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  1. The CP doesn't spawn any vehicles and if it was an unsupported vehicle, I'd get the message above. Which I don't so it isn't. edit: I tried with setting the CPs team to team2, so US would start with it capped. Map worked fine til MEC captured it, then US bots recaptured it and it crashed again. I'd really like to find out whats going on here because one of the PR coop servers has similar issues with a few of PR's coop supported maps, the server just crashes when one team captures a CP.
  2. I don't know how this happens, but I've got a small navmeshed map where I crash whenever one of the CPs gets captured. The game starts normal, the CP in question gets captured by MEC first cos they get there first, then when I or US bots capture it, game CTDs without an error 2 seconds later.
  3. So uh oh, how would I LM the lights then? Um don't know any. Well I know there's glow effects on Sharqi, but I won't see lightmaps when I open the map because I obviously don't have the objects lightmaps. I checked Sharqi's atlases and they looked the same as mine, blueish with red spots where the glow effects are. edit: I had SinglePointColor set to pitch black, thats why the lights didn't show up, I changed the color and they show up
  4. I'm using a glow effect inside one of those simple rooms in vBF2 statics. I'm using the houselight_big effect and when I place it in the editor, the glow shows, however once I lightmap the static, the glow disappears, even after I reload the map. I generated an atlas and packed the map and it doesn't show in-game either, however I checked the atlas in Photoshop and there's a red spot on the texture where the glow is, dunno if that means anything. So how do you get glow effects to work with lightmaps?
  5. So does that also go for memory crashes? Or would "skipping" just mean "yeah we're ok with you crashing" and crash?
  6. Fair enough, and what do you need to modify on the heli?
  7. Bump I know I'm necroing this, but has anyone ever tried lightmapping with 'Ignore Asserts' command turned on? What would it do?
  8. What controls the height AI will be flying helicopters at? I've got a coop map with helicopters and the bots always fly the helicopters ~50m above terrain and I'd like to make them fly higher.
  9. I recompiled everything (saved terrain and ticked off all the appropriate boxes) and it disappeared, but when I hand painted a small area these edges started showing at the edge of the painted area until I went over it. Really hope it's just the LMs though I got another map with this issue, I'll LM a section there and see if it goes away edit: it's a LM bug
  10. Couldn't find anything on this, I repainted my map with TPaint and got these black lines in editor, while in-game the first layer (rock/slope texture) was missing, was just black. I repainted it and still got these in the editor. Why does this happen and how do I fix it?
  11. Damnit, and I've been using Terragen all this time, generating random terrain and hoping for something good, when I could have used this *bangs head against wall* Will defo try soon
  12. Outlawz

    The Crater

    What software did you use for the terrain?
  13. No we don't, it's been 8 seconds to fully settle (meaning after 8 secs you should have max accuracy to snipe across PR's vast maps) since 0.809 (September 2008), the only thing that got changed was the reload and firing animation. Also the breathing sound is actually the fire mode change sound (since you activate it by pressing 3), but 8 seconds long; since sniper rifles can't change firing modes, it works fine as it is there.
  14. I checked the GPO, all activeSafe lines are the same as create Objectspawner :/ Map works only if I remove all objectspawners, when I leave only one type of spawner, CTDs on spawn
  15. I CTD on Join game when running my map and I got this message from debug, I can't figure out what it is related to It sounds like a nonexistant vehicle, but all the vehicles I'm using work on other maps and show up in editor, don't cause editor crashes...
  16. http://photos.smugmug.com/photos/791747713_H5DYX-O.jpg I think the above is actually misaligned terrain lightmaps, not colormaps. (the shaded/bright line) I did saw when playing a scale 4 map after first saving the color and detail to paint the roads, that there was no or very little misalignment, but it started occurring after I saved for the second and third time since I placed down more roads that needed to be painted.
  17. I've got a minor issue on a SP map for PR, I have 8 flags, each team starts with 3, leaving 2 neutral. All flags have spawn points, but only the main base flags have the assets (apcs, helis, tanks) and the US team always spawns at the base taking the vehicles however they do not spawn at the other two flags they own, while the Russian team spawns at the flags but not the base and goes on foot and they only start spawning at the base and bringing vehicles into the fight once US push them to the 6th flag and stop after they push back, while the US always has some bots that bring helis or apcs into the fight. Now I could fix this by making all the flags neutral besides the base flags, but is there a way to motivate bots somehow? I tried with increasing the SA temperature for Russian base, but bots still didn't spawn at it on start.
