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  1. Hi. After making a good few maps for BF2 i have moved over to BF2142 maps i have a couple made up but i am struggling to get them into the bf2142 engine. How do i get these to show up in the maps section when i create a local multiplayer ? I may be overlooking the obvious here i have been testing them in the BF2 engine and they work fine and show up no problem ? Anyone got any ideas ? Is it possible to play maps made in the bf2 editor on the bf2142 engine ?
  2. Ok to clarify this conversation i sent EA an email...I will copy and paste it here......If anyone would like to see the original for their own peace of mind then ask me and i will forward it to you..... Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response. If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it within the next 7 days. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you. To update this question by email, please reply to this message. Because your reply will be automatically processed, you MUST enter your reply in the space below. Text entered into any other part of this message will be discarded. [===> Please enter your reply below this line <===] [===> Please enter your reply above this line <===] To update your question from our support site, click here. Subject Hi i am trying to clear up a hazy subject with regards to use of the BF Mod e... Discussion Thread Response (GM Sorif) 01/21/2007 01:55 PM Hello, Thankyou for contacting EA support. You can use any content from the Battlefield franchise when you mod or make maps. As long as you are not making a profit from these maps. Take care, EA Rep Sorif Player Relations Electronic Arts Customer 01/21/2007 05:10 AM Hi i am trying to clear up a hazy subject with regards to use of the BF Mod editor. My question is about making levels for BF2142. Would i be allowed to use content from the other BF series games such as special forces. then send the finished level to EA to ask permission to use. EA's guidlines for their modding tool is very unsure and whilst i enjoy modding your BF series games do not want to go against your wishes for what content i can play with. I wanted to create a BF2142 level by importing a night time level from BF special forces. Would there be a problem with me doing this as long as i send the finished level to you to decide on how i can use this. ie, for multiplay use or single player only. Look forward to your reply and will abide by your decision. Happy modding
  3. You are missing the entire point here. EA will not proceed with a court case in instances of game modding. They have no grounds for it because of the lack of guidlines as to what you can or cant mod. They have released a MOD editor for EA BF series games, They have not said you cant take a night time setting from any of their maps. Now i have been modding games for around about 10 years i know pretty much what im taking about when it comes to this stuff. Although im pretty new to the EA side as i have come from novalogic but the margins stay the same. Basically it goes like this. If you mod a game, Technically you can be sued for copyright infringment for modding ANY EA stuff, because EA have issued yu with a tool to MOD their games. After all whats the difference between altering the texture of a building or altering the structure.......Non whatsoever. The fact remains that you have altered a copyrighted product....Do you see my point ? I can however understand what you are saying about legal this and that. What i am saying here is MOD what you like and send to EA for permission to use it in a server or whatever. If they say yes Great. If they say no then take that as a warning. Main thing is you have asked for permission to use something that belongs to EA and for that you can NOT be prosecuted, as long as you abide by their decision. As you talk about legal issues let me ask..... Have you ever sent of one of your maps to EA to ask for permission to use it ? How many of us have ? I bet the answer NO and NOT MANY. This leaves most of us open to a court action because we have violated copyright laws..... The guidlines are hazy and unclear. MOD it and ask permission......You will NOT be prosecuted for it.
  4. Well said woodrow...I have checked on this with my brother in law solicitor...... Legal action threat is all they could muster because as you have pointed out there are NO guidelines also there is no support for a Mod Editor that EA themselves have released for use by customers who have purchased the game. So how do you know what is right or wrong.......The best EA could do is a mutual agreement with regards to modded content. All of this arguement counters the good side of EA, they have released a tool for us all to use and make modded maps for the game much easier to do, in that case it would be wrong to go against EA's wishes to NOT modify some content.....Fair enough. My view is simply this. I will make a map with some modded content maybe even from xpacks and some buildings i have made myself in max... The completed map is then offered to EA to take a look at, it is then on EA to write back to me and tell me i cant use certain features in that map, if they dont get back to me i presume this map is ok to use. As i said before i dont mind if EA wish to use or modify some of MY conent for their own use...Either way, because of their lack of support or guidlines for the use of the MOD editor, court action would be fruitless and wouldnt even happen because they wouldnt have a leg to stand on. The worst you would get is a strongly worded letter from EA Asking you to remove certain items, sort of a good will thing. We all have to remember WHY the MOD editor was released...... As all modded maps made on this editor belong to EA (Check your user agreement) they are free to use, manipulate, or alter any of the ideas you come up with. This in turn makes the MOD editor a nice little money spinner for EA because it is a constant generator of ideas for their games or xpacks. Why should EA spend money thinking up ideas when they can release this tool and let you do it for them. They see something they like they will take it to their own level creaters to perfect. So my advise would be for anyone who likes to MOD BF series games is dont limit yourself if you want something included in one of your maps, MOD it, put it in and send the finished level to EA for approval. That way you are asking EA for permission to use these items. That keeps things fair on both sides. Happy Modding
  5. Hi Jones Nice reply. I think catbox was refering to Xpack (Special forces, Armoured fury, Euro forces) Content. EA wouldnt want people getting hold of content that should be paid for in the xpacks... As for your maps The only way EA can control them is if they are being run on a ranked server......As ranked servers will only let you run stock maps and not mod maps this is not possible. EA cant touch your private run server or one hosted by yourself.... I dont want to start an EA flame session here They have good points too. But it is funny how EA will "Let" you access some content but not other....Like my example. You not supposed to alter building structures but you are allowed to play with the textures . Weird.
