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  1. I get this weird bug every now and then where I export a static and a face disappears. It's fine in 3ds Max, but looks like this in editor
  2. I fixed the previous one, I had a hidden edge near that face, but I got this again, seems more like a smoothing error, even though it's not visible in 3ds Max. If lightmapped, I get the same crap as in the previous post. It's also only on lod0, but not lod1, even though the area is virtually the same. edit: solved, bad triangulation.
  3. I made a custom guard tower and exported it with LM samples from 3ds max. However while the lightmaps come out fine... ...this one poly on the bottom is messed up. I tried fixing it by generating samples with BFmeshview, but there it came out completely messed up.
  4. Can you add more on projectiles and tracers? Can/how they be changed, where to export/find them...? You can't, you need to change the animation and the weapon model. Technically all sights in BF2 are 3D, but the rear part is HUD texture while the front is an enlarged 3D model of the weapon's sight.
  5. I keep getting this overflow error when I generate samples with Bfmeshview, however it only occurs on lod0 and lod1, maybe lod2. --------------------------- BfMeshView --------------------------- GenBF2Samples Error Code: 2 Overflow ---------------------------
  6. You're a lifesaver CB, I lost the files too Reuploaded to a FTP this time, should not go missing again.
  7. It's not sky settings, I just realized I hadn't compiled colormaps since I started the map (default colormaps are greenish) Case closed I guess
  8. Pretty simple, this is what my map looks like in editor And this is in game Any ideas where the tint comes from?
  9. Sorry to bump this, but I have the exact same problem: I ran a map which previously didn't crash on gpm_coop 64, I have the GPO and AI file in server.zip and the line in .desc file, but the map first crashed at 15% with no error message (in windowed ofc) and now crashes at 0% with the "Unable to find GamePlayObjects.con" error displayed, even though it's bloody there. Any ideas?
  10. Nevermind, guess BaseDetailCrackNCrack isn't a valid technique, adding NDetail texture thus changing the technique fixed it.
  11. I'm working on a custom static and it crashes when I load it into the Object editor due 'invalid texture slot'. What am I doing wrong? Log
  12. init.con You could scale these up, but I think it just multiplies the LOD switch distances. Just add renderer.minCullDistance somewhere in the init.con, it should work in-game, it works through console in debug. You could also extract the .tweak files off all the statics used in your map, up the cull distances and add them to the map via objects_server.zip or alternatively, find a command that scales cull distances globally.
  13. Well, the download in post 82 is down.
  14. lol, that's why I'm asking about this. I also see that the value is like 50/50, that explains my case, I thought it would be something between 0.1 or 1. Maybe using both values also has something to do with this?
  15. Yeah, I got a key too, don't find the beta interesting, it's exactly what the trailer looks like, BF2 stuff with BC2 shaders and gameplay running Karkand 24/7 :/
  16. Does the "ObjectTemplate.MinimapNameOffset" even work? I tried using it and didn't notice the flag name moving anywhere.
  17. The scope can be modeled and is parented to the first person model as a _lod object.
  18. Shotgun Ridge This is a 256x2 map I did pretty quickly for R&R , it's overgrowth heavy with low view distance, I personally had no performance issues. As the description suggests, all of the kits come with either SMGs or shotguns, I stripped the kits of pistols, hand grenades and parachutes, but kept stuff like claymores, medibags, ammo etc. Map comes with SP support and conquest (CQ/COOP/SP1 16) Thanks to imtheheadhunter for letting me use his Pacific skins. Download (22 Mb): http://www.easy-share.com/1912987225/BF2map_shotgun_ridge.zip Pics:
  19. Wait, why would they do that? I could understand shutting down the stats system and ranked server support, but why kill the game off?
  20. You need to add AI to the gunner seat yourself, the Hind was never featured in SP, so it's not supported. Also MEC use the_mi17 or something, not the z8. IIRC Z8 was never featured anywhere either.
  21. Probably not, it's a 5 year old game, but there's tons of tutorials and resources.
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