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  1. The first thing that comes to mind, is TerrainHeight under LevelSettings. http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...l=TerrainHeight
  2. Nice work, and again... mschoeldgen, rules :-) It looks like the col1 on the F-20 Tiger Shark rear landing gear, is align with the center of the wheel. And the Fb-22 Strike Raptor, could use some more poly's. If you need any help with the planes, feel free to ask me.
  3. Navy colors :-) Still playing around with the "wings", Flaplift and Winglift. To get the right feel.
  4. [21CW]PiCkUp


    My first "flying" aircraft, thanks to [XWW2]mschoeldgen tutorial. Found the free model on "The 3D studio", Marv Mays. It had 70,000 Polygons, but got it down to around 17,000. Found the texture on some website, for aircraft sims. BfEditor Google
  5. First up.. Great tut, it helps a lot. second... Is there a limit to how many, moveable control surfaces you can have?. Beside not having any keys left. third... Is there a limit, in how many polys an object can have?
  6. Could somebody tell me, how to make the net render function work.... I know how to start the server and all that.
  7. Is there an easy way, to match a object to the ground. Not only the color, but also the scale of the texture.
  8. Here is my first public object, that i made.... With some help from BFEditor.org THX All the texture are from bf2, and the walkway is just extra. To give the infanty, some more space to fight over. The texture stil needs some work, but for most people it well be okay. http://www.oppfiles.net/downloads/objects.zip
  9. I made this "highway_bridgeArch", and it looks good in 3ds max and objectEditor... But, when i hit "generate". In lightmap generation, all hell bracks losse.... 3ds BfEditor - Object BfEditor - Level Could, i have done something with the Unwrap. Or when i exported it??? I'm only using stock bf2 texture.
  10. I would say no... Since they are not static, at anytime.
  11. Does anybody know, where to get sounds. Tanks, jeep, jets and so on..... I have tryed google, yahoo, and all type of forums.... And does site that i found, did'nt have the right "sounds". And best hit i had was BF2_new-sounds, from imtheheadhunter ( at ) gmail.com. So PLEASE help me..
  12. I'm still doing some work on it....
  13. First up.. The Minimap, the terrain looks a bit fucked up. But that just Tpaint. This is my first object, from 3DSMax to BF2.
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