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  1. The undergrowth meshes and textures are in \Battlefield 2\bf2editor\Content\Terrain\Undergrowth Also there's no need to include being able to paint the undergrowth onto the map terrain, you'd basically be making a secondary editor doing that And don't forget to make the app delete the undergrowth.dat file, since otherwise it overwrites .cfg, you need to recompile that from the editor, unless you can make the app do that.
  2. Undergrowth.con yeah, everything else can be compiled in editor later, it's just editing the .con in editor that causes crashes because working with undergrowth just keeps adding more memory usage til you crash
  3. Hey, anything on that undergrowth app I suggested to you? Could really use something like that
  4. You can cut down the work there by doing it like PR did, just model the kit geometries and keep the soldiers (ofc retexture them), that way you won't need to model new ones and rig them for 3p animation, which I believe is a monstrous task and pretty redundant when you already have perfectly animated soldiers.
  5. Geez someone edit his post and put the wall-o-text into a code box instead of quote.
  6. Dirt is better than sand, since vehicles driving over sand leave a huge dust cloud behind them.
  7. Does it crash when you start the map or when you finish loading and join the game? Did you set up a GPO ie. flags, spawn points?
  8. Taraba Quarry full sized SP support I was searching for this and found an archived thread on it at BFSP forums, however the download link was long dead, so I finally got around to making my own. I didn't spend much time on it, but it seems to work well with a truck load of waypoints between SAs, didn't notice bots dying off, but vehicles sometimes get abandoned when bots drive them off-road. There's also a full-sized CA for jets so you can fly around freely, but aircraft seem to spazz out at 500m, dunno what's with the map. Had to move a few vehicle spawns including the jets, so bots could take off and added two new flags in the ghost areas that are outside the combat zone on CQ 32. It's pretty action packed with lots of armor and jeeps driving around and jets spice it up, too. Download (7.8 Mb) http://www.2shared.com/file/8jI5u1ov/taraba_quarry_spcoop64.html
  9. Can I use this by myself on LAN/SP games?
  10. I think Devilman is trying to point out that you can have the high-poly cockpit for the 1p model and a low-poly one for the 3p
  11. When I imported the static and unwrapped channel 5, the UVs were fine, they just looked like a mess in BFmeshview's UV editor. Couldn't you add some kind of a 'flatten mapping' option to BFmeshview to get over this?
  12. FileFront is still hanging off mid-upload, so had to upload v1.1 to Megaupload again. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4Q5PZNER Fixes: -fixed misplaced undergrowth -fixed the gap at South Bridge CP -fixed two misplaced objects -changed one of the detailtextures
  13. The 3D M16A2 front sight looks soooo much better than the fat sight LOD one that's in Bf2 right now, makes you think your eyes are glued to the weapon somewhere above the barrel when looking at it.
  14. Yes it is, though keep it a few below that just to be sure.
  15. So smaller res atlas increases the number of atlases? I though the number remained the same, but all the lightmaps would get halved in resolution and look worse depending on objects.
  16. is there a good way to make roads like these on Bf2 maps, ie. worn out, used etc. I'm impressed with the feel roads like this give away and want to do that on my maps, but don't know how. I tried painting roads with a brush in editor and it didn't come out exactly believably looking and no idea how to do it in Photoshop either, the road textures like skidmarks and oil stains look good to a point, but still way too "clean". Or does anyone know how DiCE might have done this?
  17. They are all lightmapped, but at really bright settings. I kinda hate daytime maps that are LM'd so dark you can't see anything when you're in a shadowed area, makes no sense to me
  18. Don't use 8 GILights, which is the default, it's a calculating nightmare for the CPU. I use just one and with toplight on that makes it two, which is good enough and I generally can lightmap everything overnight. You just need to crank up GIFill and Toplight intensity to make up for the darker shadows and it looks just as good, in fact all my maps are lightmapped this way, (see Final showcase forum) if you want to check them out. You can press Esc to cancel LM generation btw I'm on this Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+, MMX, 3DNow (2 CPUs), ~2.0GHz Memory: 3072MB RAM Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT (512Mb) Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.090206-1233)
  19. You can actually get through there though known, will release a 1.1 that fixes this and some other stuff.
  20. Great tips so far, ty ty Beex, I take you model that by extruding? One question; how do I set up my Material editor so I can put in stuff like Alpha, Envmap.. techniques ie.
  21. I've been trying to model some statics for a while and I always mess up IMO, so I've been wondering if anyone has any workflow tips on modeling statics for BF2, ie. setups, what to look out for, how to make stuff simpler and easier for when you texture/do LODs, cols etc. any tips would be helpful.
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