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  1. Outlawz

    Welcome Back Bf2Editor!

    Holy cow, how? Who did it? Thank you! And who's gonna clean up the spambots?
  2. Outlawz

    Crack Texture Won't Export Properly

    Well isn't that 3ds pic basically the same as my 3ds pic?
  3. Outlawz

    Crack Texture Won't Export Properly

    But if you look at the 3ds Max pic, technically I've placed the texture where I want it and everything else on the blank part. It just got more messed up the the second try. I'll try with slices then. edit: still doesn't work, I even separated the materials and only added the mat with crack texture on faces where I want crack texture.
  4. Outlawz

    Crack Texture Won't Export Properly

    Reexported and still won't work. Still looks as it should in 3ds Max.
  5. Outlawz

    Crack Texture Won't Export Properly

    Found the valid shader techniques list. My object had color, detail and crack, which is not a valid technique
  6. This is how my model looks in 3ds, and below is how it looks in editor/bfmeshview. I haven't got a clue what causes this.
  7. anyone know where the lsit of valid material channels is?

  8. Outlawz

    Setting Missile Lifetime

    So what's CRD_NONE?
  9. Outlawz

    Setting Missile Lifetime

    I'm trying to tweak the Eryx missile to die at 600m, but I can't figure out the number of commands that affect the missile's speed. I've been changing the TimetoLive line a lot, but can't get even close with that. Here's the weapon and missile tweaks: rem *** Generated with Bf2Editor.exe [created: 2005/3/29 18:47] GeometryTemplate.maxSkip3pLods 0 GeometryTemplate.setMaterialReflectionScale 0 0 0 0.35 GeometryTemplate.setMaterialReflectionScale 0 0 1 2 GeometryTemplate.compressVertexData 1 GeometryTemplate.maxTextureRepeat 16 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe GenericFireArm chat_eryx ObjectTemplate.creator TLO-1:tlo ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser jsa ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.castsDynamicShadow 1 ObjectTemplate.cullRadiusScale 10 rem ---BeginComp:WeaponHud --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent WeaponHud ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.selectIcon Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\Selection\CHAT_ERYX.tga ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.specialAbilityIcon Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\SpecialKitIcons\antiTank.tga ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.hudName "killed" ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.GuiIndex 0 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.altGuiIndex 58 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.disableOnSprint 1 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:SingleFireComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent SingleFireComp ObjectTemplate.fire.addFireRate 0 ObjectTemplate.fire.projectileStartPosition 0.001/0.05/0 ObjectTemplate.fire.showWeaponAfterReloadDelay 3 ObjectTemplate.fire.dropWeaponAfterFiringDelay 1.5 ObjectTemplate.fire.hideWeaponAfterReloadDelay 2.25 ObjectTemplate.fire.dropWeaponAfterReloadDelay 2.21667 ObjectTemplate.fire.dropLod 3 ObjectTemplate.fire.hideLod 2 ObjectTemplate.fire.busyUntilButtonRelease 1 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultAmmoComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultAmmoComp ObjectTemplate.ammo.ammoType 1 ObjectTemplate.ammo.nrOfMags 1 ObjectTemplate.ammo.magSize 1 ObjectTemplate.ammo.reloadTime 18.75 ObjectTemplate.ammo.minimumTimeUntilReload 1 ObjectTemplate.ammo.autoReload 0 ObjectTemplate.ammo.instantReloadOnEnable 0 ObjectTemplate.ammo.toggleWhenNoAmmo 1 ObjectTemplate.ammo.reloadWithoutPlayer 0 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:SoldierBasedRecoilComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent SoldierBasedRecoilComp rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:SoldierDeviationComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent SoldierDeviationComp ObjectTemplate.deviation.minDev 0.1 ObjectTemplate.deviation.setTurnDev 20 0.78 0.78 0.13 ObjectTemplate.deviation.setSpeedDev 20 .132 .132 0.13 ObjectTemplate.deviation.setMiscDev 20 20 0.2 ObjectTemplate.deviation.devModStand 1 ObjectTemplate.deviation.devModCrouch 0.8 ObjectTemplate.deviation.devModLie 400 ObjectTemplate.deviation.devModZoom 1 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultSoundComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultSoundComp rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultAnimationComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultAnimationComp rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultZoomComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultZoomComp ObjectTemplate.zoom.zoomDelay 1.5 ObjectTemplate.zoom.changeFovDelay 1.5 ObjectTemplate.zoom.zoomLod 1 ObjectTemplate.zoom.addZoomFactor 0 ObjectTemplate.zoom.addZoomFactor 0.405 ObjectTemplate.zoom.mouseSpeedMod 0.5 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:LPTargetComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent LPTargetComp ObjectTemplate.target.maxDistance 9999 ObjectTemplate.target.setTargetAtMaxDistance 1 ObjectTemplate.target.targetSystem TSWireGuided ObjectTemplate.target.connectionEffect e_predatorscope ObjectTemplate.target.targetObjectTemplate UniqueTarget ObjectTemplate.target.connectionEffectOnlyWhenZoomed 1 ObjectTemplate.target.disableGuidanceOnReload 1 rem ---EndComp --- ObjectTemplate.geometry CHAT_ERYX ObjectTemplate.drag 20 ObjectTemplate.mass 100 ObjectTemplate.gravityModifier 4 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0 ObjectTemplate.aiTemplate at_heavy_ai rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_chat_eryx_Fire1P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_chat_eryx_Fire1P_Outdoor ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_chat_eryx_Fire3P ObjectTemplate.setPosition 0/0.04293/0.48837 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_chat_eryx_BoltClick ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_chat_eryx_TriggerClick ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_chat_eryx_SwitchFireRate ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_chat_eryx_Reload1P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_chat_eryx_Reload3P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_chat_eryx_Deploy1P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_chat_eryx_Deploy3P ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_chat_eryx_Zoom ObjectTemplate.addTemplate e_muzz_eryx ObjectTemplate.setPosition 0/0.04293/0 rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.animationSystem1P Objects/Weapons/Handheld/CHAT_ERYX/AnimationSystem1p.inc ObjectTemplate.animationSystem3P Objects/Weapons/Handheld/CHAT_ERYX/AnimationSystem3p.inc ObjectTemplate.projectileTemplate eryx ObjectTemplate.keepProjectiles 15 ObjectTemplate.velocity 18 ObjectTemplate.itemIndex 4 ObjectTemplate.delayToUse 18.75 rem *** Generated with Bf2Editor.exe [created: 2005/4/10 10:26] GeometryTemplate.compressVertexData 1 GeometryTemplate.maxTextureRepeat 16 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe GenericProjectile eryx ObjectTemplate.creator DSU-3:dsu ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser ljo ObjectTemplate.setNetworkableInfo BasicInfo ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.createNotInGrid 1 rem ---BeginComp:DefaultCollisionComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultCollisionComp ObjectTemplate.collision.hasCollisionEffect 1 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultDetonationComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultDetonationComp ObjectTemplate.detonation.explosionMaterial 3706 ObjectTemplate.detonation.explosionRadius 10 ObjectTemplate.detonation.explosionForce 10 ObjectTemplate.detonation.explosionDamage 200 ObjectTemplate.detonation.endEffectTemplate e_exp_medium ObjectTemplate.detonation.useMMOnEndEffect 1 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultProjSoundComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultProjSoundComp rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:SeekClosestTargetComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent SeekClosestTargetComp ObjectTemplate.seek.targetType TTUnique ObjectTemplate.seek.trackingDelay 0.7 ObjectTemplate.seek.maxAngleLock 90 ObjectTemplate.seek.maxDistLock 800 ObjectTemplate.seek.reLockTime 0 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultFollowComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultFollowComp ObjectTemplate.follow.maxYaw 0.5 ObjectTemplate.follow.maxPitch 0.5 ObjectTemplate.follow.changePitch 0.25 ObjectTemplate.follow.changeYaw 0.25 ObjectTemplate.follow.minDist 10 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultPenetrateComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultPenetrateComp ObjectTemplate.penetrate.allowSolidPenetration 0 ObjectTemplate.penetrate.allowLiquidPenetration 0 rem ---EndComp --- ObjectTemplate.geometry eryx ObjectTemplate.setCollisionMesh eryx ObjectTemplate.mapMaterial 0 lambert1 0 ObjectTemplate.drag 7 ObjectTemplate.mass 10 ObjectTemplate.gravityModifier 0 ObjectTemplate.floaterMod 0 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType Point ObjectTemplate.collisionGroups 8 ObjectTemplate.material 3706 rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_eryx_Looping ObjectTemplate.addTemplate e_eryx_trail ObjectTemplate.setPosition 0/0/-0.45 rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.timeToLive CRD_NONE/10/0/0 ObjectTemplate.material 3706 ObjectTemplate.hasOnTimeEffect 1 ObjectTemplate.damageOwner 1 ObjectTemplate.acceleration 175 ObjectTemplate.maxSpeed 245 ObjectTemplate.startDelay 0.2 ObjectTemplate.damage 800 ObjectTemplate.armingDelay 0.63 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_eryx_Looping ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser ljo ObjectTemplate.soundFilename "objects/weapons/armament/missiles/sounds/mono/rocket_engine_start_idle.wav" ObjectTemplate.loopCount 0 ObjectTemplate.is3dSound 1 ObjectTemplate.stopType 0 ObjectTemplate.volume 1 ObjectTemplate.pitch 1 ObjectTemplate.reverbLevel 1 ObjectTemplate.minDistance 6 ObjectTemplate.halfVolumeDistance 30
  10. Outlawz

