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  1. I greatly anticipate this release! I76 is probably my fav game of all time. Never get out of the car!
  2. bump, is the only solution to this, to break it down?
  3. In the road tool, in the bar on the left, choose 'create new template', at the top. Then sort out the width once youve made you own. For terrain shaping, you set then height of the spline points and then hit 'apply spline', and the terrain will raise up to the road texture, so wider road= larger width of terrain will move. i think this is what your on about?
  4. ok, well what ive been doing. -make a box w/ texture -clone it as col0 - apply material - clone that twice more as col1 & col2 now have 4 objects in total, the main visible object and the 3 cols. -select all 4, run the wizard and export. the cols and anchor are all parented under _nonvis woks fine for me?
  5. is it not easier to clone your object into col0, 1 & 2 - edit them accordingly, select all 4 (object/col0/col1/col2) and then run the staticmesh wizard, this way you dont need to mess around with nonvis dummys, etc.
  6. solved. I was using all slots except NCrack, which is apparently an invalid combination, so I just added a normalmap to the NCrack and now it works fine.
  7. Ok, its def 512x512 I will look at that GUI wrapper, although reading through those threads it doesnt make much sense (im new to statics, just learning the basics of this so far) Atleast its good to know there are just the same inexplicable errors in statics aswell as mapping. Bf2 never fails! The log, I think this highlighted line must be the problem, but Im not sure what texture slot its on about!
  8. Ok, so i made a simple wall with Base/Detail/Dirt/Crack got in editor & game fine. Went back to max and added normalmaps, now its crashing when I try to open it in tge editor. Just to be sure i removed the normalmaps and it worked. (this is detail normalmap) It is a DXT1 no alpha, normalised with nvidia ps tools from the detail texture, same size, etc. Any ideas on why this is causing a problem!??? thanks. (the normalmap shows up in max fine when i select to view its channel from the material window of bf2staticmesh.fx) ANY ideas much appreciated!!!!!!!!
  9. Info: Map Size: 1kmĀ² (512x2) Teams: USMC vs Insurgents Game Modes: Insurgency & Skirmish Credits: Overall Design & Development: [R-DEV]duckhunt Lightmapping: [R-DEV]Rhino New Overgrowth Fields: [R-DEV]Rhino Game Play Objects: [R-DEV]fuzzhead Fallujah Gate: [R-DEV]IronTaxi Enjoy, comments and feedback welcome as always Insurgency 64 Layout: USMC 2 x HMMWV 2 x M2A2 (US Army Support) 2 x Logistic Trucks Insurgents 1 x Car Bomb 15 x Civilian Cars 9 x Dirt Bikes Insurgency 16 Layout: USMC 2 x HMMWV 2 x Logistic Trucks Insurgents 14 x Civilian Cars 9 x Dirt Bikes Skirmish 16 Layout: MiniMap: (click to enlarge) Screenshots:
  10. Hi Fenring, I beleive we at PR have a fix for the weapon flickering, just a line of code added to the map files, although yes there are graphical bugs ugly such as the plane shadows and road issues. We have not ruled out the 4km maps, as we have 2? in PR at the moment both of which are very popular among the playerbase. I really am a sucker for detail myself, and usually make more compact maps, however these larger terrains can change the combat with vehicles and heavy assets for the better. This one is a good year or 2 old now, but still is played alot on servers, terragen btw. Note the detailmap tiling, looks pretty bad from the minimap but on the ground its fine. as you can see the LOD's etc are far from perfect but this size and view distance's up to 1000m players can look past these minorly diminished graphics. Im just trying to say, dont rule it out!
  11. Very good program, been messing around with it. Its best as Bensta said, to import a rough model of the ground from the editor, then run filters over it. I tried with some DEM data (RL heightmaps from satellite) then played around with erosion, etc to make up for the detail lost with that data. Using the corresponing google earth imagery as a temp colourmap, I look forward to trying the GC texturing tools. There is also a video now on making roads across mountains, it is perfect for bf2, 100x better than the editors 'apply spline' function. I am considering puchasing it once my trial expires.
  12. thanks, ive never used that method before, didnt know about it. Turns out it was a corrupt detailmap. Your a Star!
  13. Hi. Its a pretty new 4km map. Loaded up fine all the time recently. Now its crashing the editor when loading the init.con The file looks fine, ive even made a new map under the same name, then copied the old statics.con, etc into it and its still doing it. Any ideas please!
  14. ok il give it a go thanks. By the way i tried using search but for some reason forum log me out everytime i click it.
  15. no its a new map. With no object lightmaps yet, and slightly outdated terrain lmaps. So you think rerunning terrain lmaps fixes?
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