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  1. at first i was really pissed off with origin,battlelog and bf3,but now ive got my head around it its quite good...besides the squad chat as mentioned above...very silly idea dice. and the installer,dice/ea could have said once origin is installed,your logged in and origin is running open the discdrive and close it to install bf3...hours of searching for that answer...grrr! . my only real concerns are... 1.the jets are useless until you get unlocks,i flew around for 2 whole rounds in the beta,25 mins and 28 mins without a single kill,although it was fun it was infuriating. 2.adding laser guided missiles to jets instead of bombs makes armour useless,its bad enough having to contend with all the rpg's...a well placed bomb from a jet takes skill. 3.remove the mobile stingers. 4.remove heat seakers from helicopters. 5.improve the accuracy of the hydra 70's on attacks helo's,crosshair doesnt match trajectory at distance,and add more visible smoke trails and bigger explosions so you know where the missiles are going. 6.increase velocity on tank shells,tank battles should happen over long distances not from 20 meters away...lol . the infantry combat is definatly bf3's strong point,once you get lots of unlocks it makes things alot better.
  2. i was really mad about the origin installer too,install origin and login-open then close dvd drive to install the game

  3. it clearly states they only collect data related to their products...and come on!,have a think about it,do you really think they employ people to collect data and scan all the contents on everyones computers,plus their is no way their legal department could pass such an outragious agreement. . if they want to take your computer it will take 1.a cease and assist order and 2.a court order for entry of your premises for removal of your computer....for ea/dice to take notice of what your doing or have done,it would have to be a significant breach of the eula. . if they do take things they shouldnt,then their in for alot of lawsuits for breach of privacy and theft of personal and intellectual property...its a legal minefield they wouldnt dare to cross cuz they have more to lose than us. . @CB...thanx for that info about SP mode...would have been really pissed if you had to log in.
  4. it doesnt worry me in the slightest,eula's are there to protect I.P,origin isnt just an online store its a defencive measure to prevent piracy. . only thing im curious about is,can you play sp mode without being logged into origin.
  5. BEEX

    Bf2 Oasis Mod

    well i wont get the oasis out by end of september,just a got a new job...need to find a solution to an odd bug with the overgrowth where the overgrowth leaves go all stupid and spread across the map when the density get high or too many trees (no a memory prob,most likely a material or lod problem)...and i decided i will make some of the statics from bfbc2,which should make for some really nice new maps for all of you. . @ jones and rhino...thanx guys,this should make for some real nice new maps for you guys,or slight improvments to already made maps. . @ AFsoccer...optimising trees is always difficult,mainly due to texture tiles and lod popping. i will attack the jungle mod again after oasis mod is done,most likely the first version of that will be more like beach area's in crysis,with coconut palms,banana trees,mango trees and other bits and peices...the beach plants are about 90% done,i got carried away with it and wanted to make maps with a transition from beach to jungle,thats when the lag kicked in...lol.
  6. wow...that sounds really good mate,nice workaround too...only crits would be the echo sounds too crisp and a little too loud,if you have sound editing software,drop the high frequencies a little and raise the mid frequencies a little,to simulate the the echo being absorbed and softed by the environment.
  7. excellent!...nice work guys . is that one of stevie B's maps?
  8. the guys in the dice office are still talking mod tools,they say there wont be mod tools out of the box and they are focused on making the game first,which sounds like a good idea to me...so theres still is a glimmer of hope.
  9. BEEX

    Bf2 Oasis Mod

    a few tips for you guys who want to make custom overgrowth. . 1.make high poly leaves and small branches in 3dsmax,its much easier than trying to do it in photoshop. model 1 leaf,render it,add some details in photoshop,make a few different textures of that leaf,healthy leaf,slightly damaged leaf,dead leaf,and slightly different colours...this insures a group of leaves wont look repetative. . 2.render the leaf groups/branches with subtle shadows and some gloss,if needed...for many plants especially rainforest plants gloss is a very important factor to show they are in a wet environment,gloss has to be pre rendered onto the leaf textures because bf2 leaf shaders do not allow alpha gloss...also adding gloss will make your plants look not too green,which is a common mistake. . 3.do a good search for pics of the plants you want to make,accuracy is the key to make any model or texture look good.
  10. BEEX

    Bf2 Oasis Mod

    thanx guys @ CB,should be done by end of september,ill send it to you first for testing. . @ badsanta,i didnt think about adding it to bf2142,i did try the glow in bf2,looked alright but the bf2 bloom is broken. you may have to use the materials.exe to change texture path for it to work in bf2142... 5 minute job,easy!. . @coronaextra,i was making some jungle trees too,looked great but lagged like hell,i think i added too much detail...lol
  11. BF2 OASIS mod . im sure many of you are sick of looking at and using the vbf2 overgrowth in your maps,so id like to introduce the BF2 OASIS mod. this mod is being made for all of you to use the assets in your mods,you can make maps to look like the bfbc2 maps oasis and arica harbour,at this point in time the mod is in its early stages,the first release will contain... . custom overgrowth custom terrain colour and detail maps custom undergrowth meshes and textures custom skydome textures custom sunflares custom roads 1 custom level as example of how to best use the custom assets. modified skins, so vehicles and soldiers skins match the new environments. . heres a few pics. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/42/bf2oasisscreen2.jpg/ . http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/59/bf2oasisscreen1.jpg/ . http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/855/oasisovergrowth.jpg/ . ill add more pics as things progress...working on some rocks formations atm.
  12. the roads do not work when modding a bf2 map...maybe if you select the road splines you could setup the road textures and other road options again.
  13. do you mean the roads wont show in the editor or ingame? . if the roads dont show in editor go to "render/toggle draw roads". . if the roads dont show ingame,you need to build ghost road,build final roads and build all final roads. i always have a little trouble getting the roads to work properly.
  14. 1.you can set the "ColorTiling" to a higher setting,default is 1/1,i usually set it at 4/4 of 8/8. you will also need to generate low detailmap,set "LowDetailType" to 1 for grass and sand and set at 2 for rocks...then hit "generate low detailmap". quick explination of how terrain textures work...low detail maps over detail maps over colour maps (3 layers),detail maps fade away at a short distance to improve performance. . 2.i wish there was a bucket fill tool,you either have to paint the whole terrain with a brush or you can use "bf2 T-paint"...do a search its a commonly used program for making levels. . 3.co-op and singleplayer maps require navmeshes,this is a lengthly task and you need modelling tools to fix the editor created navmeshes...check out the singleplayer section of this forum,theres some good tutorials on the subject.
  15. its not that he can and you cant,its about if you plan to release other games content in your bf2 mod you will recieve a cease and assist order from the companies you took the assets from (if they catch you,sometimes they turn a blind eye,usually with outdated games),if you release the content expect a MASSIVE fine..their legal departments will crush you...lol. when you installed their game you agreed to the eula and part of that eula will state misuse of that games assets. . theres nothing wrong with making a mod with other games/mods assets for a few friends to play.
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