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  1. [DICE]LexLuther

    I Would Just Like To Say "sorry" And "thankyou" To Dice

    I'm glad you are happy about having these added and coming from a space mod myself I was more than willing to make sure the ‘Physics. AirDensityZeroAtHeight’ was added. I do however feel the need to correct you on your other feature request. You refer to them as fixes, they are not fixes in any way. They are features and I hope this helps you better understand when making future request.
  2. [DICE]LexLuther

    How To Make A Scale 4 Map

    I have asked those in the know and since this wasn't supported it is an after affect we'll have to deal with. I will keep my ear to the floor for any answers.
  3. [DICE]LexLuther

    How To Make A Scale 4 Map

    That is not true, please don't assume or read between the lines.
  4. [DICE]LexLuther

    How To Make A Scale 4 Map

    Please understand BF2 and BF2142 are built using Nvida rendering and any specific ATi issues are not fixable on our end. Sorry.
  5. [DICE]LexLuther

    How To Make A Scale 4 Map

    I'm looking into this, but no promises of a fix.
  6. [DICE]LexLuther

    How To Make A Scale 4 Map

    NP, I'll help when ever I can. If I'm gone a bit I haven't forgotten, just busy, but I always make time for good info like this.
  7. [DICE]LexLuther

    How To Make A Scale 4 Map

    This made me crazy when I was developing Rise of Kobol. Being at DICE I have learned a lot so here is my first contribution I'd like to share. File: terrain.con in your map folder. Add this line of code to the end of the file above endif. terrainCuller.setUseStitchedLods 0 if v_arg1 == BF2Editor terrain.create TerrainEditable terrain.patchSize 128 terrain.subdividePatches 1 terrain.primaryWorldScale 4/0.0025/4 terrain.secondaryWorldScale 16/0.64/16 terrain.patchColormapSize 512 terrain.lowDetailmapSize 512 terrain.detailmapBaseName "Levels/YourMap/Detailmaps/tx" terrain.lowDetailmapBaseName "Levels/YourMap/LowDetailmaps/tx" terrain.colormapBaseName "Levels/YourMap/Colormaps/tx" terrain.lightmapBaseName "Levels/YourMap/Lightmaps/tx" terrain.farSideTiling 2/2 terrain.farTopTilingHi 16 terrain.farTopTilingLow 32 terrain.farYOffset 0 terrain.terrainWaterColor 0/0/0 terrain.init else terrain.create Terrain terrain.load Levels/YourMap/terraindata.raw terrainCuller.setUseStitchedLods 0 endIf
  8. [DICE]LexLuther

    How To Put Spaces In Flag Names?

    I thought I posted a possible solution to this. It may be possible to create a localization folder and file in you map to call on for this. You can do this the same way EF added the EU objects.
  9. [DICE]LexLuther

    Detrux Let me make new announcement topics!

    Imagine working with him.
  10. [DICE]LexLuther

    Detrux Let me make new announcement topics!

    Aw man the world is over now.
  11. [DICE]LexLuther

    Is it possible to create different heat types?

    I'd say no unless someone came up with some pretty good python code.
  12. [DICE]LexLuther

    Is it possible to create different heat types?

    No, these are hardcoded.
  13. [DICE]LexLuther

    C4, smoke problems

    Have you confirmed that both you the client and the server have matching .tweak files, does this happen in a windows server?
  14. [DICE]LexLuther

    Key book?

    never done it, but here is an example of an other key being used to control an action. ObjectTemplate.setInputToRoll PIWeaponSelect6
  15. [DICE]LexLuther

    mobile spawn points,mobile object spawn

    Put it in your map as a custom object.