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  1. Origin is bad. What is worst is that Battlelog is brouser only. It is not part of the game at all. This means that you have to have Origin, your brouser and BF3 all running at the same time and if any one of them craps out on you the whole thing crashes. I got a digital copy so I could play it the second it went live. Got it instaled and waiting for that midnight start. Rolles around and I click start only to have my brouser open and go to Battlelog (no warning). IE crashes. Start again. This time it loads but ActiveX controls are stoping me from downloading the little patch to fix the ActiveX problem. Finaly fix that. Time to start playing. I will start with Karkand preorder map as I feel I should know it roughely from previous edditions. Nope that content is not live yet. Oh well on to normal MP. Find a conquest match. Join. Look at layout of kit selection. Kicked for being idle for too long. WTF? Have to restart brouser to join next game. Try again. This time I just selected my kit and was off. Two minutes in I was kicked by admin. By now I have been trying to play for over an hour past start time and I am very annoyed at DICE for this rubish. Go to bed. Woke up today ready to try again. Do about 20 minutes of single player befor game crashed. Tryed some Co-op with a friend. 5 minutes in his game crashes. (Choice Expleative) this, time to start searching for solutions. Apparently alot of people are having similar problems. Forums have been up for a couple of days and they have over 11,000 topics (and god knows how many responces) all to do with some for of issue with the game, Origin, or Battlelog. I fixed up PB, I reinstaled the game (there goes another 11.5gbs I will never get back.), updated drivers, (played with registry), and tryed many other things to get the game stable and playing. I can now play single player and co-op. But I can only play MP on servers without punkbuster running on them. That being said there are PF free servers that are still ranked. (This I do not get) so yeah I can play buy I am very limited in how I play and I still get the odd occasional crash. There are many things that are stupid about Battlelog. All resaulting from good intentions but porly implemented. But my bigest hate on the whole thing is the voice chat. It is designed for friends. That is awsome on the surface. Join a game and find yourselves on diferent teams and you can still chat to each other. This is cool but I can do this with many other programs out there. Try to speak to your squad though, whitch can be vital at times, and your only option is to stop playing, go to battlelog and befriend each and everymember of your squad and turn on your mic. You can only hear if your mic is on as there is no hear only for those that do not like to speak but want to hear. Someone leaves your squad and others join and you have to repeat the whole prosess. And, in addition to all this the default activation button is Shift, so you are broadcasting whenever you run. You can change this but it resets to shift with the end of a group or apon closing the brouser. Abserlute rubish. Just give us back the old squad coms we had before. Keep the group coms in the brouser if you want but make squad chatter possable and easy. Appart from all that, from what I have seen in this game, I am realy liking it. The new spotting mechanism is brilient. I hope I have a better day tomorrow with it.
  2. Atleast you had a that option. Still can not play for more than a minute due to insterlation issue, brouser issues, punkbuster issues, oragin issues..

  3. I am mucking around with using existing maps and I am trying to set the detail maps to that of the original map. for a while I got blanket coverage of one detail texture befor I ralised I was not working with the maps in teh editor file. Pasted the correct detail maps to the editor file and now I get this. What is happening here? Any idea how to fix this? Thanks.
  4. Clues or hints would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I always thought LOD stood for Level of Detail. And then you set the distance that it swapt to the next LOD down in your tweek. You can have more than what DICE use on their models if you need to.
  6. Putting bot spawn on the gun location. Set to auto enter on spawn. Remove exit. Set spawn to bots only. Do not alowe bots to spaen anywhere else. Now if you have more bots than spawn point then they are going to spawn at the guns that are occupied and do their thing from their. If you do this in BF2142 however you can actualy make autimated guns and turrets with out the need for bots. Also any player can walk up and get it and start firing and the AI will take over again when the player leaves.
