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  1. How did rhino use wireframe mode in game? and what other things can you do ingame to help with modding?
  2. No worries, your response was great, and I agree with everything you said. I tend to enjoy the teamwork MP myself, but I have experienced the crap you mentioned. With that said, your mod is one of the best and I look forward to any of your future SinglePlayer endeavors.
  3. Yes he did, here it is --> SATNAV BF2 Dynamic Objects 2007
  4. Why do you dislike MP so much? bad experience? bad internet?
  5. Well I'd prefer for bundlemeshes to have it on the same texture, but I'm just trying to understand Cassio's post. Do you get the best envmap reflections without a yourtexture_b? or did he mean no alpha in the _b?
  6. so when it comes to glass, or cockpit glass, its best to have seperate _c textures for it but dont give it normal maps?
  7. Alright, note to self: don't use BaseDetailNDetailparallaxdetail @ clivewil: Thank you for the info.
  8. there is one, but its for a static mesh. Its the texture for the sandbags. located: EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Objects\staticobjects\military\textures\military_obj_01_de.dds located: EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Objects\staticobjects\military\textures\military_obj_01_deb.dds The alpha for the detail appears to be a specular map But the alpha in the normal map appears to look like a Ambient Occlusion and not specular; as the 2 alpha's are completely different from eachother. A lot of things DICE does is very inconsistent. But how do you make your textures when you are texturing your jets? I know that you will take your rendered ambient occlusion map and put it onto your color in photoshop. But what about these alpha channels? do you use a spec map for both, always use 2048 x 2048, etc.
  9. After viewing some textures from Bundlemeshes of other mods; to learn and help me understand some procedures I noticed that there is an Alpha channel thats being used in the normal map file for vehicles, tanks and jets. Now I realized that the colormap for Bundlemeshes can have an Alpha channel; this channel is the Specular Map. But what is the Alpha map do or used for in the normal map?
  10. Thats awesome. Everything about it looks great except the bombs would be more closer together when they drop. Think water falling out of the plane.
  11. Yes! thats what I ment, I forgot that it is also called a tooltip. I don't call it a tooltip when I use it for extended menues, so I sometimes forget that its technically a tooltip styled window. Oh and thanks for the info on Secret Garden. I didn't know who they were until now. My favorite song that I found was Secret Garden - Windancer I suppose at this point almost anything is possible in bf2 through the confines of ActionScrip 2.0 What about your standard animating transitions? like an animating movie clip. Like when you put the mouse over top of the Server list Object, having 3 or 4 tooltips animating from the left and right and sliding to the location of your current tooltip in the video. Something that would be relevant in Project Reality would be having a bunch of flash "world clocks" showing accurate times around the word based on the users current computer time. This is all really exciting and I wish I had more time to also work on flash menus
  12. Hey that's really cool mccae. I never thought to have a video player that you can control. nice! I notice when you click on the server, you made it where you have to click a mouse button to open a dynamic window. Is it possible to have a RollOver event? and have a window pop-up just on rolling your mouse over an object? I realize this might not be possible when clicking the server because there will be a delay when bf2 trys to get server info. But what about other parts in bf2? Here's an example of what I mean: heres a random WoW guild template site: http://demo.guildhosting.org/index.php?jos...rk&Itemid=1 on the right side of the website, scroll down until you see Raid Loot Then move your mouse over top of the links in the Raid Loot Box. p.s. The video you have playing in bf2, whats the name of the girl singing? is there a youtube video of her singing?
  13. actually the fog in bf2 is not as bad as people think, most bad fog exists in DICE's maps. In the editor you can choose the start for fog 0%, and the full cut off where fog is 100%. In DICE's maps the start and stop/full ranges for the fog are too close together. So for example, in the sky.con of Gulf of Oman; near the bottom: Renderer.fogStartEndAndBase 0.00/450.00/0.25/0.50 yet Gulf of Oman's Max View Distance is 400. There is only a 50 view distance for fog to blend from clear view to pure fog, which is actually not a lot. If you increase the distance of these core values you can achieve more of an eery swamp fog, almost like the silent hill games inwhere you can see buildings and mountains through the fog almost like there's a bloom effect, yet it still looks kind of crappy cause its bf2. So for example have a view distance of 800 and a Renderer.fogStartEndAndBase of 400 and also play with some of the other fog values, I think thats how it works :/ And then it will take almost 400 viewdistance to go from 0% fog to 100% fog. mountains will look misty in the background
  14. oh I didn't mean it like that. It just sounded like you didn't care much for mccae's work D: and this thread just reminded me of how cool it would be if mods like PR had menus of guns and vehicles and their abilities or stats; explaining how to best use them and giving a little history to the weapons. Strangely most people don't go to PR's 'Guide' to learn how to play the game, training servers help but I guess you can never fix stupid people Lol. Anyway I worded it wrong in my post and started off on the wrong foot trying to inspire you. fail
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