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  1. hi all, hopefully someone here can help. im getting an editor crash switching from level editor to terrain editor after i have applied a roads spline. i see the changes take effect in level editor, but if i want to adjust the terrain, the editor crashes. has anyone had this problem before or know of a fix? thanx steve0
  2. which heightmaps, i seem to have 2 of them (heightmapprimary), and neither will open with photoshop, the extensions are winamp media files?ß thanx steve
  3. i dont know what youve been searching for for four days mate, but youve obviously searching with the wrong keywords. try typing in mapping for begginers, or how to make a map, or creating a mod. LOOK AT THIS TUTORIAL: hint, its in the tutorials section http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=7315
  4. what about using invisible exploding barrels? steve0
  5. hi all, can anyone tell me if theres an easier way of making trenches other than by using to raise/lower button in the terrain editor? at the moment im doing it all manually and its quite time consuming. i want to be able to create a series of crissorossing trenches which span the entire map and have them with the same gradients/depth. cheers steve0
  6. nice tutorial by the look of it, can it be a multiplayer map though? i mean multiplayer in the sense that anyone joining the game can only be on the "non-bot" side? thanx steve0
  7. awesome, thanx. i`ll post a short video clip when its all done! cheers steve0
  8. hmm, now i need to figure a way out to "attach" my effect glow to a vehicle. can anyone help me out? i have searched the forums but cant find anything. thanx steve0
  9. never mind, i fied the problem in the transparency graph. now its perfect!! steve0
  10. exactly the effect i was hoping for. this tutorial is very easy to follow and with some messing about with values, you can create some spectaculatr effects. its worth noting that tese glows can be modified to use SpriteParticleSystem as well as ScreenAlignedParticle systems. thanx cropier! steve0
  11. exactly the effect i was hoping for, just one thing, there are two boxes for colour, both set at white. i changed colour 1 to red, but i need the red glow to fade out without another colour taking its place (red slowly fading out to nothing), as it is now, the red is fading out to while. is this possible, i couldnt find a way to do it. p.s. its flashing nicely. thanx cropier.
  12. cool, im halfway through, but i cant find ScreenAlignedParticle system when i go to add child, what else should i select? thanx steve0
  13. ok, ive created my own glow by cloning a standard one and changing its colours. ive placed it in level and i know it works. now what i need to do i guess is to determine how long it lives, and how to get it to repeat the process again after it has died. The only lines i have in my tweak file, are these: GeometryTemplate.create BundledMesh glow10 CollisionManager.createTemplate glow10 ObjectTemplate.create Bundle glow10 ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.creator THO-1:tho rem ObjectTemplate.collisionMesh glow10 ObjectTemplate.mapMaterial 0 glow 0 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType 3 ObjectTemplate.geometry glow10 include glow10.tweak Do i have to actually add a few lines to this tweak? i looked in the editor but found nothing. thanx steve0
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