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  1. Demize99

    Destructible Children

    It was only done on the Titans on purpose. It just wouldn't go well with our gameplay to have a tank with a broken gun. We prefer the simpler hitpoints and damage zones system. Keep in mind this is also slightly more expensive for networking, the more destroyable children you have the more info that must be tracked in game.
  2. Demize99

    Adding A New Targetobject (heat, Laser Etc)

    Target object Types are hard coded: Heat, Laser, etc...
  3. Demize99

    Engine Start Delay?

    If its a projectile and you have a start delay then the missile will not accelerate until that time. In order to keep it from falling back to earth you will need to set a sufficently high velocity on the firearm launching the missile to allow it to stay airborne until the engine kicks in. You may also try tweaking the missile's drag, though this changes alot of things and may have uninteded consequences.
  4. Demize99

    More Hard Coded Bs

    The reason things are hard coded usually comes down to time. Programmers easily have the most work cut out for them through out the course of a project. Externalizing things in a Tweak file takes a few hours per feature compared to a few seconds when its set internally. When you add all that up it takes alot of time to externalize things the dev team doesn't need to change. Now, that said, its a poor excuse to the mod guys (remember, I am still a mod guy...) In 2142 I've tried to design the new features in a way that allows modders to take advantage of them in ways we might not have thought about, basically, the more variables externalized, the better.
  5. Demize99

    Increase Nametag

    I believe the position of the nametag is hardcoded. I had to have a C coder change this when working on 2142. /[DICE]Demize99
  6. Demize99

    Weapon Edits

    You need to use the material editor to adjust the damage of a weapon against specific targets. However if you simply wish to up the damage across the board you can change the objectTemplate.damage setting on the projectile for the Predator missile. In the editor this is a setting on the basic projectile. For the C4 you would change objectTemplate.detonation.explosionDamage to change its splash damage (the only damage done by c4). In the editor this a setting on the Detonation component of the projectile /[DICE]Demize99
  7. Demize99

    Question About Kits - What Defines What?

    >> 1. what defines the logo on the kit bag? >> 4. what does "geometry.dropGeom" define? This line defines the lod # of the kit geometry that is left on the battlefield when it is dropped. >> 2. what does "kitType" define? kitType is an internal defenition that controls a few things like determining who's 3d icon flashes when you ask for a medic, repair, or ammo. Thats the only major thing I know. 3. what does "geometry.kit" define? geometry.kit is the geometry kit file used for both drop kits and the visible kit bags, etc hanging off the soldier's body. [DICE]Demize99