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  1. Sadly not. The only wake effects I can find are those used in the infantry when they're swimming.
  2. Not sure if anyone noticed this in the Amphibious APCs thread, but I also need a hand with making some water displacement effects for when the APCs are travelling through the water and are amphibious. Ideally what I want is effects like so; Imagine the object on the left is the Groundhog, and the object on the right is the Romanov. The blue lines are the kind of water effect I want here. Displacement lines and whatnot. (I made that image in about 30 seconds using MS Paint. I don't care if it looks crap, it gets the general gist of the idea across, no? )
  3. Doesn't seem that simple, sadly. I need to find a way of telling the pod launcher that, if the vehicle is in water "x" meters deep, to reduce pod launch velocity by half. :? The APCs work by changing the launcher type when they're within what I expect is 250 meters of the Titans with the line ObjectTemplate.setIfTitanChangeToWeapon pod_launcher 250 The former being fairly self explanatory, value 1 being what to change it to, and value 2 being detection range. (I think.) The normal pod launch velocity is 150, and the "*_apc_pods"'s launcher velocity is 45.
  4. Trust me, I already tried that approach. It didn't work so well. ~~ That said, the A-APCs are working nicely now. All I need is some help figuring out the wake effects and how to halve the pod-launcher height when the vehicle is semi-submerged (ie, amphibious) but I think the wake effects take priority here.
  5. Well, 1 in BF2142 seems to be different from 1 in whatever you got the wz551 from. I adjusted the floatbundle locations closer along with tuning the float down and they work more reliably now. Still having a little trouble because they start going as soon as it hits water, at which point it tilts very oddly like before, but at least it's not doing spontaneous backflips. EDIT: I compensated by dropping the lift factor to a half of the modified value (which was half of the default/provided value) and it works like a gorramn charm. Combined with altered offset locations borrowed from the APCs features like passenger seats and it works beautifully. Now for part 2 of the whole situation. This part of the challenge is probably easier. All I need to do is make it so the pod launchers only launch to half the height they do normally whilst the vehicle is in the water. EDIT2: I also need to get some wake effects when the APC is in the water and idle/moving.
  6. Well, it seems to work, up until the vehicles in question (the EU and PAC APCs) move near water. They float like a charm, yes, but they also hover. Off the ground. In strange, unexpected and uncontrolled ways. I've been using Sidi Power Plant as the test zone as it has plenty of water to drive about in, but I went through 3 EU APCs just trying to get to the water!
  7. I've been challenged to produce an amphibious APC - not submersible, but amphibious - capable of crossing waterways, whilst floating, and under it's own propulsion. I've succeeded partially in that the APC is now submersible and immune to water damage, but the next part is the most difficult - getting it to float. With no editor available to me, this stands as being the hardest part of the entire operation along with getting it to keep going of it's own accord. Does anyone have any advice on how to get it floating?
  8. I'm doing a quick bit of research for a modding project. The mod I'm working on needs a single, solid static object made out of an existing vehicle which is split into numerous pieces by default (in this case, the PAC and EU Titans from BF2142). The question here is; How can I get 3dsMax to maintain the UV map co-ordinates when importing the mesh in order to keep the textures from falling apart and no longer working properly? Any help is appreciated.
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