  6. To be totally honest with you catbox i couldnt give a stuff what EA say i can and cant do. I do care however what my fellow modders want and say. The way i look at it is if i want to create levels i will create them as long as im not selling maps or mods i am not breaking any laws......The sooner EA pull the stick out of their bung holes and stop ripping of their customers with inferior, buggy games and further more making you download patches which further ruin the game or make certain problems worse the better. I offer all my map levels to EA to use at their will, I do not profit from anything, So if i import a night sky or lighting settings from xpack what they going to do about it.....At the end of the day according to their license agreement if i create a mod using their mod editor that becomes EA's property to use or discard or even modify themselves and im happy with that agreement, Hell i would be chuffed to bits if they used one of my mods in their stock maps even if it needed "improving" by DICE. Only by importing things from other parts of the game or xpacks can you merge things from all sides of the game and make things better. I mod for fun and hobby then offer EA the final results. My maps never make it to the net or servers. So if i want to mod something....im going to mod it wether or not they say i can or cant.......Thx for the reply if i took your advise i would again be defying EA's dictatorship becase i would have to alter the light settings for the buildings. Modding buildings is not allowed by EA....See my point Oh sorry you are allowed to alter textures ect but not the structures. Lmao. Thx again catbox i will lookinto what you said about the paintshop pro and CS By the way not digging at you here just whining about EA's silly little rules.....Anyone got any cheese
  7. Yip EA missed one vital componant for their editor.....A block fill option, Its just took me hours to paint and texture another terrain 4 mile square, Im not sure if you are talking about making a 2142 map from scratch or importing stocks for editing. Importing i have not tried yet. But starting from scratch works fine for me as i test the maps after each stage. I go about it by painting and texturing a flat surface in sand then sculpt the hills and mountains then use the rock texture for them. Then use sep layers for roads paths ect......White surface ? I have only come across that when i paint with the camera looking down and i have moved the camera too far away from the map floor. You cant see what your painting but you are painting something. Also toggle draw fog can cause a few headaches and screen res. Really at present making the bf2142 terrain is exactly the same as BF2 terrains. Thing with the camera is when you use it to look down on your map the "W" and "S" buttons no longer function as forward and backwards "W" becomes Lower and "S" becomes higher. If you go too low you shoot straight through the map too high and everything becomes white as you said. To prevent this try altering your speed %. Hope this helps
  8. Does anyone know if it is possible to bring the night scenes/lighting over to BF2142 through the editor from the special forces xpack? Basically using files from Xpack to make night maps in BF2142. If anyone has figured this out please save me some time and hair by posting here how it is done or if it is possible. Great community here, im sure by us all working together we will show EA/DICE how maps should be made Thx.
  9. Come on lev.........you really dont know the answer to that......EA being as they are will undoubtably release about 5 expansion packs for BF2142. You and i are not the only ones to have gone out and spent £35 on this game only to be shocked at the severe lack of content in the stock maps.....Great game crap maps. If there is one thing im good at it is modding buildings in max for games. I really wanted to open up the power station (BIG building) on BF2142 suez canal map for modding. If that building could be opened up and made accessable inside, it has great potential because of its sheer size. You could have 32 players fighting a close battle inside that building alone forget the rest of the map, As yet i still have to find a way to open the buildings in max. There must be a way because EA do it when they need to rectify any glitches on their buildings like jumping through walls ect. If anyone knows how to get the buildings into max or Gmax i would love to hear from you.....But its only a matter of time before i suss it myself...1 of those converters out there will recognise the format sooner or later...
  10. Thx lev your method works well. Have you found a way to get the texture and color details from BF2142 into the BF2 editor or will we have to wait for DICE to come up with the 2142 mod ed. At present its like running BF2142 on BF2 terrains......No snow and ice. If you compare the 2 games the do have some completely different scenery. Just curious. Thanks for taking the time to post your method.
  11. Thx catbox.....Im fully conversant with the BF2 maps and Special forces too....I got it figured now though.....I have a completly different computer for my modding and for some reason the games have installed themselves into different folders 1 is EA Games the other is Electronic arts ???? so all the files were extracted into the wrong folder for the Mod Ed.........Silly how the simplest of things can mess with your mojo....Its sorted now. Thx.
  12. Ok im quite new to using the bf2 editor (exept for bf2 and sf) i have done everything on this help file but i see no BF2142 content in my editor ???? All i can see on the loadup is BF2 Mod, Xpack, and create new mod.......Anyone any ideas here ?
  13. Hi. Thx for the reply. To be honest i prefere max 5 seems to be much more user-friendly for game modding with some plugins added to it. 9 32bit is getting way too complicated but you can create more superior models and mods........Catch 22 really. Back to topic......I know it is possible to open up bf series buildings in max, as gmax is a scaled down version im not sure. The answer lies in the format somewhere. as the format is not shown (probably on purpose) it is hard to convert the file to .3ds I have also heard that some of the maya plugins can counter this, but as i do not have maya, i cant really say. The buildings can be opened somehow in max, trouble is how..... I will keep searching and if i find out how i will post it here. Meantime if anyone does know how to open these up in max i would be greatful if they could post it here also. Is there a place where we can all share our mods ? Ive got some pretty cool ones if people are interested.
  14. Hi after some searching around i have found this place and i am hoping someone can help me out. I am trying to make some modded versions of the buildings from bf2142 and bf2. Bf2142 has some really cool ruins i need for a map im making but in their current state they look out of place in the map i am making so i need to re texture them. Can someone tell me how i can load them into gmax for editing ? This is probably really easy and is staring me right in the face but i have tried a few things and nothing seems to let me open them up in gmax or 3D studio max 9 32 bit....Do i need a plugin ? or do i need to convert the files ? If so which program should i use... I have 3d exploration but that doesnt seem to do it either. Help would be great...Thx
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