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  1. [BF:A]DoomSayer

    | Leaving Bf2142 | Moving Over To -> Bf2

    Yeah, I didn't buy it either, but oh wait, I didn't buy BF2 either...EA gave me two free copies when I went to Mod Day, so EA/DICE stopped getting my money a few years ago.
  2. [BF:A]DoomSayer

    Who Is Buying 2142

    Oh, it's bad...and a lot of good people are going to move on because of it.
  3. [BF:A]DoomSayer

    Who Is Buying 2142

    Wow, so many modders are not going to buy it. Of course there will be so many non-modders buying the game that they will still make their buttloads of millions, but DICE has GOT to be kicking themselves at the flip-flop their franchise has taken. They have to be feeling two black eyes about right now. They might as well hard-code everything, because it seems modder's don't want anything to do with the BF franchise anymore. That will hurt overall sales, but they did it to themselves.
  4. [BF:A]DoomSayer

    Who Is Buying 2142

    LOL, I modded longer and more often for BFV than BF2 and I still love playing BFV. And I love playing BF1942, but I don't like where this francise is heading (not the sci-fi part, but the lack of engine capability, the lack of brains on the dev team, etc...), so I doubt that I will purchase any more Battlefield products...and that's unfortunate, because I bought them all up until now. I spent more time with this franchise than any other, EVER. But all things must come to an end.
  5. [BF:A]DoomSayer

    Only One Skeleton Just Doesn't Make Sense...

    Oh, my!! I love this thread! But why did you beat around the bush, junk? If you want to make a difference and force change, you can't be all wishy-washy over the whole thing. "Mod teams, quit modding. Start developing. It's WAY funner!" Don't hold back, junk. Let it all out. It is definitely more fun and in most cases easier to fix a problem with the engine by working directly on the engine rather than trudging through 800-1000 different lines of Mickey Mouse scripting trying to find a dirty work around to a bum engine. One guy - "Hey, guys, how's come I can't get my soldier's x-ray goggle to work?" Other guy - "Look, there's a line of scripting: ObjectTemplate.setXRayGogglesActiveOnSoldiers 1. Try that!" One guy - "Ok That didn't do anything but crash the game..." Other guy - "Ok, here's something: ObjectTemplate.actLikeYourSeeingThroughXRayGogglesButYourReallyNot 1." One guy - "That only works if I run the game through the debugger. Running normal, it does nothing." Other guy - "I guess when you select X-Ray googles, the flat plane 1P "weapon" is going to have to be directly in front of 1P view and we'll have to make it semitransparent as if you're looking through goggles. And we can make it dark." One guy - "But then it'll look like no one is really being seen in XRay, just in darkness." Other guy - "Welcome to the BF series!" My favorite line of Battlefield Script Code is: ObjectTemplate.getOutOfBattlefieldModdingAndStartDevelopingYourOwn 1 It's one thing to run into engine limitations, but this engine is ridiculous with how much is hardcoded, even though scripting was obviously written for certain things at one time. We fart around with this broken scripting all the time to no avail, because crap is hard-coded anyways.
  6. [BF:A]DoomSayer

    Bf2 And Linux . . .

    OFF TOPIC: If you want to run a custom map on Linux, make sure that your map's zip files are named with all lowercase letters, and go into you "info" folder (also lowercased) and make sure that any stuff inside is all lowercased as well. OK, BACK ON TOPIC:
  7. [BF:A]DoomSayer

    Files And More

    Ba-dump, Bump, Tsssssss!!! What will we do with our .tweaks? Do we need a .tweak artist? What if my .con's need tweaked and my .tweaks need conned? I don't think I have the money for that.
  8. [BF:A]DoomSayer

    More Hard Coded Bs

    Word, Croup! Word!! Why is it that everything else uses the materials the proper way. I can't wait for my game engine programming classes to start, because I'm about sick and tired of running into lame ass, needless engine limitations. I can fully understand running into limitations in a game engine. Not every engine will be able to do everything that you want it to do. But if everything else can use materials properly in a particular game engine, then why not find a proper fix to the ladder problem, rather than just dressing it with a quick and dirty band-aid. Very Mickey Mouse if you ask me...
  9. [BF:A]DoomSayer

    Lod Setup For Statics

    Currently, I just rename the root to BundleMesh, export, copy the anchor line from the con file, then rename back to StaticMesh and re-export. Then I add the achor line to the new con file. Finally, I delete the bundledmesh file that was created. It would be nice if the script just did it like it's supposed to...
  10. [BF:A]DoomSayer

    Debugger For Bf2 1.4?

    Yeah, I think it's fine now. Once I installed the 1.4 patch, I don't get a bunch of BF2 errors mixed in with the mod errors. I only get mod errors now, if there are any.
  11. [BF:A]DoomSayer

    Sloppy Work From Dice

    Yeah, that's the way I roll. Never install an Incremental.
  12. [BF:A]DoomSayer

    Wip: Hue For Bf2

    Awesome! Looks fantastic!
  13. [BF:A]DoomSayer

    Euhmmm? Mod day?

    Apocalypse was invited. I attended last year, but couldn't make it this year. And nobody from my team was able to make it (or wanted to make it) either.
  14. [BF:A]DoomSayer

    Export Error

    Yeah, Croupier. That should've fixed the issue.
  15. [BF:A]DoomSayer

    Ambient Sound Covering Entire Map ?

    Yeah, I copied that code from a BF2 map and just changed it to suit my needs.