  18. Yeah I figured also my mountArchive line works perfectly fine, berger
  19. Solved, sorta. I forgot about something; I wanted to load the original client.zip, but I also made some light setting changes and wanted to load the new minimap in a client.zip, so basically I was loading two client.zips, which didn't work out...hm is there any way to load the client.zip then the changes you made to certain files in it on top?
  20. I've got a BF2 map, Op Road Rage in Project Reality mod (modified for PR ofc) and I'm only using the Info and server.zip files and I want to load the client.zip from BF2, but can't. I've set up a ClientArchives.con with this line ,however map CTDs at 0% saying there's no GPO to be found, I'm suspecting it somehow tries to load the BF2 server.zip since I'm running it on gpm_coop/64 which doesn't exist in BF2 I added a line into ServerArchives.con that pointed to the map's server.zip in the PR directory trying to counter this, but didn't work out. If I copy in the client.zip from BF2, it loads and works fine. If I remove the line in Clientarchives, it loads the map to 13% then CTDs presuming because it can't find the client files. So how can I get this to load the client.zip from BF2
  21. Eh oops, found the issue, stopType needs to be set to 0.
  22. Wasn't sure if this belongs here or the Sounds forum. I've got a map with two ambient sounds, one covers the whole map and the other covers a 12m radius and plays a small easter egg song I placed into the map files. Now my issue is that if I get inside the easter egg song sound radius, when I leave it the sound doesn't stop at all and keeps on playing even though I'm out of the radius together with the other sound. If I get back into the radius, I trigger it again and get the same song played twice and it just doesn't stop regardless if I teamswitch, go on the other side of the bloody map or even if I restart the map. Happens both in the editor and in the game. Heres the code, I unpacked&opened Strike at Karkand to see how the sounds are set up there and they all use minDistance while the radius is set to 0, so I set it up the same way, except on S@K when I left the radius of a small sound it stopped playing, on my map it doesn't. rem [SoundObjectTemplate: S_AmbientRU] ObjectTemplate.create Sound S_AmbientRU ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_AmbientRU ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "marko" ObjectTemplate.isNotSaveable 1 ObjectTemplate.lowSamples 2147483647 ObjectTemplate.mediumSamples 2147483647 ObjectTemplate.soundFilename "levels/plains/sounds/rubase.ogg" ObjectTemplate.loopCount 1 ObjectTemplate.is3dSound 0 ObjectTemplate.stopType 1 ObjectTemplate.volume 0.32 ObjectTemplate.pitch 1 ObjectTemplate.pan 0.5 ObjectTemplate.reverbLevel 0 ObjectTemplate.volumeEnvelope 0/1/0/1/0/5/0.081/0.604/0/0.335/0.576/0/0.513/0.513/0/0.843/0.541/0/0.97/0.571/0/ ObjectTemplate.position 1846/11/1720 ObjectTemplate.minDistance 25 Sound.addTrigger S_AmbientRU rem [SoundObjectTemplate: S_AmbientDefault] ObjectTemplate.create Sound S_AmbientDefault ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_AmbientDefault ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "marko" ObjectTemplate.isNotSaveable 1 ObjectTemplate.lowSamples 2147483647 ObjectTemplate.mediumSamples 2147483647 ObjectTemplate.soundFilename "common/sound/levelambients/songhua_stalemate/forest_01.ogg,common/sound/levelambients/daqing_oilfields/do_forest.ogg" ObjectTemplate.loopCount 0 ObjectTemplate.is3dSound 0 ObjectTemplate.stopType 1 ObjectTemplate.volume 0.3 ObjectTemplate.pitch 1 ObjectTemplate.pan 0.5 ObjectTemplate.reverbLevel 0 ObjectTemplate.volumeEnvelope 0/1/0/1/0/6/0.061/0.431/0/0.452/0.533/0/0.739/0.548/0/0.805/0.406/0/0.891/0.404/0/0.962/0.447/0/ ObjectTemplate.position 0/49.269/0 ObjectTemplate.minDistance 2850 Sound.addTrigger S_AmbientDefault
  23. I already posted a log error on the first page, post 11 http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?s=&am...ost&p=95249 Makes no sense of course, especially because that file and codeline aren't missing, so why the heck can't the editor find it...
  24. Well..what else could have gone wrong? The only thing I haven't checked yet are the .dmp files created at the crash, I opened them in Notepad but didn't find anything specific and also got Windows debugger which also doesn't seem to be able to read them.
  25. Meh, I cleaned out some folders and got to 37/149 Gb space and it still crashed, I swear I created maps with less space before. I can't think of a reason, I still have 3 Gb of RAM etc. ...there was also the thing with Apply splines fucking up the map terrain or create very rough terrain underneath the road instead of the smooth one....apparently also a memory issue and it didn't occur only on a few random maps ... why the heck is this happening?
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