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  1. Well, you can... and anybody know if there is a way?? I've seen a constant fire effect, but can't remember where.
  2. well is there ANY way to make the hud not disappear in freefall?
  3. Could I make the parachute disallow you to use your weapon? Would that work? Something along those lines, i didn't think it would be this hard lol.
  4. I'm wanting it for my pilot kit. You eject out of the plane, and the pilot kit will have the smoke grenade as default weapon. This way, when you are falling you see your altitude, speed, etc. ^^ I'll try playing around with the gui index
  5. How would I make a patch for a mod? Rather than constantly sending my friends the whole mod each time, how can I make a patch to only change what I need? *It's only a server-side mod at the moment, no client changes*
  6. sorry, I'm normally more specific. The main seat (the pilot) where it shows roll/speed/altitude. This way if you are falling and have the smoke grenade equipped, you can see your altitude and such. thanks
  7. I've made a separate mod file to get this to work, but I assume it should be much easier. I do some of my tweaking directly through the files and some through the editor. However, to get the changes in the editor to take effect, i have to package the mod. When i package the mod, it overwrites the changes I've made by hand (thus, I made a new mod folder for bfeditor changes) it should be easier than this (i assume) what am i doing wrong?
  8. Stalker2200


    I don't know where I can set up the HUD for weapons/vehicles. Can anybody help me? *I want to get the smoke grenade to display a HUD similar to that of a helicopter
  9. I've tried this before, and I've asked it before, but I can't get it to work. I've looked at the code for the squad leader smoke beacons, but that's not helping. I want to get the smoke effect to play (loop) while holding the smoke grenade... can anybody help? thanks!
  10. I can't seem to be able to change the center of rotation of a vehicle. I imagine this would be done through the editor, but I can't find out how to do it. As in my previous post, I'm trying to change the roll of an aircraft. What I want to change is: In BF2, the planes "spin" around a central point, which appears to be it's nose. I want the center of rotation/gravity to be in the mid section, so when you roll the plane pivots, rather than spins if you know what I'm saying. If you don't understand my problem, I'll find some videos, but I think it's pretty clear. Thanks!
  11. Well, when I changed the AI turn radius for the parachute, it affected my parachute characteristics aswell. so where in the code for the Mig (I know where the tweak is) is the code for rotation speed / center?
  12. i see the scale for the rotation... aiTemplatePlugIn.rollScale 0.0020 if i raise the number does that provide faster or slower rotation???
  13. So i can make this a new effect, or it overides the enter effect?
  14. I'm working on an effect for when you exit a plane... but how do I trigger this? (I want a smoke effect for when you exit a plane)
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