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  1. Pretty sure you can just move the spawn point (say 20/0/0), then set the spawnPositionOffest to the opposite value (-20/0/0). Not sure about the flag name.
  2. Get HeightmapPrimary.raw from the server.zip and open it with Photoshop (1025x1025, 1 channel, 16bits, IBM PC). I think they're all 1025x1025, but if not just get the file size, divide by 2, and get the square root of that ((fileSize / 2)^0.5). Oh, it comes out vertically flipped. What are you going to do with it anyway? Just curious.
  3. He wants to limit the amount of players joining with the same IP to four. So if there are four players on the server with the same IP, when a fifth joins with the same IP, that IP gets banned.
  4. I messed with the terrain files a bit, but haven't found a solution yet. I used to have a map with staticObject terrain that was 8192m X 8192m, but it was deleted with some other data when I reformated (stupid!). I can't remember what I did with the terrain, but the key to it all was setting a large combat area; it gave me some extra space. I'll try to figure out how I did this, but it still has it's limits (probably still loading terrain into memory, but it was scaled up so it should help). AFAIK it is possible to spawn at spawnpoints outside the combat area via python (pretty sure this happens with our mod). It may be possible to create a hud element that replaces the spawn map with clickable spawn positions outside the combat area. The spawnpoints probably wouldn't work the same (click to spawn as opposed to click, enter, spawn), but it should work. I guess I should ask: are your spawnpoints red? can you click them, but don't spawn, or are they outside of the visible map? Another important thing is spatial jitter; if you intend to have objects really far away from the center of the map, they're going to look like crap (usually). I think you might be okay depending on the object, but if not you'll find out what I'm talking about. BTW it's Chael, not Cael, just sayin'
  5. ^ Check my edits ^ Just add col meshes to your boxes and the problem will disappear.
  6. I decided to test this for myself, but was unable to reproduce the error. I created a box with dimensions 20/100/20, origin at the base of the object, one geom, one lod, triangulated, textured, etc. I tried running your mod, but there were texture conflicts (tried to find a texture called "a" with no extension). Also, your col meshes had no file extension. IIRC the col mesh (particularly col0) affects rendering in some cases, so this could have something to do with your problem as well; do your skyscrapers have collisions? It would be helpful if I knew the dimensions of your skyscrapers (both the large and small ones). EDIT: Just looked through your files a bit (because your skyscrapers don't show up on my end) and noticed you aren't even using collision meshes. Add col meshes and I bet it will solve your problem. EDIT2: Removed the col mesh from my test box and now I'm getting the error; there's your problem
  7. Come to think of it... how are you generating those buildings? Are you using the converter you wrote? I'm pretty sure that the bounding radius is defined in the .bundledMesh or .collisionMesh files, so maybe you have this set wrong? I'll try to test it real quick. EDIT: Didn't find the bounding radius in either files, then I noticed the bounding box coords in your other post. If you are in fact creating those buildings with your own code, I'd check that the bounding box is being scaled along with the box, as BF2 uses this to decide whether or not to render an object. BTW, the main obstacle in terms of view distance is the skydome; It has a radius of something like 2000m and even if you manage to get rid of it (I forget exactly what I did) anything beyond it's limits will just be black. Not to mention the spatial jitter at distances far from the origin. I really like what you're doing, so if you need any help I'll see what I can do.
  8. You need to split those buildings into multiple pieces (maybe one object per floor).
  9. Yeah, that's really awesome! When you finish it I'd love to play a few rounds on it; maybe someone could set up a server and invite all the guys here to check it out.
  10. I think it's based on the bounding radius, which is calculated from the size of col0. You could try swapping out the collision mesh to see if that's the problem. I've also encountered this when the driver is far away from the vehicle, but I doubt that's what's causing it in your case.
  11. lol Cassio, I've been watching this topic, but I wasn't sure what to say yet. If you're not going to use terrain, you might want to just create an empty map with flat terrain, then just start importing your objects in. The max view distance in BF2 is somewhere around 2000 meters, so your objects will have to be broken down into pieces that are less than 2000m in any direction (I exported my static object terrain in pieces 1350m x 1350m). Make sure the origin of each piece is near the center. The biggest problem with not using normal terrain is that the collisions are kinda bad. Landmines, medpacks, and other small objects will sometimes fall through the ground (just like at the hotel on Karkand). Bigger things like vehicles will sometimes get pushed through the terrain by other objects. This doesn't happen with normal terrain because it uses a different collision system (it just keeps you above the terrain). Another issue is alignment of your level pieces. My 1350m x 1350m terrain pieces wouldn't line up correctly when they were exactly 1350m away from each other, so some manual adjustment was necessary to get rid of the seams. I'm not sure if this is just an accuracy difference between maya and bf2, or a problem with bf2. Maybe I should mention what's awesome about static object terrain: You can use normal maps! You can have underground bunkers and tunnels! You can have very high terrain resolution! You can make scale 8 maps that don't look like crap! Good luck! If you have any questions I'll be around.
