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  1. You want to move a shadow of a static object? Therefore you have to re-render the lightmaps in the editor.
  2. Well, that's what has been said: http://blogs.battlefield.ea.com/battlefiel...229-n-dice.aspx
  3. Which file do you try to import? Remember, you must load the .con - nothing else!
  4. Scopes are trial and error meshes, move and export them until you think it works and looks good. Just import a sniper rifle or one of dice's TOWs to have a look how they did it.
  5. Try an older max version, something like 8 or 9 if you can still find demo versions for it. Do you run a 64bit or a 32bit max? The bf2 tools only support 32bit. My max8 looks almost identical. The design didn't really change in all those years.
  6. Seems like I am the only one who does not want to buy or play it and is not interested at all in BC2 But even if you can crack the stuff, the only thing you probably can do is exchange textures, etc., since dice won't release any server files which makes coding and so forth almost impossible - at least server side so that you can only mod your single-player content. I suppose Battlefield modding ends for me with BF2. I don't think that BF3 (if they really develop it) will be much mod-friendlier than BC2 especially now where EA wants to push the DLC trash even more.
  7. The debugger unfortunately always - or at least pretty often - messes up all the controls. The only way to fix it is to delete your account and retrieve it or to delete your Controls.con and replace it with another one (though I think BF2 will also re-create the file when you launch the game). I've read that setting the controls back to default also works.
  8. I always keep the __PCO on geom2. Dice also did that on any bundled mesh - they never used __Wreck or anything else. If you remove that, I'll guess it won't work and you have to replace the __PCO at least with __SimpleObject. Dice's tanks also kept the turret Rot.bundle.
  9. Yup, looks good. About your question marks: You need your bundle types for geom0 (1p view model) as well as for geom1 (3p view model) or other players can't see you turning and pitching the gun. geom2 is the wreck and thus does not need anything of that because you can't control a wreck.
  10. Also important for vehicles as they use this col mesh to react with the object (like col2, just for vehicles and not for soldiers). So if you want to make a ramp, this is the col mesh you need so that vehicles can ride on it. Note that col3 is only used on statics. Don't forget that lods are not just used on larger distances. lod1 is also the lod0 for players with medium settings. lod2 is the lod0 for players with low graphic settings. You are also not limited to only four lods. You can use less or more. I unfortunately can't remember what the max count was. The extensions are indeed self explanatory. The body of a car for example is the playercontrolobject, as the player controls it. The wheels of a car, steering-wheel and everything else that rotates like gun mounts are rotationalbundles (they rotate). Everything that is a weapon and is supposed to shoot later, no matter if handheld, stationary or a tank cannon, is obviously the gernericfirearm.
  11. LOD means level of detail, the actual meshes of your car. You don't need any lods but lod0 (lodx = name of your mesh, the lod thingy is just a helper, lods must be connected to it) to make the car work properly. But it doesn't make any sense to render all the details of the car when it's half a mile away or something. That's where the additional lods come in handy, so lod1, lod2, etc. Dice suggests: Number of vehicle LOD steps and reduction in poly count. LOD0 100% LOD1 40% LOD2 15% LOD3 2-4% I always reduce 40% - 60% on each lod if possible. Lods also don't make sense when your model is kinda low-poly, so has about 300-500 polygons. When you add lods to those, you rather decrease the performance as the engine has to load all lods and its textures, mip-maps and so on. The BF2/2142 engine can push lots of polys but don't like big textures. But be careful: You can't just use multires on your lod1 and 2 or players with slow computers will complain about it because: Graphic settings high (I think it was the geometry setting): lod0 will be shown when standing in front of the vehicle. medium settings: lod1 will be shown when standing in front of the vehicle. low settings: lod2 will be shown when standing in front of the vehicle. If lod1 and/or 2 don't exist, the game always shows lod0. You can adjust the lod distance for each lod in the editor (geom) or tweak file.
  12. Don't load the mip-maps when you open dds files. Untick that option.
  13. With any paint tool that can read and save .dds, such as photoshop +nvidia dds plugin, or gimp (no idea if that can handle .dds) or paintshop pro, or....
  14. I have all SPs and patches for my max9 installed and it works fine. Didn't the BF2 tools only work with 32bit max? 'Cause you're running the 64bit version.
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