  7. Unfortunatly there is no way to make your one unlock system for any of the BF games. All you can do is use the unlock containers that DICE created with the game. This means up to 3 posable weapon layouts per Kit. To get how the unlock containers work best, study the Assult.tweeks as they add ane replace existing stuff in adition to just the main weapon. There is no way to add more than 7 Kits. There is no way to add more than 2 unlock containers. You have to have all the unlocks from the original came on your account to use any of your own unlocks. There is a little way to cheat here though. You can set every kit to use the same unlock set, say the assult set, this way anyone playing your mod would only have to get 2 unlocks to have full access to everything in your mod. BF2142 has alot more that you can do reguarding unlocks. More customisability and more spots for main weapons. I think its like 4 or 5 additional weapons. Same trick can be used reguarding unlocking only one kit to access all but it will be more work as the kit hase more things that need to be unlocked. Well worth it though if you have that much stuff.
  8. I love that idea Beex. Before BF2 I was constantly playing Day of Defeat. (HL mod eventualy bought out and ruined) I loved it for its exelend and deadly gameplay. Required some form of actual skill and planing, and snipers where not king. Was the first game where I felt cooperation was nessecery. Oh and catching grenades. Then came BF 1942. Propper game and not a mod. At the time I thought the single player was a crap concept. It was afterall just you on a multiplayer map. But I kept playing it. And playing online was a bit of a chore in those days so it was down to the locak Net Cafe to have my ass handed to me buy random people. Alittle while later and MDT was released and I was going crasy modding weapon files and coming up with all kinds of stupid ideas. I am now hooked on the BF series, though it was still only one game then. BFV comes around and it is the same deal as BF 1942 with Single player and I am loving it as I can fly my helichopter anywhere I like and blow stuff up. Maps where awsome and the additional abilitys added to the game opened up more modding ability. Excitment. BF2, Same Single player. So happy. plenty of time to get to know all the maps in preperation for the now easy to conect multyplayer. Very excited about this new unlock system and cant wait to start modding. Unlocks can not be changed. First disapointment of BF2. There where many more to follow but the game was still exelent. Now I look and BF3 with its single player and I think that it is wrong. It feels out of place for this game. No promice of mod tools and the amount of letdown I have had in the past reguarding doing exactly what I want to/need to do to compleat my mod and I am starting to loose the love I have had for this franchise in the past. Sure I am following everything I can about the development of BF3, but I feel less inclined to coment on it. By the way, the one system that dose exactly what I need it to do is the one system that dose not have access to servers. BFHeros has the best modding ability I have found after BFV/1942. But I cant do anything about it as we can not run our own servers. Anyway....
  9. I am trying to create a HUD layout that changes according to the team that is selected. I can have any of my teams set as team 1 or team 2 in my init.con. So far I have tryed including HUD files within the map and calling them in the init.con. That fails. I am currently trying to use IF statments to get this to work and I am alittle stuck. There are a couple of variables that I can use to determan what team in where: Team1FlagIconPathString, Team2FlagIconPathString These hold a string "Ingame/Flags/Icons/Hud/Score/###/scoreBoard_Flag.tga" where ### is the team set in init.con now if I put that in to my own variable I can get it to print the path on the screen in the spawn menu by adding it to a text node as follows. var v_team1 = Team1FlagIconPathString ..... hudBuilder.setTextNodeStringVariable v_team1 So that was how I figured out what the Team#FlagIconPathString contained. Now I want to compare that to a string to chose what hud layout to use. Using an IF statmet as follows dose not work. IF Team1FlagIconPathString == "Ingame/Flags/Icons/Hud/Score/###/scoreBoard_Flag.tga" ..... endif this just compleatly removes the HUD elements with in the IF statment from the menu. So I then tryed the following as a test. var v_test1 = "team1" IF v_test1 == "team1" ..... endif That worked. It included the HUD elements with in the IF statment in the menu. So I now know that the IF statment can be used. I take it fron this that the menue is therefor compiled before the init.con is loaded and the IF statment is checked while Team#FlagIconPathString is still NULL and therefor returns FALSE. If anyone has any ideas on how to resolve this it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. On a similar note has anyone played with the idea of selectable teams similat to the customisation mode they put in to BF:V? That is my ultimate goal. But also one I can live with out. But I realy need the ability to include different menus based on the team playing.
  10. Was wondering if anyone has any ideas on making a handheld weapon that launches you like a pod launcher. with or with out the pod is fine. Also I am lookinng to activate a parachute while on the groung. Dose anyone know the inner working of parachutes and what triggeres then and what destroys them. Thanks.
