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    Major Clientarchives Bug

    ahh, at least now i can play my mod! the clientarchives problem can be bypassed, even though it is annoying. thanks!
  2. solecist

    Major Clientarchives Bug

    thanks, but like i said, i have gone through the original clientarchives.con file several times. i am not new to basic modding, i have been doing this for a couple years off and on, and i guarantee it's not that simple. here's another weird thing: if i put the content of clientarchives into my serverarchives.con file, it will read the content and work fine. the reason i don't just do this is because it only works for objects and common, and will not work for menu. i need menu to work for the icons i have prepared for new weapons. even weirder, if i just take my new icons and put them directly into the vanilla bf2 menu_client.zip file, they still do not work. these icon files ARE named properly, and i have gone through the debug mode multiple times to verify this. if it helps any, the problems started after i installed the last release of project reality. i have since uninstalled it.
  3. solecist

    Major Clientarchives Bug

    right, the order that the clientsarchive is in is identical to the one in my vanilla bf2 folder. also, i actually did delete all cache/old mod files for bf2 anywhere i could find them, including the ones in my documents folder. this is driving me nuts! thanks for the help thus far, btw
  4. solecist

    Major Clientarchives Bug

    as i said in my post, i have gone through both con files with a "fine-toothed comb", as well as recreating the mod multiple times, from which I gained fresh clientarchives and serverarchives con files.
  5. bf2 will not read my clientarchives for my custom mods, but will read serverarchives fine. i have gone through both con files with a fine-toothed comb as well as repackaging the archives multiple times. i have had mods set up identically like this in the past work fine. i have also RECREATED my mod twice now with similar results. even weirder, it seems to be reading some content from a MOD I DONT EVEN HAVE INSTALLED ANYMORE. some sounds are still retained from this old mod, and i have no clue why. am i going insane? what the hell is going on here!
  6. solecist

    Wind Affected Particles

    i am trying to set it up so that my bullet hit effects "flow" with the wind. this is the effect the smoke markers for defensive/offensive positions designated by the commander currently achieve. here's the problem...i am copying the exact settings from the markers for physics as far as the wind settings go. i set windaffectionfactor, collisionenable, collisionspeednormal and collisionspeedplane all to the same settings as the markers. this produces no changes when loading up the game. i even went as far as taking the particle out of the marker and copying it directly into my bullethit effect to no avail. does anybody know what this could be? is wind only allowed for *constant* particle effects or what? this is really annoying, as no wind at all takes a lot of the realism out of the effect. thanks.
  7. solecist


    okay, i imagine i won't be getting a response for awhile so i might as well update. i found another interesting problem...when a bullet enters a penetrable object and exits it, both an entry and exit decal show up, but when it enters another penetrable object after it has already flown through one, ONLY the exit decal shows up. for example, if i have 4 thin metal fences lined up behind eachother, the bullet would enter and exit the first fence, leaving bullet holes on both sides, then it would enter the next fence, leave NO entry hole, but have an exit hole. as the bullet continues so does this pattern...the decal only shows on exit. sheesh did they test this or what? also, if i line up 100 penetrable fences the same bullet would travel through all of them with no slow down, regardless of the bullet type. yet again im not sure if this is a shortcoming of the engine or just a matter of tweaking some settings. ps: how do i make bullet decals NEVER disappear? i cant figure this out.
  8. solecist


    alright, I can't quite figure out penetration. how, exactly, do i make a material penetrable? more importantly, how do i decide which projectile types penetrate said material? for instance, if i wanted only 50 cal to penetrate something but not small arms fire, or if i wanted to make small arms fire penetrate SOMETIMES. is this possible? also, i have managed to make some materials penetrable (i have no idea how), and i have noticed that once a bullet passes through an object it no longer seems to exist...ie, it doesnt seem to hit anything else, or at least it doesn't produce a particle effect or decal if it does so. is it possible to enable this or is this a shortcoming of the engine? and one more question: if i made light armor, say for a jeep, penetrable, would it be possible to shoot the driver of a humvee THROUGH the door(or what have you)? the same applies for shooting the driver of an apc or a helicopter through the armor plating...is it possible? this would only be for 50 cal, of course. thanks in advance, and sorry to be long-winded.