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  1. mods/bf2/objects_server.zip, Kits/whatever team you want/, edit with a text editor like Notepad, it's pretty straight forward, but make sure you don't use two weapons with the same itemIndex (ie. M24 and M95 in the same sniper kit) as it will crash your game. itemIndex is simply put the number you select the weapon with (M24 and M95 both have it set as '3', so that would conflict).
  2. The amount of players spawning on a spawn is distributed among the spawn points, so for example if there are 32 players and only one spawn point, all 32 will spawn there in a huge group And yes all players can spawn at a spawn point, you don't need one for each possible player You should still place a reasonable amount of spawns points at each CP to prevent the spawns getting blocked (usually happens if there's only a few and they're close together, a vehicle driven in between them can block the spawn, but you can prevent that by enabling allowSpawnclosetoVehicle in the tweak bar) and to prevent the spawns being easy to camp and/or obvious. I recommend that you try to place spawns outside the capture zone (it's annoying when for example you're capping a flag and someone spawns on top of you) and in cover/closed spaces, like behind walls or in a bush etc., spawning in the open is really awful tbh.
  3. Uploaded to MegaUpload, link added
  4. lol, msch I know that, but isn't there an easier way to do this? The num entry would be pretty much guesswork for every object if for example I wanted to make a long railway like on Oman
  5. Still, how do you align something so seamlessly?
  6. I've changed the map a bit, there's no attack helicopters and there's a few extra buildings I added and one area I had to rework, I kept the original compiled roads and CP names, not sure about BF2-only users but the localization seems to work, at least for me, but I have BF2SF localization files and as always fully relightmapped and renavmeshed, this time also coming with SP mode for those who are too lazy to use COOP otherwise the map is fun and action packed Extract and put the folder into Battlefield 2/mods/bf2/levels/ Download (21.7 Mb) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q1LUKQX7 Pics: http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g214/privateLoL/screen957.jpg http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g214/privateLoL/screen956-1.jpg http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g214/privateLoL/screen955-1.jpg http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g214/privateLoL/screen954.jpg
  7. One thing I haven't figured out yet ever since I've been working with bFeditor and BF2 maps is getting objects to align to each other perfectly outside of aligning them on the grid or "non-orthodox" angles. I've checked out Gulf of Oman and the train tracks there align seamlessly along with all the poles and cables near the track and the tracks angle is at 57.2. How did they do this?
  8. Don't be hard on yourself, over half of PR's download size actually consists of maps (we have a hard on for big maps that reach up to and over 100 Mb each ), not content.
  9. edit: nvm, fixed it, the tweak files got overwritten and the proper code was gone, hence crash
  10. I'm using the Euro force windmills on a map and the object files are packed in a mod, not the map, however the map crashes at 30% due this Any ideas?
  11. Hm, are you saying that once someone started a mod with a certain idea, nobody else should be allowed to make another? If that's the case, then we shouldn't have more than one WW2 mod, because if there's more, we'll end up with mods having weapon models that look exactly the same, which is nothing you can do about, unless you either make a fantasy WW2 mod where MP40 has a scope and grenade launcher attached, so it won't look like the MP40 in the other mod, or rewrite history...?
  12. I generated samples using this tool for a few statics from both BF2 and the 1.5 booster packs (ones that don't have samples avaiable) and the samples keep coming out screwed up, I get a 'bad faces' error on every generation and also the 'fix samples' doesn't work for me, it keeps giving the 'no samples loaded' error even when I load samples in.
  13. Well I managed to lightmap the previous map in question just fine, it's one particular object that drives me insane, it's lightmap textures are completely blue, the object is dark with no sun on it in editor and completely screwed up in-game. And it kinda looks like it's loading an atlas for its lightmaps, since I recognize lightmaps belonging to other objects on the same map
  14. I thought Catbox started it with 'cool map'
  15. Yes, clearing the channel 9 got rid of the problem, however I didn't import anything, there's no such shaped static in Bf2 in the first place.
  16. Not bad, you seem to have broken the ice with mapping.
  17. I modeled this simple wall static in 3ds Max and can't figure out why the lightmaps get screwed up when I generate them in editor. I used Auto for LM size in export, so I tried with setting sizes manually and also unwrapped the UVs on channel 9 a couple of times, all I did was move the black and white spots around, object still came out screwed up. It is a large low poly object, so I tried by dividing it into smaller polygons, didn't help. Any ideas?
  18. I increased the hotspot value, did nothing, though an object in the very middle of the map LMd ok this time, but rest are still fudged up, only thing that changed is that they come out all blue instead of black :/ I tried moving the sunlight further away, didn't help. edit: bah I think i had mention this, but there is something wrong with the particular object I'm LMing in 3ds. I LM'd several next to it and they came out fine, there's nothing wrong with my settings, its the frigging object. edit2: I unwrapped UVs on channel 9, flattened them and collapsed the modifier, then LMd that object again, LM came out fine. edit3: Lm came out fine when I took a peek at it in photoshop, but came up screwed up in editor when I loaded the map to check it. Also LMing all lod0s to check how Lms would come out for all the objects resulted in random LMs again, some screwed up and some working and most not showing up in editor.
  19. Yes, its a 4km, no its not near the map edges and yes I rendered both sky and sun..
  20. 3ds max 9, I was in smooth+highlights view and could see the objects shadowed/lit up. edit: I could somehow LM objects from another map, no issues whatsoever, but the current objects Im trying to LM all come out black regardless of settings. edit: there is something wrong with the object I did my test runs on, i LMd another in the same scene and LMs came out fine :/ edit: actually, after a full run theres a couple of object LMs that arent screwed up, but rest are
  21. I can't figure out how, but all my lightmaps come out completely black in the temp folder regardless of what settings I used...help?
  22. init.con in server.zip...
  23. I registered and posted on your forum, I see that it's pretty much haunted with recent posts being months ago
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