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  1. im trying to accomplish the same thing (training map). I could'nt figure out how to get soldiers to spawn but I got red barrels instead search the forum for "barrel_red" youll get a tutorial for it
  2. Anything you just said was German to me. lol. I need a step-by-step tutorial. I understand what to do. I just need to know How to do it.
  3. Hey check this out. My console text is really screwed up. Its like a really small font and I dont know how that happened. I think the first time I noticed that was when I installed Fraps. I dont know how to change it back to regular text. And about the rcon_invoke. everytime I type it in. I get an error again, my text is screwed up but it looks like its saying "no closing" is it refering to the parenthesis, or my quotation marks.? I typed it a couple times and i get that error.
  4. I would rather have a static person, versus a bot that is mentally retarded and confined in an invisible box. I read up on that importing player model and the skeleton thing. I can do it, it will prlly take me forever though. I was wondering what programs do I use to do all of that? from importing the model, to adding the bones, and then exporting? Do I use the bf editor object editor or something like max? and another thing, i found another post like mine. Except they use python. http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...hl=python+model Thats exactly what i want to do. just ahve the guys stand there, but they take damage and fly up in the air. Hes knid of vauge on the python part. Can anyone point me in the direction to set up python and get this going? Thanks
  5. i see. but why am i the only person having a problem with this tutorial? It makes perfect sense to use the yellow barrel as a template and then create a red barrel. But why does it crash in the editor with out doing extra stuff (adding static red barrel)? I'm editing gulf of oman btw.
  6. okay. I did figure this out. It does work. What I did was edit gulf of oman. and renamed it. When I try to add regular static yellow barrels, they were no where to be found. it wasnt in the editor list of objects. but i noticed there was a folder called "level" and inside it had my barrel_red. So i added those red barrels as static objects into my map. Then I tried adding a spawnable red barrel and the editor didnt crash YAY I tested my map and it works!! barrels come back. now my problem is, when i opened my map to edit it again, i look at the spawnable red barrels and all i see is a blue sqaure. there no red barrel to be found. I look in the init.con and the "run" command line is not there. but the command line is in the tmp.con file. so i boot my map back up in bf2 and everything seems to be fine. the red barrel is still there. it just doesnt show it in the editor. im thinking because the init.con deltes the run command EDIT* Editor crashed again When I opened the editor the 2nd time and tried adding a third barrel as spawn, it crashed. i tihnk its because the run command isnt it in the init.,con
  7. bumping this thread because the link does not work. someone fix it?
  8. This is does not work for me. I did this tutorial like 4 times. I even copied and pasted all the text, straight from this forum. I get up to the part where I select it as a vehicle spawn. Red barrel is in the list. When I select it for team1, bf editor crashes. I even tried it for team2. It still crashes. Can someone please test this? This is the only tutorial I found for spawning barrels.
  9. hey. i opened gulf of oman in the editor and when i tested it, the terrain textures were messed up. so i used tpaint and painted everything brown. lol does anyone know the textures to use to make the terrain more sand like? i have the sand texture slected, but its dirt brown. I need it to be tan. also what does the color mean in the tweaker bar? SORRY CAN you move this to terrain editor. i posted int he wrong one.
  10. I would like to know how could I use an existing BF2 player Model and make it a destroyable object to use in multiplayer maps. It must have a respawn and be able to be to killed. It does not have to move, it can just stand there. I'm thinking like adding a bot to the map but it wont have AI. it will be brain dead. how hard would this be? I have max 7, and I havent used it in a while. But I am willing to learn how to use it again. (I started to make a beretta 9000 by a video tutorial and i never finished it :/ )
  11. Ive seen the cool bill boards made int he PR mod and I would like to create my own bill board. Im sure its not that hard. But im seeing how to acutally edit the object.
  12. i dont really understand what bundle and all that stuff means because my friend is modeling it. I have done tutorials for MAx. i created a berreta 9000. but i never finished it. im alright at it. but what youre saying is. create the bottom portion of the body as a static and make the head portion a destroyable object? like the red barrels in bf2 right?
  13. Alright. One of my buddies is making a target in max. Hes making it in the shape of a regular darts target (bulls eye with circles around it.) but we had an idea. is it possible to make a target in the shape of a solider but have the head part another section. so when you shoot it, it falls off. because we play in the PR mod and the best target to hit is the head. so i was thinking if we could make a flat wooden target same size as a player model. Could we add the head part to fall off if its shot and respawn in about 10 seconds?. Would this be some coding? or animating? i dont know where this topic would go. but how hard would this be to accomplish? thx
  14. Ask me if that worked. it didnt. It became all uneven and retarded. So I just leveled it back.
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