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  1. I have seen something like the red stuff before. It was somebody who had fraps running while editing and the fraps FPS digit somehow got into the map. Sounds strange but that was why he got some red numbers on his terrain. If that is your problem i do not know, just thought i would share the information. /sEi
  2. Have you tried using bf2_r.exe in windowed mode. (just press cancel on the initial errors) It might give you some errormsg's that can help you. Hope this helps! PS: And you need your graphics settings ingame to minimum be: MEDIUM for running custom maps. /sEi
  3. No you dont have to texture the whole map Sorry no BOTs yet (EA needs to fix the editor to support making BOT-paths) Tjahh - Save often as the editor can crash. Else use this forum to find tips and tricks. Always search for your question before posting. Happy modding! /sEi
  4. Yes - LBrown is doing a good job! But do NOT forget the ones who contribute to this forum, WITHOUT getting money for it! So if LBrown NOT was doing a great job he should be fired! But i honestly think that LBrown is doing good - thnx for that! /sEi
  5. remember to ALWAYS compile your MOD before testing! (when you have made any changes to your MOD - Your homemade objects belong to the MOD) Hope this helps! /sEi
  6. Have you tried to run bf2_r.exe (+fullscreen 0) - Not whatever! And still no errormsg? (errors in start you just choose 'cancel') /sEi
  7. Try the download on this page... http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=519 ...to help you with debuggin your map. Hope this helps! /sEi
  8. OFF TOPIC: NeVar - Do you really intend to use a signature that takes up half a screen? Its very anoying! Hope you remove it or at least use a smaller one! btw: Hope you find some 'most wanted' coders! - Always lots of modellers and mappers, but hard to get the people that do the hard stuff! /sEi
  9. I see the first link there as similar to SPAMMAIL and SPYWARE - Why supply a link that cheats? (is cheat when not informing what the vote is for! - One assume you vote for the BF2-editor forum!) Please correct or remove. /sEi
  10. SenSei


    Please SEARCH the forum before posting. The answer IS in the forum. Usually i do supply links when commenting that ppl should post before searching - but not this time. Search is your friend - Tons of threads that can help you. Redundant threads like this just cludder the forum and makes it very hard to use! /sEi
  11. When running bf2_r.exe in windowed mode, your game crash and you do not get any errormsg at all? Am i correct? /sEi
  12. Do I have to install the game in order to edit? Yes! /sEi
  13. Please be a bit more specific with your question. I dont understand your question - Would like to help. /sEi
  14. Yes i use fraps when making video. But a full length demo is a hassle to use when the sequenze you want to 'use' is 10 minuttes in. - I need to 'replay' the sequenze many times when working! - And u cannot rewind when playing the demo. What Chimaira says looks interesting! - i'll try that... EDIT: Just tried to record a demo when playing a demo and got a msg: Can't record demo as a client hmm - Would also have been too easy! Thanx for your replies! - I have to keep searching! btw: Nice video BoogeyMan - I've put my first little test here: http://www.blodkraft.dk/sei/bf2_testmovie.wmv /sEi
  15. When you uninstall, do you also remove the files in 'MyDocuments/battlefield2'? maybe it helps. Good luck! /sEi
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