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  1. There is absolutely no way that a unique GUI for a handweapon,or any other item can cause any issues I have hundreds of them,without a single issue Try renaming this,and adding it to automatically triggered voices renamed rem ---BeginComp:Radio --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent Radio ObjectTemplate.Radio.failMessage recharging_female ObjectTemplate.Radio.useMessage AUTO_MOODGP_usingshockpaddles rem ---EndComp --- I think, with a bit of "thinking outside of the box", more can be acheived then you would assume
  2. If the area on the screen of all the commrose buttons is say 400 x 300 Your mouse/cursor can move say 600 x 450 Meaning each button has a larger clickable area ,then the visual/measured size of its button,making selection less sensitive hudBuilder.createButtonNode RadioRose RadioDownLeft 181 324 190 26 hudBuilder.setButtonNodeMouseArea -46 49 190 103 Button is 26 pixels tall,clickable area is 103 pixels tall
  3. Basically you are making several commroses,that are only shown ingame,when a player is holding a specific handweapon hudBuilder.setNodeLogicShowVariable EQUAL GuiIndex 666 Yes I know pickup kits/drop kits will mess things up Do you want this for humans,bots or both ? This controls the area the cursor can move to hudManager.setCommSize 490 300 By default the area the cursor can move,is much larger then the position of the buttons hudBuilder.setButtonNodeMouseArea hudBuilder.createButtonNode RadioRose RadioDownLeft 181 324 190 26 hudBuilder.setButtonNodeMouseArea -46 49 190 103
  4. I have no idea if this will work as I havent tested it,but Commrose sounds are called by the HudElementsRadioComm.con Each button calls for text like this hudBuilder.setButtonNodeConCmd "RadioInterface.selectOrder 10" 0 Which leads to Radio.con radioInterface.setStringMap Interface_1:10 HUD_COMROSE_GRUNT_thankyou "game.radioMessage TCTeamAndLocalEnemies PLAYER_CONFIRM_thankyou" If,maybe if,you specify a unique GUI number for each soldiers handweapons,which matches a GUI number specific commrose,and replace this hudBuilder.setButtonNodeConCmd "RadioInterface.selectOrder 10" 0 With something like this hudBuilder.setButtonNodeConCmd "sound.playSound Female_Thankyou" 0 Maybe
  5. Exactly which VO sounds, are you wanting to have different sounds, for different soldier classes/ characters ?
  6. Change this ObjectTemplate.activeSafe SimpleObject ground_16x8_frame_kiak to this ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Bundle ground_16x8_frame_kiak and for the con file too (SimpleObject to Bundle) A simple object wont show any children,it needs to be a Bundle
  7. @ Remdul Are you able to modify meshviewer,or make a seperate program That can search through a folder,full of folders (zipped or unzipped) ,such as Weapons/Handheld And find a text string written in a bundledmesh file Such as xxx/Textures/Scope.dds
  8. @ Kiaksar2142 Just for curiousitys sake,why dont you try adding your glow effects directly into your mod,and see if they show ingame
  9. It has nothing to do with the kits AIX uses 7 different soldier classes,in an attempt to customize each classes AI behaviour These 7 differently named soldier classes (same as their respective kit (in most cases) ,but with _soldier at the end) call for their own soldier AITemplate code AI,AIX and AIX2 have their own Soldiers/Common/ai/Objects.ai file,containing each of their 7 classes AI templates When you load a BF2 map in AI,AIX or AIX2,the game will call for the default soldier AI template,which is rem *** AITemplate *** aiTemplate.create Soldier Even though this information is found in the BF2 files (which are all loaded secondly by AI,AIX or AIX2) ,the game will only load the first instance of a called for named file (Objects.ai) Resulting in your above CTD error message
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