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  1. pabobo

    Soldier Rig in Gmax

    thanks, this will help my skelly impared self
  2. pabobo


    thanks. I'll spend many hrs reviweing this!
  3. pabobo


    I really need an idiot free, good tutorial for Python. I DON'T GET IT. I'm only used to HTML in my coding experiance and have recently started modding. I just need help.
  4. pabobo

    Clay Mod

    me, i'm throwin out ideas. (he he, i hoped no one would notice)
  5. pabobo

    Water Stuff

    i'll try
  6. pabobo

    Water Stuff

    ...dang. Well, that changes my plans. ALOT!! I guess i could be fun to have a mod where the control points were on like islands, but they were far from each other and tiny. So you have to get boats, subs, and other water and underwater stuff to get to them and fight with.
  7. pabobo

    Water Stuff

    oh come on guys, is this to much of a challenge for everyones favorite BF2 modders?
  8. pabobo

    What Can The Editor Really Do?

    cool. thanks
  9. pabobo

    Clay Mod

    I have a crazy mod idea, it'll feature unlimited battle mode (00 tickets on both sides), Big n' bad super tanks, weapon pickups, unlimited ammo, new maps, new weapons, and more(whatever other ideas i think up.) Lotsa work, but it would be fun. If anyone is interested, give me feed back.
  10. pabobo

    Can Pilot View Be Changed In Python?

    Did i c an x wing in that hanger? Anyway, what map was that?
  11. I no u can import your guys into the editor for the game, but can the animation editor do anything exept bring models in game. I mean, can u tweak animations of soldiers already in the editor or anything like that?
  12. pabobo

    Noobest Question

  13. pabobo

    Noobest Question

    So i'm making a mod for BF2 where u can like swim in the water and crap with a bunch of wierd looking guns and three factions. I made a gun, a scuba mask, and a deep diver helmet. How do i render them so i can show them here or on some other site?
  14. pabobo


    Yah, i gunna be a super spy when I grow up to be like 43. Now u have seen my skiwlz
  15. pabobo

    Quotes Galore

    "hahahahah. i admire your naïveté smile.gif they don't exist. never have, never will." [0 o] NAIVE TYPE MAN!!! (I dunno how to do the little accent things) So, once more, EA has made a fatal mistake in lying to us?! [ - ] W