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  1. Right this happens to me on occassion its really annoying. Go into the editor and redo your minimap. Do all your normal stuff to get it working etc. until its finally working. Also make sure you have your gameplayobjects.con in your gamemodes folder
  2. You should ask on the Black sand studios forum instead
  3. http://www.filefront.com is your friend! Use it instead of making people jump through hoops!
  4. Nice! I also saw this in this months game-artist.net update I get in my email. Sounds like a good idea for both mods and those that want to get work for their portfolio that actually would get used.
  5. The dutch HAVE MARINEs? No SERIOUSly do they? I was not aware. ACTUALLY in hind site I SUPPOSE most COUNTRIES HAVE some FORM of MARINES since its simply means WATER BORN INFANTRY. Should be interesting ANYWAY. In the future please refrain from making half the post caps. Its really annoying to read and is common forum courtesy to not capatalize whole words. Thanks!
  6. CH-47 Chinook http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/sys...t/h-47-pics.htm CH-46 http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/sys.../ch-46-pics.htm CH-53 http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/sys...t/h-53-pics.htm I forgot the V-22 Osprey http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/sys...t/v-22-pics.htm IMO you should make a CH-53
  7. Bright Textures: Your light and or lightmap settigns are propobly wrong. Also if you used TPaint this is common. Just generate lightmaps on low Green "Stuff" outside the playing area: Do a forum search for "Surrounding Terrain" Theres aprox 1.2 million posts about this Titan on minimap wrong size: No idea. Try typing this into your command box's (the 3 boxs in the lower right) renderer | minculldistance | 9000 then refresh your map and regenerate
  8. Thanks, for the most part the fog does match. Its impossible to make it match everywhere.
  9. Awesome, I would say though that its more of a fuel-air explosion than a nuke
  10. I believe the word is...... woot!
  11. Less detailed tracks? Alot of stuff can be said for good texturing. Besides, how much time do players spend admiring tracks on a tank?
  12. And More! This screenshot was taken when I had the titan facing the wrong way, lol
  13. "Operation Dragoon" is a map I have been working on for a few months based on the map "Dragon Valley" from BF2. Its not a exact replica and I have made alot of changes but you can for sure see the similarities. This map features 16,32,and 64 player conquest game mod and 48 max player Titan gamemode. Enough of the talk! To the screenshots! (Release Date: When I want to, but "soon")
  14. As a little side note I am also making a dragon valley remake named "Operation Dragoon" Bensta and I plan on releasing both maps together as a pack or duel release But a full update to that will be posted in a seperate thread later. I can assure everyone that we are working on both and will release them when their done. No time table but I can say most likely "soon." I know I would like to release mine before SIR releases Wake 2142 or just behind it. Then GrossKopf can have his server
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