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  1. I know that I need to parent the 3 collision meshes under "nonvis_", but I've followed your tutorial and your heirachy tutorial but I still don't understand how to parent an object under another. I think that I might need a detailed explanation on that part... Thanks for helping! btw. stickman, thanks for the tutorial /// simon.blom
  2. UPDATE - DON'T FORGET TO READ MY PREVIUS REPLY! I tried to put the box on a map and it works!!! Here are some things I noticed: 1. It's bad "grafic/quality" on my box, why? 2. It looks like my box have no collision meshes becouse I can shoot and walk through it. I think it's becouse I didnt't set up my "hiearchy" correct? 3. In the editor the object still don't have any "hasCollisionPhysics" and I still can't change "mapMaterials". Help? Don't forget to look at my previus reply - this is just an update! Thanks for helping!
  3. I just thought that dice used maya when they created bf2... ------------------------------------------------ Max: I've followed your tutorial about the static object, and I will try again, but first I need help with 2 things that I didn't understand the first time: 1. I didn't understand how to "parent" my collision meshes under the lod0. Can you please explain that to me? Here's a picture of my current hierachy for myBox: 2. I also had some problems with the texturing. I managed to "add material to selection", but the thing about "adding material to each face" was also hard and I think that I didn't do it correctly. Thanks for helping!
  4. hi stickman I tried to import the maya file. It shows up the editor and the editor imports it, but in some crazy was the maya file just disappears and I can't find it anywhere in the editor... Here's the code from the import: ******* Import Started ******* execute: maya/mparser60.exe "C:/Program/Battlefield 2/bf2editor/rawdata/objects/staticobjects/temple_steps/temple_steps.mb" Copy failed. Could not find generated file: bf2editor\rawdata\objects\staticobjects\temple_steps\meshes\temple_steps.collisionmesh Copy failed. Could not find generated file: bf2editor\rawdata\objects\staticobjects\temple_steps\meshes\temple_steps.samples Copy failed. Could not find generated file: bf2editor\rawdata\objects\staticobjects\temple_steps\meshes\temple_steps.staticmesh Copy failed. Could not find generated file: bf2editor\rawdata\objects\staticobjects\temple_steps\temple_steps.con Copy: [bf2editor\rawdata\objects\staticobjects\temple_steps\textures\temple_steps_c.dds] -> [mods\bf3\objects\staticobjects\temple_steps\textures\temple_steps_c.dds] done. Copy: [bf2editor\rawdata\objects\staticobjects\temple_steps\textures\temple_steps_de.dds] -> [mods\bf3\objects\staticobjects\temple_steps\textures\temple_steps_de.dds] done. Copy: [bf2editor\rawdata\objects\staticobjects\temple_steps\textures\temple_steps_deb.dds] -> [mods\bf3\objects\staticobjects\temple_steps\textures\temple_steps_deb.dds] done. ******* Import Error ******* ******* C:\Program\Battlefield 2\bf2editor/rawdata\objects\staticobjects\temple_steps\temple_steps.log ******* A collision mesh has no vertices, aborting ! This geometry has no materials Copy failed. Could not find generated file: bf2editor\rawdata\objects\staticobjects\temple_steps\meshes\temple_steps.collisionmesh Copy failed. Could not find generated file: bf2editor\rawdata\objects\staticobjects\temple_steps\meshes\temple_steps.samples Copy failed. Could not find generated file: bf2editor\rawdata\objects\staticobjects\temple_steps\meshes\temple_steps.staticmesh Copy failed. Could not find generated file: bf2editor\rawdata\objects\staticobjects\temple_steps\temple_steps.con ******* Import Completed ******* [Console] : Couldn't open console script "objects/staticobjects/temple_steps/temple_steps.con" Do I need the maya plugins for import to the editor becouse I don't think that I've them... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mschoeldgen[Xww2]: read my previous reply which was about max