  12. How is it that no one is complaining about the map? There's no full screen map, no way to view the entire map, and no way to select spawn points by clicking on them (obviously left over from consoles). Then there's all that hud crap. In BF2 I always had mine turned off (press alt), but I can't find a way to do that in BF3. Combat areas suck, having to use my ea account name sucks, not being able to play on empty servers sucks (where the fuck is lan mode?), origin sucks... I got the DVD version. Came home and copied the discs into two folders, DISC1 and DISC2. Copied them to my other computer (no DVD drive) and installed. Instead of asking me for the second disc, origin appeared to begin downloading it from the net. So I had to cancel the install, copy the contents of DISC2 to DISC1 and start over. Bullshit. And why it says "downloading" instead of "copying" is beyond me. The only time it felt like a battlefield game was when I strapped some C4 to a jeep and ran it into a tank. Oh and it takes all 3 C4 to blow up a tank? Lame. At work we have a paper with the release dates of all the new games. BF3 was listed as "Battlefield Bad Company 3". Sounds about right.
  13. Well, basically it works by killing a player just after spawn, spawning a car on a platform a few thousand meters up in the air, respawning the player in the car, then moving the car back to the player's spawn position. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. There are a million work-arounds to keep players and ai from screwing it all up. On the plus side it allows for custom kit/soldier selection. Instead of trying to code this yourself, just wait until we release our mod, then you can use this system however you want (ask me first if you plan to release). EDIT: By the way, our mod is awesome; Everyone here ought to apply as a tester and maybe help us finish it.
  14. Chael


    Checked out the fling command, and yes it just setPositions the player's vehicle. We use something similar in our mod, but haven't noticed it causing red spawns. Changing the team of a flag isn't a bad idea I guess... as long as it can be done quickly enough (think it can). Pretty sure I wouldn't be able to put the flag back into the position it was in if someone was in the middle of capturing it though. Anyway, thanks for the idea. hjid27, how does your macro work? I'm assuming it detects a key press and then sends an rcon command or commrose event which spawns a kit at the player's feet, then spoofs a key press to make the player pick up the kit. If this is the case, I think your enter vehicle idea might work (would be a pain to implement though). Interesting stuff
  15. Chael


    At first I thought this was a new thread and I was all like "wtf Cassio, why didn't you just ask me?". Then I went down and saw UberWazu's post about checking if a player is in a vehicle. I like to use: if player.getDefaultVehicle() == player.getVehicle(): player.isInVehicle = 0 And then I saw your post. What's the fling command? I've been using rot bundles to make the spawn points go red, but that doesn't work over the network. Does anyone know a good way to disable spawn points? As for the thing about ejecting players, I think you're asking if there's a way to trick the server into thinking a player pressed 'E'. I bet you could use python to trigger another program that sends a fake packet from the player which triggers the 'enter/exit vehicle' stuff.
  16. Hey, thanks for doing this! I was getting tired of having to go through the wayback machine every time I needed a piece of info from the site. Thank you!
  17. Thanks Clive! Hope it works with humans. @Cobra: the command you're thinking of is setEnterOnSpawn (no human) and it works. I'll give your ideas a shot. As for a video of our mod, I'm not sure that there is a whole lot floating around. I'll ask the guys if we can release some footage. We're actually trying to release the whole thing ASAP.
  18. Thanks a lot! I think the reason mine doesn't work is because there is no ControlPoint. I tried setting the controlPointId to that of an existing CP but it still didn't work. As for needing a team I'm spawning it with 'teamOnVehicle 1' (python controlled objectSpawner). The reason I was looking into this was that I wanted to beef up the spawn system I made for Interstate Nitro (our mod is awesome BTW). The damn AI are always trying to spawn at my spawnPoints with 'enterOnSpawn 1' when I don't want them to. Right now I'm just moving them out of the way before they enter the vehicle (way better than killing them with criticalDamage after the fact), but with this I should be able to disable/enable the spawn points at will (although enabling/disabling my object didn't make the spawn point disappear; blowing it up works though). Anyway, thanks again; can't wait to try this out. Oh, and while we're still on this, could someone show me an example of a spawnPoint attached to a car that allows players to spawn in the car? I'm sure I've heard about this somewhere.
  19. Added a ControlPointID (32), and changed the networkable to ControlPointInfo; didn't help. Also tried adding ControlPointInfo to the spawnPoint itself; still nothing. Think you could show me how you did it?