    Windows Vista/7 And Bf2 Editor

    Bump Running Photoshop, then bfeditor (and closing PS after loading the mod&level, just to be sure) fixes the issue on my side, been doing it for a while, hasn't failed once.
  11. Outlawz

    Windows Vista/7 And Bf2 Editor

    No idea, I got it again.
  12. I've fixed a collision mesh for one of the objects I use on a map and added it along with objects_server.zip in the map's folder, with proper file hiearchy and updated .con and .tweak files for it (serverarchives.con included in map's server.zip to load it ofc). However it doesn't work ingame; it uses the old collision mesh loaded from the main object .zips. I'm guessing map's objects_server doesn't overwrite it somehow . Any ideas?
  13. Outlawz

    Windows Vista/7 And Bf2 Editor

    Sorry if this was already asked, but since I'm on Win 7, I can't drag objects in real time anymore. I select an object in level editor, then drag it, but it won't show it moving until I let go and it snaps to the new position. Any ideas? edit: nevermind, it fixed itself somehow... :S
  14. Outlawz

    Texture Coordinate Errors

    Heh, turns out the object had UVs on different channels which caused the error.
  15. I noticed this one when I imported one of PR trees to make a cluster and out of curiosity I split the model according to materials (bark and leaves) and exported them separately and the error only popped up on the leaves. However the UV coordinates on individual leaves are within 1:1 range and there isn't 1400 leaves in the object. Which leads me to the topic title; I know textures coordinates mean how many times the texture is tiled, but how can something that's not even tiled once have such a large texture coordinate?