  5. And I have stopped counting how many times you helped me My tweaker bar isn't grey, I can click on the the different options (defaults, physics, animation) but when I click on "defaults" there is just "..." in the MapMaterials field and I can't click on it to change it. I tried to put the box on a map and started bf2 but when the map loads bf2 crashes, probably becouse of the box? I found the "hasCollisionPhysics" field (physics > hasCollisionPhysics) and it wasn't checked, but I could check it, it wasn't "locked" as the MapMaterial. About the "materialID1", I didn't assign it. I followed everything in you tutorial but I had some problems with the "materialID1", I couldn't find it... But I thought that it shoudn't matter Can you explain the "materialID1" thing for me? In the meshes folder there is a samples and staticmesh file, no colisionmesh. Strange becouse I think that I did a collisionmesh in max... Heres the content of my "box01.con" file: GeometryTemplate.create StaticMesh box01 ObjectTemplate.create SimpleObject box01 ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.creator CNU9303RQQ:vxo9siblom ObjectTemplate.geometry box01 include box01.tweak Thanks for helping, mschoeldgen[Xww2]
  6. I've found the "Map Materials" but I can't change it. I click on the "..." but nothing happens ? btw. I added you as a friend Do you know how many times you have helped me out? Thanks a lot
  7. yay I soloved it! I placed the "box01" inside my "objects_clint.rar" and then started the editor. Then in the resource i clicked on the "+" and found the "box01". Thanks for the help mschoeldgen[Xww2] Does a staticobject needs any tweaking or can I place it on a map? Becouse of no texture there was a picture of a man with a hat and a text "I want you!" on my box. Is this becouse I didn't place the texture .dds in the folder or becouse I did something wrong in the texturing part in max? Can I create my own textures and use, like create wood texture in photoshop? In which format does the texture-file has to bi in then? Again, thanks a lot mschoeldgen[Xww2] for helping me out, you are a nice friend -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TLB]stickman or Chael, have you any help for me about export/import, that would bee wonderfull THANKS EVERYBODY
  8. mschoeldgen[Xww2] Sorry, I mayby missed that about no import, I'm a newbie to all this about moddeling and tweaking... I tried to place my "box01" folder inside: /Battlefield 2/mods/mymod/objects/staticobjects/ But I can't find it in the resource window either. I checked under "mymod" and "bf2editor" but just the usually files where there Tips? Dogbox I will try it thanks
  9. mschoeldgen[Xww2] ok I tried with the tools for 3ds max 9 and now I can export Now I have a main folder called "box01" with 2 files init. 1 folder, "Meshes", and 1 .con file, "box01.con". Inside the "Meshes" folder I have 2 files; "box01.samples" and "box01.staticmesh". I tried to open up bf2 editor and click file > import. I can navigate to my "box01" folder but then the editor finds nothing init. What should I do? [TLB]stickman Do you have any tips for maya? Mayaby you can setup a very basic box for me that is ready for the editor, and then I can just try if I do something wrong or if it's my coputer thats insane Thanks for helping [TLB]stickman
  10. Ok, sorry. Just thought that it could be usefull I did'nt know how to do so the codebox got scrollbars, how did you do that? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm using 3D Studio Max 9. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I checked in my file and it also says "bf2editor/rawdata". btw. Thanks for coming over here and helping with maya ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think that I could learn the export/import for both maya and max, becouse this part looks like the hardest of the whole process. Then when I know the export/import part, I go further and choose between which program I should use. Mayby one program is better for one thing and the other is better for another thing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for the tip ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. I'm using the maya bunker from Lawrence Brown:s tutorials "BF2 Modding Tutorial Building the Bunker Maya". Think that you may find it on google 2. No, it was pretty long time ago since I updated it and think that I deleted it becouse I can't find it. Sorry for the bad news 3. I will take a look at the collision mesh you mentioned. btw. I was writing all this while you posted your reply, if you wonder why I didn't answer on you post - EDITED -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks very much for helping mschoeldgen[Xww2], [TLB]stickman, Dogbox and Chael. I really appreciate it I thought like this: mschoeldgen[Xww2], if you want , you take the Max part. [TLB]stickman, if you want , you take the Maya part. Chael and Dogbox you can also help if you want Thanks again, it's really nice that you take you time and helping me /// simon.blom
  11. Thanks a lot for all the tutorials mschoeldgen[Xww2] I tried with what you wrote dogbox, but I get an error when I press "export" in bf2 exporter: ---------------------------------------------------------- "MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception" "-- Unknown property: "runDosBatch" in undefined" ---------------------------------------------------------- When I click "ok" a MaxScript window comes up with some code... -- BF2 Scene -- ------------------------ -- INCLUDE FILES ------ ----------------------- g_bf2doInclude "general/strings.ms" g_bf2doInclude "general/misc.ms" g_bf2doInclude "general/nodes.ms" g_bf2doInclude "materials.ms" g_bf2doInclude "RMesh.ms" g_bf2doInclude "settings.ms" g_bf2doInclude "util/NamePrefixer.ms" g_bf2doInclude "util/positionFloater.ms" ----------------------- -- For weapon parts (relative to right hand or torus): -- 1p == "torus" // this is the root bone of the 1p skeleton -- 3p == "right_ullna" -- We have to re-order our bones to match this order -- .baf animation files identify bones by using an ID number, the order of which are listed in the file -- the bf2 skeleton was exported with bones out of numerical order -- we need to make sure that 10 comes after 9 and not ( 1,10,11,...,2,3,4,5) global g_BF2skeMeshOrdering = #(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,16,14,15,10,9,11,12,13) ---------------------- fn BF2testEqualsClose t c= ( if t < c + 0.0001 and t > c - 0.0001 then ( return true ) return false ) fn BF2checkScaleUniform pt3= ( if BF2testEqualsClose pt3.y pt3.x then ( if BF2testEqualsClose pt3.z pt3.x then ( return true ) ) return false ) fn BF2checkScales objs= ( local hadWarning = false for o in objs do ( if not BF2checkScaleUniform o.scale then ( format "WARNING! Scale must be uniform! %: %\n" o.name o.scale hadWarning = true ) ) return ( not hadWarning ) ) ---------------------- g_bf2doInclude "skinnedMesh.ms" ---------------------- fn BF2ChangeOutputPaths objs val= ( local rtNodes = #() local numChanged = 0 for i=1 to objs.count do ( local rootObj = getParentWithSubStr objs[i] "root_" if isValidNode rootObj then ( local foundID = -1 for j=1 to rtNodes.count do ( if rootObj == rtNodes[j] then ( foundID = j exit; ) ) if (foundID == -1) then ( append rtNodes rootObj setUserProp rootObj "bf2Path" val numChanged += 1 ) ) ) return numChanged ) global rolbf2ChngOutPaths rollout rolbf2ChngOutPaths "BF2 - Change Output Paths To" width:267 height:122 ( editText edt3 "" pos:[16,40] width:232 height:20 groupBox grp3 "Change Output Paths To: " pos:[8,8] width:248 height:104 button btnOK "OK" pos:[88,72] width:88 height:24 on btnOK pressed do ( if edt3.text.count > 0 then ( if selection.count > 0 then ( local numChanged = BF2ChangeOutputPaths selection edt3.text MessageBox ("SUCCESS! Number of objects changed: " + (numChanged as string)) title:"SUCCESS!" DestroyDialog rolbf2ChngOutPaths ) else MessageBox "Error! Please select objects!" ) else MessageBox "Error! Please enter text!" ) ) ---------------------- g_bf2doInclude "rSceneDump.ms" ---------------------- global rolWorkingStatus rollout rolWorkingStatus "Working...." width:224 height:80 ( button btn1 "Please Wait ..." pos:[32,24] width:152 height:40 enabled:false ) fn CreateRolWorkingStatus = ( createDialog rolWorkingStatus style:#(#style_sysmenu, #style_titlebar) ) fn Bf2Export dbg:true objs:undefined fname:undefined pauseOutput:true anmRange:undefined anmObjs:undefined prefix:undefined s:undefined= ( if dbg == true then format "Bf2Export()\n" if objs == undefined then objs = objects as array if fname == undefined then fname = getSaveFileName types:(rSceneDump.getFilenameExt()) if fname != undefined then ( local fnamePath = getFilenamePath fname makeDirPath fnamePath -- Get our scale value -- If the user has set to generic unit display then we just use 0.1 otherwise we calculate out what the scale should be if s == undefined then s = BF2_GetUnitMultiplier() -- Save out our .dat file local destDat = rSceneDump.save objs:objs fname:fname anmRange:anmRange anmObjs:anmObjs prefix:prefix dbg:dbg s:s local meshTYPE = undefined ( local rootObjNode = rSceneDump.getRootNode objs local objectTypeName = rSceneDump.getRootNodeType rootObjNode if classof objectTypeName == string then ( meshType = "." + objectTypeName ) ) -- Convert the exported .dat file with sceneParse.exe -- destDat =1 if classof destDat == string then ( local fnamePath = getFilenamePath destDat local fnameWithoutExt = fnamePath + (getFilenameFile destDat) local buildMode if dbg == true then ( buildMode = "debug/" ) else ( buildMode = "release/" ) local strExeA = g_bf2ToolsLoc + "bin/" + buildMode + "SceneParse.exe" local convertStr = "\"" + strExeA + "\" \"" + destDat + "\"" local convertStrB = undefined if classof meshTYPE == string then ( local strExeB = g_bf2ToolsLoc + "bin\\release\\bf2Materials.exe" local convertStrB = "\"" + strExeB + "\" -applyTechniques \"" + fnamePath + "Meshes/" + (getFilenameFile destDat) + meshTYPE + "\"" format "convertTechniques: %\n" convertStrB ) if pauseOutput != true then ( CreateRolWorkingStatus() bf2mdtops.runDosBatch convertStr destroyDialog rolWorkingStatus ) else ( runDosCommand convertStr doPause:pauseOutput ) -- Applies custom technique names to materials after exporting the mesh file if convertStrB != undefined then ( bf2mdtops.runDosBatch convertStrB ) -- Deletes Debug files/logs if dbg != true then ( local filesToDel = #() -- primary files append filesToDel destDat append filesToDel (fnameWithoutExt + ".material") -- Debug files append filesToDel (fnameWithoutExt + ".nfo") append filesToDel (fnamePath + "samples.tga") append filesToDel (fnamePath + "uvs.tga") append filesToDel "Log.txt" for f in filesToDel do ( deleteFile f ) ) else deleteFile "Log.txt" -- this one should always be removed, as it goes in the wrong spot! -- modify the .con file to prevent assert for .creator command -- "ObjectTemplate.creator REX-NFORCE2:Rex H" -> "ObjectTemplate.creator REX-NFORCE2:Rex_H" --format "postFix: %\n" (fnameWithoutExt + ".con") bf2_PostFixConFile_spacesInName (fnameWithoutExt + ".con") return true ) ) return false ) When I close down the MaxScript a popup says: ---------------- "Working..." "Please wait..." ---------------- But then it just freezes and nothing happens... I waited for 1h with no result... Help!
  12. Ok, sorry, but I didn't understand anything of that, and all the code in the link just made it worse I can't even find the "window" that I should write all this in Details?
  13. I've tried to export the 3ds max file in the bf2 pluggin, but then I get this error:
  14. I'm using Maya 6.0.1 I checked Lewrence Brown:s profile on this site and it says that he was last seen 2006 Do you know where I can find him? I have the bunker in 3D Studio Max Version (Max Scene File), but this doesn't even show up in the editor... Also, the bunker (both Maya and Max) is in a complete version. In the tutorials it says that I can import them to the editor. So in my thoughts there is no maya or max knowledge here, just bf2 editor knowledge Thanks a lot for helping!
