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  1. Well, I fixed it by reinstalling, since it came down to being a mod problem, not map...so :/
  2. Ask PR devs again, I know, they made the 3D map only to render at a certain distance, so you cant see a CP and distance to it, unless youre near it
  3. When you click Start Server to test the map on LAN? lol, I have the same problem, was just going to post...
  4. Dude, when it says to pick a road template, there aint one in the resource tab to choose...I loaded everything in....but still cant make a road, cos there aint a road template there...
  5. Well, Ive just dropped in here....nice site.. I made some maps for BF2, and Im wondering, how do you set them up in the BF2? The game type, map description the background picture....and how do you set up the spinmap in the game? Mines all greyish, geez... Thanks.
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