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  1. where exactly in max do u find the "affect pivot only" option? :|
  2. and i thought the python coding was just there on standby. all i've been seeing is the same ol C++. btw, did u code in the range indicator too on the bottom left? as well as the compass?
  3. seems related to the coding of how bombs are visible under aircraft wings until launched
  4. as long as you don't mean switching simply between mec and chinese music, that just might work.
  5. sry to get your hopes down, but neither the chinese AA-tank, nor the mec tunguska have radar around them. they just have the spinning dish. kinda useless when u think about it
  6. i had that happen, until i found out my model was facing backwards
  7. i made a new map with the same name, and the info folder was there, so i took the stuff from the old map and put it in the new one, and that seemed to work fine. do you mean create em through photoshop or editor? because that specific type of png won't open in photoshop
  8. i wasn't shouting, just exaggerating the key point. btw, what about the preview image files in the folder too?
  9. nope, never deleted anything. it was never there from the start. that's why i said IT WAS NEVER THERE FROM THE START
  10. it's so you can just throw the map into server circulation with other regular bf2 maps, without everyone having to download a mod, just so they can see a new brick in a map.
  11. how do i...uhh.....create the info folder in a map? it was never there from the start.
  12. lol, not exactly easy, since for one thing, to export to a path that requires the same lettercount if a hex editor is used, you'd have to re-export your whole model and recode it. unless you keep the old tweak file. it's not exactly all that easy, but hey, if it works, i'll try it btw, wut kinda hex editor? do u mean like, tsearch?
  13. there's 2 texture categories in bf2. desert and woodland
  14. don't call me inconsiderate or anythin, cuz i do feel sorry for those who lost their homes and lives cuz of the floodwaters in NO, but why would the mec go all the way down to usa to fight the national guard in over 10 feet of poisoned water?
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