as you like. and bftpaint can split the image up into working .dds colourmaps save your 4096 image as a .TGA (24bit) file, and name it "colourbig.tga" set this file to "read only" and place in bftpaint folder, and then run bftpaint as instructions, this will then split your image up into colormaps.
  9. What do you mean tpaint will only give you 2 textures? Why you worried about layers, cant you merge all and use that texture then? i'm puzzeled . nice texture btw looks good. What size is your original texture?
  10. Just post in this section... http://blacksandstudio.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=21 Or try to contact Guedoe, although he will proberly just tell you to post there anyway
  11. deleate any .zips from the renamed map folder
  12. but you can't load 2 client zips and get parts from onne and parts from the other... thats what the question was right?
  13. Doh Checkered terrain is proberly a low detail texture problem, check the ldt settings and try a resave of the terrain in the editor.
  14. Been ages since ive mesed with sounds, but its the halfdistance setting if i remember right, try looking at a dice map, something like a grass noise, try copy all the settings from that.
  15. If you only want 64 player size you should remove the following lines from yourmaps.desc file, found in the info folder.... <maptype ai="1" players="16" type="assault" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_assault">Unlocalized test for this mode on this map</maptype> <maptype players="32" type="assault" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_assault">Unlocalized test for this mode on this map</maptype> also you can remove the 16 and 32 folders found in... yourmap/gamemodes/gpm_cq
  16. The dudes last post was a year ago... and he hasnt logged in for 7months, so don't hold your breath for a reply.
  17. ah thanks, this will be fixed soon, ive pm'd Detrux, i asked him to stop guests posting in that section, looks like he was a little heavy handed
  18. You can sign up for chance to get beta key here... http://www.battlefieldbadcompany2.com/beta
  19. Tools are cool, same as first ones with few new bits, they also added all the l4d1 content to l4d2 which is great As for what i'm working on.. well good question, kinda making it up as i go, you'll have to check it out sometime There are other engines that are very cool too... Tourqe 3d, Unity, C4, Lawmaker.... and loads more
  20. Yea Gamecore comes with those http://gamecore3d.com/ It comes with lots of example code/models ect, plus has quite detailed wiki. But don't forget there is still valve they show no signs yet of slowing down on mod support, i'm now totally in love with the l4d2 tools
  21. Yea its a combat zone problem it sometimes gets fubar'ed, The minimap will move to where the combat zone is... so when it gets messed up it places the minimap somewhere off the map, which is why its blank and has no spawns. So... reset the combat code in the gameplayobjects.con to the default, then re-add the combat zone in the editor if needed.
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