  11. meh 64 player. They promised us 128 for BF2. But then when they promise us somthing we can almost garentee that they will reneg on it. So no promises as of yet just good hard information. Be it small. Interesting times ahead.
  12. Um you can change this in game. There should be an option to invert your Joystick Controls in the bottom left of the Key Setting screen. Failing that you can do it to the mouse there. Do that and look in the control file to see how it has changed.
  13. I have been trying to do this since day one. They unfortunatly removed the ability for Kit Weapons to contain multipule fire arms like the vehicles can. This was somthing you could do with 1942 and co. I have also tryed attaching a weapon to the soldier and this causes all kinds of headacks as you can not move and you loose your ability to use any weapons in the kit on the soldier. On an interesting note. It is compleatly doable in BF Heros. Just ashame you can not create a server and there for mods for that game. I am also foping that alot of the BF:H codeing style makes it in to BF3. If so they we will have so muck crazy fun.
  14. I have played around with this many times. I even found other target types but none of them worked. You can not have 2 targeting systems on a projectile but you can have multipule Target Objects on a PCO. So if you wanted to have a missile target land and air you would have to add the Target Object to all the vehicles you want targeted by the Projectile.
  15. Just knowticed somthing.... Dose it matter which way the slash goes? Dose it mean different things depending on the way it is facing? / or \
  16. I tried... run Menu\HUD\HudSetup\SpawnInterface\HudElementsKitsMenu.con run "Menu\HUD\HudSetup\SpawnInterface\HudElementsKitsMenu.con" run HUD\HudElementsKitsMenu.con <-- In the map folder run "HUD\HudElementsKitsMenu.con" <-- In the map folder But none of them worked. In HudSetupSpawnInterface.con I remed out run HudElementsKitsMenu.con so that it would not load the original one. Maybe that was wrong. But if as you say you hav got it working then that in it self gives me hope.
  17. Well that failed. First I compleatly removed the Menues to see what would happen. Somehow they where still active. So I started disabeling the con files from being run by the HudSetup files. This bit works. Trying to get the deactivated files to be run from the level folder. Failed Puting the file in the level folder and running it failed also. Anyone got anymore ideas?
  18. Yes thats the idea. But I was under the impression that you coule not use the run command on files outside teh Levels Folder. But if that is the case then I am set. Though I an thinking I will need 2 versions of each one for when the team is team 1 and one for when it is team 2. Will got on to it and let you know how it goes. Thanks Mate.
  19. Aha but that bit I knew alreade What I am after, and I will use BF2 as an example, is if I put china in a level (reguardles of weather it is team 1 or 2) it would have a unique Kit Selection Screen, as wound US, Mec and EU. Each one would be unique and I would need it to know what is in Team one and what is in Team 2 based on the init.con. Assuming this can not be done, can i then put the menue files or replacement ones in the Level folder and activate it with the level so that every level has unique menues? Cheers.
  20. Hi, Was wondering if anyone knows if it is possable to have different menus based on what Army is selected for the team in the maps Init.con I am looking to add multipule teams to my mod but no 2 of them will require the same weapon selection screen. Failing being able to set it the normal way can I then actualy load menu files from with in the level using the init.con to call them? Hope you understand all that. Thanks
  21. Hmm... little late in to the conversation here but, almost all 3d engins out these days uses the original quake engin as a base for its code. I know it is along way back but it is a starting block. The C code for Quake is open sorce now along with quite a few other relic engins. Just a thought. But on topic, YaY for bf3 and lets hope they treat us well.
  22. and make it stick like C4 rather than a claymore then you can throw it at the celing or high on walls etc. BF 2142 has a mobil radar. I can not remember if it was deployed or just held. but somthing to look at for ideas.
  23. Where would you put this line of code? I have been trying to work with variables for years but have never found a way to get a button in a menu to set a variable in a file.
  24. Hay Gunslayer201 None of the links work anymore. Youtube has been an ass and taken them all down. Can anything be done about this? Looks like a lot of work though.
  25. I am having trouble with getting error messages while using vista. If the game crashes then it looks for a solution online and then tells you that nothing can be done about it. There is no information or actual error message like there use to be for XP. Please help me find a way to get my error messages back. Thanks
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