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  1. I wish to say thanks for the links you provide at the end. These should be most insightful for many that are not aware of those situations and how the market works from that end.... sadly, it is not limited only to EA's work ethic. This has be ongoing battle for me since the 80's. I have spoken out against these practices in the past and had managed to only level the eyesight of upper management on me. I've worked for major companies in the past and as a result have suffered personal losses to family and health. Long hours and stress. I have yet to put a finger on this way of thinking, but my personal experiance in dealing with it was that of the base unspoken motto of these companies is to "Lead by intimidation, not inspiration." Yet these companies claim to be 'family minded'. Thank goodness I'm retired from that. On the matter of my comment, I used the word "hemp" as not to offend the admins, nor possibly bringing any actions against this fine forum. I was trying to show, in my view, some of the oddness that occures in gameing anymore. Hemp (not the 'industrial species') is only one of the plants I noticed.... there is another in there that is far worse. Being a child of the 50's, drug usage is nothing new and comes in all forms of abuse. I am not saying I advocate nor do I say it is the norm for most folks out there. I'm not prigish on the matter either.... if it's your bag, it's your life. Drugs have been around forever. As to what you say on US drug policy... you only scratched the surface and goes much deeper than that. But, this is not the forum to discuss that, right or wrong, nor does it deal with the undertone of what I tried to point out. I was mearly trying to point out there seems to be a blah attitude about it. What concerns me is this blah attitude and there is no reference to it on the package and ESRB. It is a sad trend. On the other hand I point out that there is a sort of negative view on race/nation, meaning the bad guys. I say this from my perspective. Why are the bad guys always Russian, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern and etc. Always some form of past enemy of the US. Now they (EA) throws in an underlying taint of drugs on those cultures, as if they were the cause, when we are just as bad in our own vices. Not all peoples are drug lords or trying to take over home and mom's apple pie. Yes it is a game.... but I wonder how one would feel if it was the US or UK that was depicted as the bad guy and agressor. I think most would be insulted. Couldn't it be just some general para-military group with NO geographical relation or ties. I was born and raised in Texas I can assure you that many Hispanics are hard working, honest folks. This is true of any nation and it's peoples as I have traveled around the world. Good eggs and bad eggs are in EVERY culture. It seems that we have fallen victim to a form of mindless stereo-typing in the worst way. Unlike BF42, based in history, I wonder what a Russian citizen thinks of being protrayed as the bad guy always trying to take over the world. Though it is a game, in some ways it feeds a mistrust and could possible develope a bigoted view point of others. Yes, there are people like that and feed on this this since they seemly can't tell fantasy from reality. IE: In one conversation Haggerd is asked if he speaks Spanish, he replies "Spanglish" (Which is in reality is Mex-Tex and is a butchering of the language - mostly crass and insulting in diction). This is not the normal aspect that a bilingual speaking Texan views the language, Spanish is an eligant language. Further, I don't think there is a Texan that would give his/her life for the Dallas Cowboys muchless a cheerleader. Smacks to much of that "Good ol' boy attitude". There is one good point where the Russian prisoner relates that he has relatives in Houston and Haggard states that people are the same all over. Again, I realize it is a game and is fun to play but I'm an adult and can put things in perspective and take it in stride, then I wonder how many parents buy this for their kids and not see the undertones beyond the ESRB rating.... muchless care or take the time to be involved in what kids might deem to be the norm. As you said... The more you know....
  2. First, sorry to post this here.... mostly since it is a forum for editing, but there really was no where else. Has anyone noticed in the level "Leave No Man Behind" that the two fields in front of the two houses is Hemp? Give a look. What are those Para-militarys up too? Maybe that's why they're pissed at gringos in the farm house. Is EA suggesting that is South Americas' export crop, or a blasie outlook toward usage. Hmmm. I thought there were standards on this. Nothing indicated on the ESRB is mentioned nor in the dialog script of the story line about drugs. No wonder Flynn was happy and mellow. Could be a sneaky graphic artist snuck that by the Board of ESRB and EA QA. (No man, they're uh... tomatoe plants, yeah that's it.)
  3. Help.... still stuck on getting this plane in the map. I still can't get it to work. I don't understand why the propellers aren't seen. They are there in the folder structure. I also still need help in mounting the AI behavior for the map and that vehicle. Any help is appreciated. TY in advance.
