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  1. python\game (standard)\utilities.py Line 191 - 195 Line 205 - 230 Line 282 - 284 Line 287 - 289 Exactly enough?
  2. Look into my package: http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=14375 There is a function like this one what you are looking for. (Without lags)
  3. Hello guys! I have started modding BF2 a long time ago. I joined a campaign in the meantime and created a mod for them. This mod (called World Conflict) has grown constantly until today. So, why am I telling you this? Because, this mod is based on many community mods/resources. Sounds, textures, models, maps, effects, ... and I never had the ability to do more than saying/writing my thanks to the creators. Sure, they probably have not expected more than this.. (Except a credit ) Now, I will do the same as they have already done. I have not created thus cool sounds, models, maps and so on, but there are already enough of them. While I created World Conflict, I often missed the ability to use python and coders were rare. So I learned it. And thats it what I would like to share with you. My scripts which I have written for my mod. I would say, these scripts are not only "scripts" as they could be found in BF2. They are rather comparable with the scripts of Project Reality. But they provide more than this. In the package are many scripts included which are used to administrate the campaign battles, to activate perks for a specific team or player, to save the statistics at the end of a battle and giving the players points for their achievements. What I am not offering, are standalone scripts. These scripts in the package wont work without some further editing in another mod and I have not the time to rewrite them. Without any basic python understanding, you wont have a use of the scripts. What I am intending is that someone could look into my scripts and could see how things will work. To understand the scripts completely, it could be necessary for you to download my mod. Some scripts are not completely commented, some comments are in English, some in German and some are not really helpful for someone who is looking the first time at the scripts, but that should not be a problem as we are in a forum. I will answer questions in this thread, related to this package. I hope it will help someone, I hope it will demonstrate new capabilities, I hope someone will be delighted as I was. If you are interested now, then do not wait any longer and download the package: Download Scripts (1,5 Mb)Download Mod (1,6 Gb) Download Patch (8,5 Mb) Inside the script-archive you will find further descriptions within some readmes. And remember: If you have any questions related to this package, feel free to ask in this thread! PS: If it is the wrong forum, feel free to move it. If you think it would be a good idea to sticky it, feel free to do it.
  4. Cause they are not listed when the error appears? There are only the wings, rotationals, engines and rotors listed. And the pco which contains those templates, of course
  5. And that does really affect the limit? ookay..
  6. When I counted the networkables in the osprey I skipped the ones from the copilot and passengers (As you already said). So, how do you count 24? Sure, I changed the code from clive a lot, but I asked why the SU34 does not cause this error as well. Could you explain me that? Or did I miscalculate again? In one of the other threads, you mentioned a variant to bypass the limit, per adding objects which are not written into the same tweak and con. (Already existing child) What does it mean?
  7. I'm very confused now.. Within the forums, there are several threads where this issue has been extensive discussed, but i have not found any reasonable answer. Even my mod confuses me.. I have two objects: The SU34 from vanilla and the V22-Osprey from clivewil. With the V22, I will get the "too many statemasks" error. It has 14. With the SU34, I wont get this error. It has 16. Whats different, whats so special with the SU34, so it can have 16? Or to rephrase .. whats so weird with the V22? (Sry clive ) Usually, I wont bother anyone with my problems, but this one.. sry, contradicts any (my?) logic. If it helps: V22.con V22.tweak SU34.con SU34.tweak
  8. 3 years later... i have the same question, but now it is possible and i would like to know, how? How can i change the height of the camera position at this zoom level? Like in FH2? It would be nice if anyone could tell me that. Ive didnt found anything..
  9. Heyho, I have a little problem and need some ideas.. like everone else.. I work on a spawnsystem like it is build into project reality. It works so far, but one thing is.. improvable. I'd like to have a condition to prevent objectcreating within a specified radius of staticobjects. My idea is the following (basically): A list, with some objecttemplates. This list will be prompted if a player request an object and for every template, it will calculate the distance to the player's position. If this distance is lower than a limit, the request has failed. But if I realise this idea, there will be some "huge" lists for all of my maps/objects and the calculating time should also be very long.. Now, im here to ask you for an alternative. I was thinking about a triggerobject (getObjects) and so on, but my experiments did'nt work so far.. I hope you can help me out!
  10. Hi, i've found a strange bug in my mod yesterday, but i'm not sure if it's one of BF2 or one of my PC. Has anyone noticed, that the Handheld Weapon Recoil is higher in a Internet-Game than in a LAN-Game? I observed this fact in Vanilla, FH2 and (of course) my mod. I'am really confused, cause' the Code is identical... (Server <-> Client) Is it possible, that's related to my PC? I won't believe that's a BF2-Bug, cause' the *** Code is identical... (Or could it be a Bug from the "perfect" Netcode?) Please tell me your ideas! (or explanation, if there is one)
  11. Noone? Why is every Question about Python by me so uninteresting...
  12. Hi, I've adjusted my Mod-Maps for use with the "Landot AAS Mode", at least I thougt I did it... But now I noticed that the script detects the mapsize with this parameter: ObjectTemplate.setControlPointName CPNAME_xx_64_xx But I've changed this parameter: ObjectTemplate.create ControlPoint CPNAME_xx_64_xx I could edit the maps again as one might expect, but I don't have the motivation to edit 34 Maps (with two modes á 3 sizes) once again Is there any chance to change the detection kind? The script contains this code break and the bold text is the function I would like to change: for obj in bf2.objectManager.getObjectsOfType('dice.hfe.world.ObjectTemplate.ControlPoint'): obj = obj.templateName aasMapSize = obj[10:12] break aasMapsOfSize = aasMaps[aasMapSize] aasCps = aasMapsOfSize[bf2.gameLogic.getMapName()] Yes, I could learn Python or roll the tut's, but in this forum should anyone be able to answer my question quicker, or not?
  13. Hello, i´ve added my map into the MapsDb, and all works fine, my map have SP-Support, and the "Singleplayer" Icon is checked, but in the Overview, the map is´nt a "SP-Map"
  14. With ObjectTemplate.addTemplate your_effect or in the Editor with AddNewChild/AddExistingChild (Rightklick on the projectile)
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