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  1. Ant files as for now are in unknown format. If someone feels like taking a shot at them be my guest, but I doubt I`ll be reversing them myself.
  2. upload your project file. Plus motionbuilder is rarely used for final rendering. You usually send all your animation back to 3ds max for rendering.
  3. FBX very picky if there are missing bitmaps in your 3ds max scene. In slate editor top menu select "material" get all scene materials and make sure that all the bitmap nodes have valid texture file links in them. If not either reapply the texture files or delete the maps. Good luck.
  4. I would recommend registering and posting on Xentax forum about this.
  5. @TheRadGamerDan "That would most likely be that the script isn't reading the bone data from the skeleton scripts properly" The data is correct(MOHwf has same issues when using ninja ripper(dx11)) what`s going on here is most likely an animation feature called facefx. My guess is that there was an error in the animation/export pipeline. All this weird distortion in-game gets fixed by offsetting the animations. And I have had no time to get to the bottom of this. Maybe the offsets could be calculated and coded into the script...
  6. Hi Tosyk, I know you are a smart man iv`e used and learned from your scripts in the past. I`m sure you`ll figure it out ;]
  7. Releasing FrostBite 3 (Battlefield4, Battlefield Hardline(beta), Need For Speed Rivals, Plants Vs Zombies) mesh and skeleton importers for 3ds max 2012x64. Tested only on 3ds max 2012x64!!!
  8. Yes this release is meant for BF3 and Medal of Honor WarFighter only. BF4 and BFHL will follow shortly I`m just finalizing them atm.
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