  4. TY Clivewell! It will more than likely be that. Looking at the two AI files I find the diff now and missing files. I never thought to look at the AI structure on the plane as a reference. Live and learn.... I always looked at the AI as generic in lay out per vehicle... didn't think of it as a seperate item unto itself. Anyway, have not been able to test file yet. For curiousity sake, How would I place the 'selected snippit' AI behavior part to read for the map without changing the root behavior of the BF2 parent in testing. For the personal mod that's no prob as that would be just transposing the behavior I need. I'm stumped as to how to add it to the map for the maps sake. Adding it to mount from the init? or archieve file? Simply, and hopefully not mudding the water.... think of it as if you were making the map for bf vanilla. How do you add the behavior to the map only? Again thank you for the insight and any help on mounting the file to the map as a stand alone. <<<EDIT>>> For grins I added the AIX AI Behavior temp to replace the BF2 AI Behavior. Once again everything loads fine up to where you join the game. As soon as I press join it still CTDs. Now I get the error: BF2 Error --------------------------- Debug assertion failed! Version: 1.5.3153-802.0 Build date:2009-8-20 17:8 Module: Base File: C:\dice\Projects\BF2Branches\Patch_1_50\Code\BF2\Game\Objects\Base\BundleTemplate.cpp Line: 213 Text: AIX_Be12_Motor addBundleChilds() template not found:AIX_Be12_Propeller Current confile: --------------------------- Cancel Try Again Continue Now this is odd. The be_12 folder structure is the same and the propeller is in there within the file. Everything for the plane is there client and server, that I can tell. Something in the structure is not referenced right from the way it acts and crashes, but I'm not seeing it. Still curious as to how to mount the behaviors as a stand alone and if anyone has ideas on the crash, I'm still stumped.
  5. Well.... stumped again. I'm redoing an old map (Telemart) for personal use in my private mod. Right now it is based in the BF parent mod for test. I've added and changed things to suit my needs and furthered the map by adding 32 and 64 player, new CP and soforth. So far no problem, works great. I wanted to use the BE-12 (I think Clivewells if I recall) from the AIXs mod for my 64 player map. No problem in putting that in, but... after loading the map it will CTD. I get a PCO error, pull the plane and no probs. I've gone through the tweak several times to see if I missed adding something that is referenced. Can't spot anything. I really would like to add the plane to the map, I just can't figure out what it is the AI doesn't like and where that PCO is at, I find no reference in the tweak. Any insight is appreciated as to what the error is. Here's the error: --------------------------- BF2 Error --------------------------- Debug assertion failed! Version: 1.5.3153-802.0 Build date:2009-8-20 17:8 Module: BFKnowledge File: C:\dice\Projects\BF2Branches\Patch_1_50\Code\BF2\AI\AIInterface\BFKnowledge\AITemplateUnit.cpp Line: 66 Text: No valid PcoId found at position:8 Current confile: --------------------------- Cancel Try Again Continue ---------------------------
  6. Interesting idea shashaNar. I did try and removed the template parts from the other four barrels. I was happy it didn't crash, unfortunatly it didn't work. they still have no recoil. I'll have to research the GFM and see how to apply it to the other barrels, it may work. I'll give it a go later. Right now I'm pretty tired, been up all night working on a reskin project.... the color balance was a bear! Let you know later on that one. Gotta try another approach Beexs gave me first.
  7. Sry to bring this up again.... anyone figure a way to do this in the utxt yet? Still one of those things I'm trying to figure out. PS: the pict above is the wrong one, that's the wounded page (oops ). the idea is the same though it's just the ' YOU WERE KILLED" page that follows that one that I want to add the line to.
  8. Greetings, You've really taken the first step and got you're feet wet. Good for you! That's probably the best advice right there. I'm certainly no guru.... at best dangerous with what I know. There are some very fine folks here that will give great advice and help. The first bit of advice I can give is don't be afraid to mess up, we all do. Plow ahead and experiment. It's how we all learn. Study others maps and how they did things. if you don't understand, search here for related topics then ask if you still do get what you are trying to achieve. As far as tuts... there is a newer vid section that is pretty good and wasn't here when I started. The main thing most of us had was the original tuts that were.... somewhat less than lacking in detail. More of a learn n burn experience. On the SP/CoOp there is a tut that is outstanding and should help you with many of the points you mention including stategic points and navmesh. Certainly enough to help you learn to swim in deeper waters Here's a link to that tut: http://kysterama.co.nr/ Next, pay a visit to the SP forum. There are fine folks there as well. http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/for...dex.php?act=idx Lastly this: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...+tips+of+wisdom Hope that helps you in the right direction. I'm sure there is alot more that others can add.... but for the start here you go
  9. I did a little digging on that matter right after I responded to Beex. Going back I noticed that the Collision and the Geometry part always matched. IE Part 5 had collision 5. I even pulled up other cons and noted the same. So I thought that was the key.... match the part and collision, made sense. So I tried to do this as I did above by assigning a number greater than the last geometry part used along with a matching collision. Again no result. Only the first barrel has the recoil. On the note of the side effects, I guess I'm lucky.... haven't had any that I noticed in the last year relating to the barrels other than the one shell problem on one gun. This may be a result of what you mention. So you mention about modeling your own.... this begs the question. How to, and how to apply an exact clone to the same barrel and maintain a seamless transition of the barrel. After thought: I'm going to try this and remove the collision part as I did with the geometry and see if that works. Doubt it it will.... probably crash. But then again you never know, it might work. I seen odd things work in BF that shouldn't.
  10. Greets Beex! I was wondering about this.... hmmmm, more work. Oh well, that doesen't bother me. It can only help me learn. Mistakes sometime help in a better understanding of how things work. I thought on it all day and have no easy solution short of redoing them in the editor and adding the bundled child that way, but Iim not sure that would work effectivly anymore than doing it the way I've already done. And to top it off, it has been a very long time since I've done something that way in the editor that I'd pop what few brain cells I have left remembering. Sigh.... joys of old age. Hope you can come up with a possibility on your end. I have one out side chance idea, but doubt it will work. On another note, did you get my PM and last vids on what we discussed? If not I'll resend, let me know.
