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  1. Hmm well I did that (copying info.desc from other maps) but still didn't work, I checked for typos etc..
  2. I know which map it is, but is there a way to somehow regenerate the info.desc or anything?
  3. Yes I am talking about the Info.desc file and NO I do not want the map to be shown in the SP list as there is no SP support for it, what I said was that none of the modes or map types will show up in the menu unless I put "ai=1" in front of the lines which causes CTD when running the map as obviously there is no GPO.con for the single palyer map types. The LayerInit.con file is fine, I didn't change anything, in fact, none of the maps in the mod show up in the menu all of a sudden and I didn't change their info.desc files
  4. I created a map with an info.con with all the map types and game mode lines in it unchanged. They all showed up in the game menu, but when I went playing the map today, only the conquest 16 mode was visible and it caused a CTD due lack of GamePlayObjects.con - I only have a GPO for the conquest 64 - I couldn't figure out what was wrong until I noticed that the line for the cq 16 had the "ai=1" in front of it. I removed that and now even that mode doesn't show up. So in short my map won't shop up in the menus unless I tweak the lines in the info.con to have "ai=1" in front of them which doesn't help as they CTD due no GPO.con The only thing I did to the map besides working on it in the editor was running it with the debugger where the map crashed on Join Game without an explanatory error message.
  5. Can the meshes be hacked with the hex editor? I have some experience with that. Is the atlas immediately necessary? It would be kinda pointless to make one then realize that I need to change the flags or similar.
  6. I would like to add my own faction into the game, but I'm not sure where to start and what I need to do exactly. I know the army is set in map init.con files and the flags go into a directory in menu_client.zip, but I'm not sure what else is there to do. Would be nice if someone listed everything in the correct order Thanks
  7. Found the solution: open the LightmapAtlas.tai file with hex editor and then use the Replace option to change the strings, since there's a string for every single lightmap in there EDIT: You also have to do the same with Overgrowth atlas, Undergrowth atlas and EnvMap.emi
  8. Now I'm getting a CTD due the terraindata still loading lightmaps from the old map, although I changed all the strings...?
  9. heh I'm also using XVI32 and it doesn't seem to work as easy as it does for you EDIT: Bah I ticked off Overwrite under Tools and it's fixed now.
  10. I cloned a map and renamed it, but I get a CTD at 64% when loading it because due the terraindata.raw which keeps loading color, detail, lowdetail and light maps from the original map. I tried using hex editor to rename the string, but due the new map name being just one letter longer than the previous it overwrites the following characters. Is there any way overwrite the strings in terraindata.raw to load files from the cloned map?
  11. Also how do you paste new textures into the channels? It just won't let me do it for some reason.
  12. I tried something similar; a vertical ellipse (which means there was more black on sides than bottom/top) yet the ellipse still got stretched. I'll try again. Yeah if you can tell me how to resize a picture from 800x600 to 512x512 without cutting a part off or ending up with 512x384.
  13. Yes I noticed that the ratio in the texture .dds would be 1:1 (512x512) while in-game it's 4:3 (800x600)
  14. I'm trying to create my own night vision for BF2 SF, however I came across some issues. My texture looks like this However in-game it stretches into an ellipse. (.png file) http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/nat...657ec932639.png I tried fixing it by making the circle a vertical ellipse hoping the game would turn it into a circle, yet it still got stretched.
  15. If there are any pics in that post I can't seem to be able to view them
  16. I finalized the roads, did not fix the issue. However I haven't tried lightmaps yet and I also doubt that will fix it, will try it though along with groundhemi.
  17. You need to adjust the water fog. This is from a map where the water looks very similar to what you seem to want, try it: EDIT: This one could be better:
  18. I made a test map and used it also on several other mods and it comes down to: road on the map = black minimap, no road = minimap fine. So basically any road I place down, turns the minimap black. Just splines don't affect it though
  19. I figured out, that if I have any roads on the map, the minimap renderer goes black, if I delete all the splines, then the minimap is fine. Re-saving detail textures helped, too but as soon as I messed with any of the roads, minimap issue came back.
  20. This happened to me now on a completely new map I started, 1024x2. The last thing I did to it was reseting all the detail layers because they somehow got deleted after I set them the first time, then I generated Terrain lightmaps on Low, then I open this map today and the minimap is black again. Another note is that the last road I placed down, went invisible, but the spline is still there...
  21. No, because it's a 512x2 map, don't need uber-detail minimap..
  22. Terrain height is default and the light settings are mostly blue/white, since it's more of a stormy map. I did somehow manage to get the minimap to render once, but when I clicked Reload it turned black again.
  23. When I turn on the minimap in the editor to render a new minimap, the minimap turns black and stays black and even the actual .dds file that is saved in the maps Editor folder is all black. This only happens on one certain map I'm working on, I checked it on another map and the minimap rendered fine. :/
  24. The Project Reality mod team I found out that relightmapping them separately one by one fixes it, but it's going to take a while..
  25. Hmm I tried adding tags to the kit .con ie. US_Specops_abc, put that into the Objects_server.zip under the correct directory (Kits/US/) then going to the map's init.con and changing the US_Specops to US_Specops_abc and my map still crashes at 14% however the map which also has this done the very same way doesn't. :/ EDIT: I forgot to rename the kit's name in the starting line of the kit's .con file , works now
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