  15. Hi everybody! First of all I'm using the already done "MyBunker" from the tutorials "Building the Bunker" from Lawrence Brown. When I try to import the bunker (maya scene file) to bf2 editor I get this message: I've found out that it helps to klick "ok" and then direct the program to my Maya instrallation path. But here's the problem: When I've directed the program to my Maya path, then it starts to import my object but when finnishes I get this message in the bf2 editor Output Debug window: ******* Import Started ******* execute: maya/mparser60.exe "C:/Program/Battlefield 2/bf2editor/rawdata/Objects/StaticObjects/_MyBase01/My_Bunker/My_Bunker.mb" ******* Import Started ******* execute: maya/mparser60.exe "C:/Program/Battlefield 2/bf2editor/rawdata/Objects/StaticObjects/_MyBase01/My_Bunker/My_Bunker.mb" ******* Import Error ******* ******* C:\Program\Battlefield 2\bf2editor/rawdata\Objects\StaticObjects\_MyBase01\My_Bunker\My_Bunker.log ******* A collision mesh has no vertices, aborting ! This geometry has no materials ******* Import Completed ******* [Console] : Couldn't open console script "objects/staticobjects/_mybase01/my_bunker/my_bunker.con" AND, it never shows up in the editor (or I cant find it?) PLEASE help me!!! Kindly regards - simon.blom btw. If I've forgot to tell you something or if you need more info, please reply
  16. NP m8 I've reduced it with 35% now so it should be a little bit smaller in size and shape You mean that I should fix with the maya tools instrallation on this link? Can it fix the problem? I've always wanted to work at DICE when I've finnished my school...... Do you know if there is someone on this forum that works on DICE Sweden? Thanks everybody for the help, I really appreciate all the help.... but regarding the maya stuff, I'll try to find a maya forum. Then when I've learned some about maya and importing, I'll be back and write a tutorial Thanks again! /// simon.blom
  17. Do you mean the main instrallation of maya or the bf2 editor setups for maya? I think that I'll find a maya forum and ask there...... btw. If you guys can help me find a good maya discussion forum with knowledge about maya and the bf2 editor (how they work together) then I promise you that I will write a tutorial about "Importing objects to the BF2 Editor" and post it here Becouse maya is actually a really good 3d program, and it's really a big missing part that there is no knowledge about it on this forum , becouse this forum is otherwise fantastic /// simon.blom
  18. It worked to place the *.mb file in the folder; bf2editor/RawData/Objects/Static Objects/........ I can now find the file in the import window but when I try to import the file I get this error message: What does this mean? Thanks for helping!
  19. Do you mean that I'm having this problem becouse my maya dosn't "understand" that I have BF2 Editor installed and that I want to save the object as a bf2-mesh, not *.mb? If yes, thanks for the help! I'll try it and come back if it doesn't work...... Just one question; Is this path my maya instrallation path (C\Program\Maya 6\icons) or where is this path located ? ? ? /// simon.blom
  20. Yeah, I mean the "Maya" folder I've tried to save my *.mb file at multiply places in my mod, in the folders, RAR:s....... But it still doesnt work!!! I thought that even if you guys are using 3ds max and I use maya we still have to import the object in similar ways, so how do you do even if you are using 3ds max? Please help! /// simon.blom
  21. Hello Everybody! I've followed the basic tutorials but when I got to the "Tutorial 5 Importing the Bunker" there is a problem. In the tutorials it says: "To import you mesh go to File > Import > Maya folder! I have no Maya folder! Here's a screenshot...... I have the Maya 6.0.1 installed (full version, not any trail version) btw, if we can fix this, where should I paste my Maya file (*.mb) so I can find it in the "choose mesh to import > Maya folder"? So, any help would be very nice Thanks in advance! /// simon.blom
  22. ok....... now something strange has happend........ When I click on one of the links to the tutorials 4, 5 and 6 (http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4323, I mean the tutorial link, not this one...) I get a new window that says: page not found! Any help?
  23. I've read the tutorials and I will try to do as it says, but it would be great to have someone to ask if I get stuck But thanks for the help anyway /// simon.blom
  24. Is that tutorials just about how to make objects in maya or is it about how to import in the battlefield 2 editor, do all final setups and import to game? Could you post a link to these tutorials, it would be great I've also searched a bit on the google but I only find how to make objects, not import them into bf2 editor...... Thanks for helping /// simon.blom
  25. Hi everybody! I've just finnished a object in Maya, I've modeled it, "painted" it and saved it as a project..... 1. How will I do so I get the Maya-object into the Battlefield 2 Editor? (The object is currently saved as a usual Maya Binary file, *.mb) 2. Can someone please help me with the set-ups for the object in the editor (all fields)? It's going to be a static object........... 3. Need help to save the object so the editor and game can read and load the object. First of all I want to place the object in a map, karkand would be great........ Need help, please! And if anyone wonders what object I created; I did'nt know what to create so I made an apple! /// simon.blom
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