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  1. Is it possible to somehow force all destructible objects on a map to be killed in-game with some script, command or .con file? And could it be done specifically for a game mode?
  2. Well I can't bring up the editor window once it loads and starts unless I don't minimize it, I 'fixed' it by sawing off half the navmesh, then it took four minutes to save. Thanks for the info though, good to know.
  3. Well yeah I did copy the AI folder before I exported GTSData here's my ai file
  4. I've navmeshed a map, the mesh came out rather large and after it was done, it had the BFeditor open forever saving the QTR stuff. I aborted it, fixed the navmesh and used fixNavmesh.bat again and it's again taking forever to save and it says 'does not respond' in task manager, then again it always says that when saving QTR so I'm not sure if it really needs forever to save or there's something wrong. Any input?
  5. Bump, 1 download? Can someone move this to Final showcase?
  6. Uh if people really think there's a server where they can have 0 ping, then they must be extremely naive Anyway shouldn't someone at least notice that it's not really a 0 ping server and that the ping there could probably be worse than on your server? Looking at your sig, maybe they changed the mod a bit, like setting spawn times very low etc. I know in Project Reality tons of new players got lured to modded servers where they had unlimited jets and kits and barely anyone played the proper mod until they introduced a server license which forbid modding (unless the server is pw'd)
  7. Bump Map released, see OP for download.
  8. Hm , is there a way to set this or are you just referring to selecting a bunch of objects and generate LMs for those, then the rest etc.?
  9. Bump again What could be the cause for a memory error while lightmapping? I'm LMing a map with 4000+ objects (dunno if thats counting OG) on Final and it crashed at around 350 objects. I've (still) got 3 Gb of RAM.
  10. I had statics that mesh fine turn to bounding boxes before, too. I find that it's probably something that intersects with the object, but not sure.
  11. Thanks But what about EU flags?
  12. Here's a small 1km map I've been working on, I thought I'd release it soon, but it could use more detail and such, so it'll stay on my HDD for now The short comical story behind the name: Released Download: http://www.filefront.com/15977407/op_candybay.zip Comes with Conquest&Coop support for all sizes and a 16 SP mode. The "newest equipment", modded some of the kits. Map
  13. Well, so how do you do the red lines and where do you get good looking CP flags from?
  14. Are there any tools or templates which I could use to create standard BF2 map overviews like this below, I'd like them to look professional instead of Photoshopped minimaps or game screens.
  15. Well so far I saw the bots abandoning the jeeps on the vehicle points and the APCs would ignore the CP and go kill stuff.
  16. clive, read the last line Not sure about that removed CP, the positions were on the mesh, however most of the flags are in areas inaccessible to vehicles so the vehicle positions are near the CP, could that cause issues?
  17. I did a new GPO; well I removed the CP where the game crashed and it worked, no more crashing, however after first 3 mins of the game bots started camping, just sitting at a flag and not moving anywhere. Two US squads went to the next flag and just sat near it, but not on it while the rest of the US sat at the first CP. The entire MEC team seemed to have also been sitting at one CP in the middle of the map with like 2-3 bots attacking at most. Maybe this is some SA/navmesh problem? I can't really post the stuff on the Cp I removed since I lost now when I overwrote the files. I moved the infantry position for the CP bots were stuck at and bot camping stopped, map works flawlessly now, though I still want to add back the removed CP.
  18. Eh, that means you need to pack the content into your map and increase its size 10x times, when you could just reference it from the already existing files. Did you pack them into the server.zip? Maybe try this fileManager.mountArchive levels/yourmap/Booster_client.zip Objects If you're running the map under a custom mod, add these lines to mod's client and server archives.con fileManager.mountArchive Booster_client.zip Objects fileManager.mountArchive Booster_server.zip Objects
  19. Just to clarify, yes I am running in windowed mode and no I'm not running debugger because its fubar'd. I'll try with a new GPO and see if the crash repeats. I am running with custom kits in objects_server.zip; I changed the primary weapons of some kits to spice up the gameplay, however I did run with regular kits too and it also crashed then.
  20. Well it's almost the whole map and I'm on a 2 Ghz dual core CPU.
  21. Add a server and clientarchives.con to your map loading files from booster.zips ie.
  22. Hmm, this might be something else, I did remove the spawn points off the flag (still kept it team2) and without MEC or US capturing it, game crashed, about 2 minutes into the round. It also crashed 2 minutes into the round before. Last time I had this it was a memory error (back when debug used to work ) and removing chunks of mesh to downsize it fixed it, however this is a 1 Km city map and the navmesh is smallish; only took 6 hours to generate. Could anyone take a look at this map?
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