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  1. stevenB187

    Terrain Texture Not Visible

    You Need to generate the lowdetail-textures. Just Search for "lowdetailmaps" or "lowdetailtextures", there should Be a couple of topics about that.
  2. stevenB187

    Flickering Black Textures, Help !

    isnt it a known ATI problem? think i can remember misch told me in the past that he had the same problems all the time and it seems to be a known problem with ATI gfx-cards.
  3. stevenB187

    Vbf2 Custom Maps

    got it working, it was just a simple server settings thingy map runs great on my dedi server now...
  4. stevenB187

    Vbf2 Custom Maps

    hey guys! well i got some problems to get harvest running on a deicated server... for some reason, the connecting client crashes when the map finished loading i spent a couple of hours trying to fix that, without any sucess. looks like debugger wont work for a online check, soon as i try to connect my dedi server the game tolds me the servers version is older than mine. could anybody give me a hand on that and help me out with fixing that problem? i would rly apreciate that! thx and greets, steven
  5. stevenB187

    Vbf2 Custom Maps

    thx guys, hope ya had fun ye well, i thought about to make the uav radius a bit smaller, but i had forgot about it at the end well, get that ai tool out there... i played that map while testing with some around 40 bots, was a hell of fun greets
  6. stevenB187

    Vbf2 Custom Maps

    finally got the map done and uploadet >>DOWNLOAD<< >>DOWNLOAD2<< have fun guys!
  7. stevenB187

    Vbf2 Custom Maps

    got some news for ya guys! >>klick<< greets, steven
  8. stevenB187

    Vbf2 Custom Maps

    thx guys the filter is called radial blur. kinda funny, when i was posting the screens i thought about the same greets
  9. stevenB187

    Vbf2 Custom Maps

    ok guys, harvest's navmesh is done too. some teasing screens again: http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg277/TrueSpirit187/harvest_efx/harvest-new_sky_settings18.jpg http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg277/TrueSpirit187/harvest_efx/harvest-new_sky_settings15.jpg http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg277/TrueSpirit187/harvest_efx/harvest-new_sky_settings9.jpg now iam on the next maps navmesh, i can see a nice mappack on the horizon ! i guess i gonna finish all my never-released map i started in the past. all maps come with 99% custom statics mappack should contain around 4-6 maps. surely will take a few more weeks, but i think its worth as i spend 100's of hours creating tons of statics... ill keep ya updated! greets, sb
  10. stevenB187

    Vbf2 Custom Maps

    al madinah is already done, fixing some stuff on harvest right now and i also got another map nearly finished keep in mind all three maps are done with 99% custom statics, still need to fix some col3's.... gonna post some links to the files asap! greets
  11. stevenB187

    Vbf2 Custom Maps

    i reinstalled bf2 and the tools a few days ago. still have a lot of unfinished stuff laying around on my harddrives overworked one of my never finished maps 'al madinah' and did the maps navmesh today. the maps coop is pretty fun 1440x900 1440x900 the map still needs some small fixes and tweaks, but i'll post some links asap!
  12. stevenB187

    Help With Co-Op

    its not a bug, its one of the nice features dice did for the latest patch the only way i know to become a sl of a bot squad, is to make your own squad and invite some ai duders.
  13. stevenB187

    Devilman's W.i.p Stuff

    nice to see my ammo and repaircache there i rly enjoy the crazy stuff you always do there...