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  1. found detailed plans for a catapult Shade
  2. Did you use a wheel vehicle or an aircraft as your basis? I have ideas for constructing a motorcycle that leans to turn, and could use your speeder as a guide (with your permission) Cheers Shade
  3. Isn't that talking about compiling the complete model in the game? I'm thinking more of having a common component set that could then be imported into existing models in max, then exported as a whole. For example, a house might be made up of roof1.max, wall4.max (x2), wall2.max(x2). Combine them, collision them, and then export. Shade
  4. I was talking about fantasy/medieval, in keeping with the BFsiege content. Always wanted to design and build a castle in BF2 I might start some modelling without you and wait until you're ready to begin. Preparing some small stock models for crenellations, arrow towers etc that can be incorporated into different, larger models wouldn't be time wasted IMO. Perhaps if anyone else was also interested, we could start preparing stuff now and see what happens? Cheers Shade
  5. clark_allenr@hotmail.com Cheers Shade
  6. Give me a shout if/when that happens. Shade
  7. Is that still the case? I notice folders for the original maps come with 21cw and everything still works ok. Is it as simple as the names being case sensitive? Shade
  8. I've always said, for a war game, BF2 contains very few ruined buildings, so well done on that score. Looks good. Shade
  9. I found the background image kept messing itself up when zooming, panning etc and had to be reset, it's just a feature of the software. Clive's idea looks good however. Shade
  10. I also would love to work on a semiMMORPG BF2 mod. Lets talk. Shade.
  11. Call it what you like, it's your map. I'm only saying that if I was calling a map "Streets of.." then it should bear a resemblance to it's namesake. You are entitled to differ in your view. Shade
  12. Shade

    Swat Shield

    Do weapons have collision meshes, for shooting someones gun? My thinking is that you make a weapon of shield and gun, and add the col mesh there. Shade
  13. Funny thing is, it looks nothing like Karbala http://www.medienarchiv.com/Asien/Irak/IrakIraq01.htm
  14. Shade

    Swat Shield

    Should be a simple static with normal collision meshes. Shade
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