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  1. Right i've searched all over the editor and i cant find the red exploding barrels anywhere..... anyone know where abouts i can locate them please.
  2. Yes first thing i cheaked was that the gameobjects.con file was in the right place. Layer???? dont know what you mean there...im still new at this :wink:
  3. Simalar problem so ill post here :wink: My map works with no probs when i create local server but when hosted online it crashes on load up and i get this error...... Help please as i have stayed up all night two nights on the run to finnish this map :?
  4. Ahh maybe that is it.... i will give that a go, and let you know, soon as i have time. Thanks again :wink:
  5. Thanks for the replies people..... No the map is not packed, its only half done, The problem is the screen where you choose a sporn isnt there normaly you have a grey background and you can see your spornsbut it is completely see through, I have not made the mini map ect yet.... but maybe if i do that it wil bring it back??
  6. Yes i did... as i said before it was working fine but then just didnt, i know the sporns are right.
  7. Hello, I have Been working on a map with no problems, had tried it in-game and worked ......but then i did some more to it (cant remember what) then loaded up in-game again and my spawn points will not show on the spawn selection screen in-game??? i have tryed deleting them and putting them in again (many times) but this still dosnt solve the problem :cry: Any help would be very much appreciated!!! P.s forgive me if this has allready been covered but i tryed all the words i could think of in the search.
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