  20. I'm trying to create an object with a spawn point attached that I can spawn on maps. It almost works; the object spawns, the spawn point appears on the map, I can select the spawn point, but it wont let me spawn. Here's the code: .con ObjectTemplate.create PlayerControlObject ssp ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.creator Chael ObjectTemplate.collisionMesh beachball ObjectTemplate.mapMaterial 0 plastic 0 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType 3 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.geometry beachball include ssp.tweak .tweak ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject ssp ObjectTemplate.creator Chael ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "Chael" ObjectTemplate.setNetworkableInfo BasicInfo ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.castsDynamicShadow 1 rem ---BeginComp:Armor --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent Armor ObjectTemplate.armor.maxHitPoints 9999 ObjectTemplate.armor.hitPoints 9999 ObjectTemplate.armor.defaultMaterial 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.hpLostWhileUpSideDown 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.hpLostWhileInWater 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.hpLostWhileInDeepWater 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.hpLostWhileCriticalDamage 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.waterDamageDelay 1 ObjectTemplate.armor.deepWaterDamageDelay 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.waterLevel 0.3 ObjectTemplate.armor.deepWaterLevel 0.7 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionForce 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionForceMod 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionForceMax 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionDamage 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionRadius 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionMaterial 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.wreckExplosionForce 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.wreckExplosionDamage 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.wreckExplosionRadius 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.wreckExplosionMaterial 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.wreckHitPoints 1000 ObjectTemplate.armor.timeToStayAsWreck 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.criticalDamage -1 rem ---EndComp --- ObjectTemplate.geometry beachball ObjectTemplate.setCollisionMesh beachball ObjectTemplate.mapMaterial 0 plastic 0 ObjectTemplate.drag 1 ObjectTemplate.mass 1 ObjectTemplate.gravityModifier 1.0 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0 rem ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType Mesh rem ObjectTemplate.team 1 ObjectTemplate.collisionGroups 63 rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.addTemplate ssp_spawnPoint ObjectTemplate.setPosition 0/5/0 rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.create SpawnPoint ssp_spawnPoint ObjectTemplate.PreCacheObject 1 ObjectTemplate.setScatterSpawnPositions 1 ObjectTemplate.setSpawnPositionOffset 0/0/0 rem ObjectTemplate.setOnlyForHuman 1 rem ObjectTemplate.setOnlyForAI 0 rem ObjectTemplate.setControlPointId 8 rem ObjectTemplate.team 1 I remember reading about adding a spawn point to a vehicle so players can spawn in it (enterOnSpawn 1), but I want to spawn players on foot. Any ideas?
  21. In your Objects_Server.zip/soldiers/Common/ai/Objects.ai change this line: aiTemplatePlugIn.equipmentTypeName Infantery To this: aiTemplatePlugIn.equipmentTypeName ManDown
  22. You could do that, but it's much better to just create your own mod. The tutorial for that is supposed to be on this site somewhere, but I can't find it so: http://forgottenhope.warumdarum.de/tutorials/custommod.php This way you keep the BF2 mod intact so you can still play online. After you create your mod you can copy the M95 over and modify it. You can also copy over the BF2 maps so you'll have somewhere to play with your new M95.
  23. In the M95's .tweak file (ussni_m95_barret.tweak) there is the line: ObjectTemplate.projectileTemplate USSNI_M95_Barret_Projectile This defines which projectile the gun will shoot. To make it shoot AT rockets, open up a rocket launcher's .tweak (CHAT_ERYX.tweak for instance) and get it's projectile: ObjectTemplate.projectileTemplate eryx So you just replace the M95's projectile (USSNI_M95_Barret_Projectile) with 'eryx'. Of course to make it act like the eryx you will also have to adjust the gun's velocity, not to mention the eryx has a targeting system that allows you to guide the missile in flight, so you'd have to add that stuff to the M95 too. What you should really do is open up some .tweak files and start messing around with stuff to figure out what everything does.
  24. I would guess that either the game is showing the wrong geom (like the barrel_blue objects do; the infamous 'invisible barrels' on dragon valley) or there's something wrong with your .con/.tweak. If you post the .con and .tweak I'll try to help.
  25. Hey, I really like this tool, thanks for making it. I just have one suggestion: If you release another version of this tool could you please fix the .OBJ export function so that it creates separate meshes for each sub-object (wheels for instance)? As it is now, everything is one mesh per LOD. I know this would be very simple to fix, especially considering you're already exporting multiple-mesh-OBJs. Thanks in advance. EDIT: actually the whole program seems to be lacking this feature. If it's too much that's okay. On the other hand, if you would like a little help I could find some time to decipher that part of the file format if you need it. Anyway, thanks again for the tool.
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