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  1. Hmm...Ill try that.But is everything else right?Will I have to re-create the Control points?And if I do that can I create a object spawn for the Apache?
  2. Im a noob.But I know how to use BF2E mostly.I can edit levles and such.But to the point.I want to add Apache's to Warlord for movie purposes.And I just figured out that I might have to create all new control points.But when I load Warlord it says "Resource [woodencrate_destructible] not found.Im wondering if this might be a problem.And if there are any tips to get me going on modding original levels,Id me much appreciated.
  3. How come I dont have that when im trying to edit Karkand?
  4. does anyone have a Apache that i could use in my maps? if any posts thanx alot.
  5. when im mapping is there a quick play run through using bf2e other than loading up bf2 cause that doesnt work
  6. are there any i seen the one from rapidshare but the site deleted it does nyone have that file or know of any other vtm on bf2e ui?
  7. where did you get apaches? i think you might need to add the air repair station and the landing pad
  8. As im working with a new mod team and i need to know how to use this.If any posts Thanx.
  9. does anybody have a file of this? cause rapidhsare is down
  10. We really need somone who can make a static building.then code it to be destructible.so yes we need coders and some modlers.
  11. On how to make a winter level?Cause im new too moding and im a mapper for a mod team.and im getting use to BF2E.is there a certain version i need to have?And i need help with how do to the water.Thanx
  12. thanx bro.Sorry,Im new to game/mode development.And my friend just sent it to me.
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