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  1. I have a mod demo version all set ready to go except for a custom map. Mod is vehicle based and I'm looking for a map which would suit. Preferably complete with SP Support if possible. I don't mind if its been released elsewhere. If you have a map you'd like to share with the community pleasae let me know. More info on the mod can been found http://marauders.totalbf2.com
  2. Many Thanks but with all the other problems (max etc etc etc) I've gone back to XP. Now the export tools have problems in max 9. Solved the one about creating the folders first but still others. Man it never ends lol.
  3. So I get my new pc and discover the editor won't run under Vista. It says it needs 9c Directx and gives up. Is this just me or is there a fix.
  4. We will not be in competition with anyone. My idea has a lot more in common with the now defunked IS82 mod. Mod does not take place after a holocaust nor is it to be set in a wasteland. I have some content almost ready for viewing and would love to here from any skinners to get the first couple of vehicles finished. Finally found a new name for it as well. Its gonna be called - Marauders -. I believe this name better describes the idea and mod.
  5. I know cheese very well, he is gonna be coding for us. Road Warrior is just a working title till I think of something better. Our content will be much more like IS82 mod and nothing like Nations at war. Most of the Examples are just ideas of the top of my head except for the Vigilantes and Bulldogs, those vehicles are in production and I'll be showing proper content once we're ready. Unless your from UK its likely you won't know what a Trotters Robin is but you'll see, it will be a lot of fun.
  6. Ok So here's a mod idea for ya. IS82 meets Mad Mad. Vehicle based mod, no soldiers, aircraft, no tanks, armoured cars or anything else. Rough Idea for Vehicle Classes Recon - Fast, lightly armoured, light weaponry Patrol - Med speed, armour etc Aggressor - Med speed, med armour, heavy weapon Defenderor - Mde speed, Med weapons, re-supply, Repair etc.. Examples Team - Vigilantes (Ex Police and Army personnel) Recon - Ex Police trike Patrol - Ex Police Car Aggressor - Ex Army Hummer Defender - Ex Army BigFoot Team - BullDogs (British Based Team) Recon - Trotters Reliant Robin Patrol - Lotus 7 (Prisoner Fame) Aggressor - Land Rover Discovery Defender - Bedford RL Team - Convicts (Aussies) Recon - Patrol - Mad Max Pursuit Special Aggressor - Last V8 Defender - Team - LA Outlaws (Hollywood Based team) Recon - Chips Bike Patrol - General Lee Aggessor - Batmobile Defender - A Team If anyone likes the sound of the above, contact me via a pm for even more info etc Currently we have modeller, uvmapper, and coder so lookig for rest to get this moving alonjg with new blood to expand. Wach outfor full news relas coming in next week or two, once we get som stuff 100% finished to shoiw off.
  7. I'm looking for a talented mapper to be one 1/2 of a custom map team. Creating custom maps complete with all manor of custom objects/vehicles/planes etc etc. I can model/skin/code etc just need a like minded mapper. With a view to possibly starting a new mod.
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