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  1. Greetings from Russia! We are working to advance on Russia Fashion Real War (http://rockets-bf.ru http://rockets-clan.ru). Not long ago we saw your card Val Fleury. It is well done. Would you like to cooperate with us so that we promote your other cards on the Russian playing field?

    If our proposal you will be interested, contact us please at vostok3bit@rambler.ru or vostok3bit@rockets...

  2. MAJORmk

    Modded Aix Littlebird

    Balls of steel ! We need a pic of this firing !
  3. MAJORmk

    Aix Destroyable Enviroment

    Timber !!!! Great Work !
  4. MAJORmk

    [map] Harbor (bfp2)

    Wow ! Very nice work !
  5. MAJORmk

    A Different Sort Of Enter/eject System

    This is a great idea, but I'm sure it would become annoying very quickly (like it is in FC2, or like realistic ideas).
  6. MAJORmk

    Val Fleury

    Make a screenshot
  7. MAJORmk

    Everthing Needed In Battlefield 3

    In BF3, a system should ask the player to download a custom map or a new patch or a mod update when connecting a server. Battlefield series never add this Wake up DIce !
  8. MAJORmk

    Val Fleury

    I think the game was released in 2005, I started the map in summer 2006 and stop working on it maybe 3 monthes after. But when I saw the DCon mod was about to be released I decided to start working again on it for BF2 then for DCon. So this is not a 2 years full time dev
  9. MAJORmk

    Val Fleury

    Thanks ! Of course you can ! Really ?! I've never seen it before. It was the early begining of the map (2006) So this is an idea from the collective unconscious ^^ Of course you can use the underground idea
  10. MAJORmk

    Val Fleury

    You can find some screenshots here : http://major.mk.online.fr/Val_Fleury/ Videos here and there. Val Fleury for BF2 vanilla : http://major.mk.online.fr/Val_Fleury/versi..._Setup_v0.9.exe Al Fleury for DCon : http://major.mk.online.fr/Val_Fleury/version/Val_Fleury.zip