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  1. Thanks. I think I used Tpaint at the beginning.
  2. Trust me. I have tried that program. Never works. Besides i want to do it manually.
  3. First time making a map so please excuse some of my noobish questions. Update 1 Update 2. I am still having issues with the texture. Also the corridors are dark at first.*Fixed* The Commander zoom is too much.*Fixed* Is there a way to paint the green stuff. Also anyway to make a minimp without having to start from scratch. Lastly I need help making the titan on the minimap the right size. I believe this is beacuse the map is a 512 map and not a 1024 map like the normal 64 map sizes are. Thanks. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1...88666&hl=en
  4. Can someone explain how to make a in game map for 2142? It wont work with the editor because you can't load certain items because it will cause the editor to crash?
  5. Dunno. I followed the tutorial above. It pops up in the editor and in the roads folder but doesn't want to appear in the game. I'll PM u a copy of the map to look at.
  6. Come on. There has to be a solution.
  7. I am trying to put in roads following this. http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=1236 Any ideas why it is not working. The roads are made but they do not show up in the game.
  8. Do u add static objects and stuff like that in the default layer?
  9. A 2142 editor will come out. I was talking to DICE and they said soon an editor would come out.
  10. U cant have the control points too close to the edge fo the map. Also u have to fix ur init.con Check out this tutorial for more info. http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9320
  11. Thanks. I am working on my own map at the moment. Still lots of work to do.
  12. THis is good. I am using it. Also if u need a beta tester for ur map i will be happy to.
  13. I have a question. If I am making a 2142 map and I want to put in a 16 and 32 layer. Do I have to do this at the beginning or at the end? Also how do I do it. Thanks.
  14. I checked the map and it came up with snow debree. It was white though.... is that overgrowth or undergrowth in there? I'll try puddersnow.
  15. I checked. I extracted those into the editor already but it didnt show one that was really a whitish color. I also cant load the map into the editor without crashing it even though I deleted all of the vehicles.
  16. I can never get it to work!!!!!!! If u want me to give u a map and have u use Tpaint on it please do. I can never get it to work right. Also can u check my texture issue in the main 2142 discussion area? Thanks.
  17. Hey can someone tell me what the main detail texture and main color texture that were used on that map. I love the white snow and want to use it so if someone could let me know that would be great. thanks.
  18. K thanks. I will try again. There has got to be some way though to paint the whole damn map without tpaint in one stroke!!!!!
  19. I have to say I am not that big of a noob. I have gameplayobjects. Do u have to have everythign painted first? I'll upload this and pm u a link.
  20. My newest issue. The editor keeps crashing when I am trying to save my stuff or package it any idea why? EDIT: I am still having issues with spawning check this out.
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