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  1. Any further thoughts? I have been going through a number of other sites with various recommendations (e.g. verify video set to medium, ensure that you generate lowleveldetail) and yet I have the same errors. thanks John O
  2. here is the link http://hosted.filefront.com/goldengriffin/ it is the johno_test.zip with the client and server zips included thanks john o
  3. So I built a simpler, new map and still have the same errors. Can I upload the packaged version for you to look at? It is only 1MB in size. thanks John O
  4. Excellent point since then I get debug messages. Seems that when I did the map it did not create a tx-s1 colormap.....interesting. At least that is what the firts debug message tells me. ------------------new update------- So then I figured out that lowleveldetail was set to 0. Set it to 1. Now it loads and gets me to join and then it bombs....getting closer. --------another update----- then I ran \Battlefield 2\BF2_r.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 0 +modPath mods/My_level and it did not see the portedfontshader.fx which is there in the BF/mods/shader folder. By the way I had to add the .fx files since they were not in there originally. Interesting. Then if I run \Battlefield 2\BF2_r.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 0 +modPath mods/Bf2 I get a Paritcles.fx error that it is unsupported in the compiler target of the Lowpsmodel -------------another update----------- looks like i may be going down the path of one of the other forums (http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=7987). I am running the Deluxe Edition of BF2 which has SF. I do have the latest editor with a June 6 06 date on it so let me find the shaderfix and see if that helps me first....thanks for reading. ----------and another update--------- So I followed that forum, reinstalled the BF Editor and checked my shaders. The good news is that I could bet the BF2_r.exe to run(\Battlefield 2\BF2_r.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 0 +modPath mods/Bf2 ). The bad news is that when I loaded my map it crashed. ---------------- John O
  5. Is there a reason why, after going through the various map editing tutorials (including Battlefied Mod Tutorial 1 and 2) that BF2 quits as soon as it gets to loading the textues? I was trying to look through the forums for any basic troubleshooting. thanks John O
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