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  1. Ok, so I was playing a little Splinter Cell last night, shooting out the lights to move around in the shadows and wondered, can it be done in the BF engine? Anyone know? I was thinking of having a static mesh (light bulb), but how would the lighting effects of the engine work, I.e. can python turn them off when you shoot the bulb?
  2. lol, that's exactly like the one I made for my site too. Nice site too Rhino. If you want some forums, let me know, I can host them for you (free of charge of course).
  3. Man I love that engine, this vid looks awesome
  4. I've done a lot of updates to this (and rendered on a grey background just for Junk lol). I'll post some screenies later. Not enterable at the moment, but I prefer to make enterable buildings. I mean what's the point of a building if you can't get in it (just my opinion lol) Of course it is Junk, we just choose to ignore it hehe
  5. Good job, fog looks ok on my screen too.
  6. Ells

    The Nuke

    Still, very cool effect though, gj
  7. Cool idea. Let me know if you need a hand on the file upload system, I may be able to help out Cheetah
  8. I see your point Junk and agree, keep the jet out
  9. lol Junk and Mish I realised that when he first posted, but I think he gets the picture now
  10. You can make a mod with all BF2 and SF maps, weapons, vehicles, etc And you can make a seperate mod for 2142 and NS maps, weapons, vehicles, etc (providing you have the expansion packs for each game - SF for BF2 and NS for 2142) You need to remember that bf2 and 2142 are two different games and content from one may/will not work in the other. You can only play these on your computer and not on the Internet. You can also play these with friends over a LAN connection (local network). The best place to start is the tutorial section of the boards. If you're unsure, just ask in the posts there. Also use the search button for what you are looking for. To be honest it's a lot of work for nothing, it would be quicker/easier to open up each game, then you can play on your pc or over the Net.
  11. Cool, I won't be online until Tuesday morning, but I'll do some stuff then. I like the idea of the chinese fighter, seeing as their isn't Sam's in bf2, that was always the threat for me on bfv flying the fighter. Keeping the hanger hidden is a good idea too, maybe don't have a runway, just a flat strip of grass and use the hill to take off, I.e. make the runway as short as possible and use gravity and the curve of the hill to take off from, if you know what I mean.
  12. You won't be able to play on the Internet. If you want to play BF2 on the Net, then you have to load BF2 If you want to play Special Forces on the Net, then you have to load Special Forces If you want to play 2142 on the Net, then you have to load 2142 If you want to play Northern Strike on the Net, then you have to load Northern Strike You can't put all of those maps into one folder and switch between them on the Internet or your computer. You have to take all of the assets from each game (weapons, vehicles, maps, etc.) and put them into your own mod if you want to play on your computer. One thing to remember is that a lot of features are built into the different games, BF2 and 2142. So you can't always play a weapon in bf2 that is from bf2142. Hope this helps.
  13. Can you get a screenie of the link bridge on bfv and i'll knock it up for you in max and maybe one of the other guys can skin it.
  14. Apart from getting sucked into the engine air intakes and getting their azzes lit up when you fire the hellfires, it looks very cool lol
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