  11. Yep, a new prob.... well sorta. Mscho, since you will probably know the answer here ya go. As you know I did a multi ammo for the tanks awhile back. If you recall it is the same set up I discussed on the T-90 with the strange INCD shell that went off into the air, still haven't figured that one out. Beex was helping on that one.... Anyway, I was playing a little earlier and noticed that the barrels didn't recoil. I spent the better part of the wee morning hours trying to figure out what the heck. The long and short of it is this. Because I built up five barrels I didn't pay attention and just copied the barrel line in the con so they looked like this: ObjectTemplate.create RotationalBundle USTNK_M1A2_Barrel_Base ObjectTemplate.collisionPart 4 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType 3 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 4 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate USTNK_M1A2_Barrel ObjectTemplate.setPosition -0.0857/0.0208/-0.0054 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate USTNK_M1A2_HE_Barrel ObjectTemplate.setPosition -0.0857/0.0208/-0.0054 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate USTNK_M1A2_KE_Barrel ObjectTemplate.setPosition -0.0857/0.0208/-0.0054 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate USTNK_M1A2_HEBIO_Barrel ObjectTemplate.setPosition -0.0857/0.0208/-0.0054 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate USTNK_M1A2_INCD_Barrel ObjectTemplate.setPosition -0.0857/0.0208/-0.0054 ObjectTemplate.create GenericFireArm USTNK_M1A2_Barrel ObjectTemplate.collisionPart 5 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType 3 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 5 ObjectTemplate.create GenericFireArm USTNK_M1A2_HE_Barrel ObjectTemplate.collisionPart 5 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType 3 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 5 [i]<line removed now[/i] ObjectTemplate.create GenericFireArm USTNK_M1A2_KE_Barrel ObjectTemplate.collisionPart 5 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType 3 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 5 [i]<line removed[/i] ObjectTemplate.create GenericFireArm USTNK_M1A2_HEBIO_Barrel ObjectTemplate.collisionPart 5 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType 3 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 5 [i]<line removed[/i] ObjectTemplate.create GenericFireArm USTNK_M1A2_INCD_Barrel ObjectTemplate.collisionPart 5 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType 3 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 5 [i]<line removed[/i] Now this didn't present a problem as far as it working.... but I lost the recoil since all the geometries are the same. Easy fix. I just removed the ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 5 from the HE, KE, HEBIO and INCD barrels. OK, that fixed the recoil.... for the first barre only since the geometry is still there. Now that it worked I hoped that the others would follow suite.... nope. I obviously need to set up a geometry for each one that is seperate from the first. I tried to do this by adding ObjectTemplate.geometryPart xx using the number following the last geo of the con. still doesn't work on the other four barrels. No recoil for them, just the first one works now.... before, in the config above none of them worked when I had all barrels with the ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 5 line. So now I'm stumped again. How do you get each barrel to have a recoil? Just to be clear in what I mean, it's when the barrel retracts when firing a shell. The weapon recoil template is in all barrels. so I'm sure that I have to setup a geometry part for each barrel. Now I'm pretty sure that has to do with the bundledmesh, is it possible to add the geometry or am I going about this wrong. I'm confused on how to go about this and what to do. Thanks for any insight in advance.
  12. One again Mscho your insight has proved invaluable! I did go back on the server, and yes... I did upload the wrong map. I put the mod map on the vanilla server. I changed the map but haven't had a chance to check it and see if it will crash. I do suspect that from the description you give and what I experienced.... server crash and client stays alive.... I think you nailed it. I will let you know how it checks later today. Once again, a tip o' da hat and many thanks for the insight. Oh.... and I agree, they should have just capped the value thinking about it in hindsight.... would have made life easier for all concerned and saved a headache. On to the next probem! EDIT>> Yup, that was it. The wrong mod tweak caused the crash on the map. Changed it to the proper map file and she was happy. Thanks again Mscho
  13. Now that's really odd! is this true for all vehicles in the parent BF? The EU is the only one that does this crash. All my other jets have the same ammo count and they don't crash. IE: EU fighter: rem ---BeginComp:DefaultAmmoComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultAmmoComp ObjectTemplate.ammo.nrOfMags 1 ObjectTemplate.ammo.magSize 1200 ObjectTemplate.ammo.autoReload 1 ObjectTemplate.ammo.reloadWithoutPlayer 1 ruair_mig29: rem ---BeginComp:DefaultAmmoComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultAmmoComp ObjectTemplate.ammo.nrOfMags 1 ObjectTemplate.ammo.magSize 1200 ObjectTemplate.ammo.autoReload 1 ObjectTemplate.ammo.reloadWithoutPlayer 1 As you can see they are the same. The Mig works just fine. Also, I forgot to mention this is in my mod side, not the parent BF. I'll check to see if I uploaded the mod side map by mistake to the server cause you're right. This crash happens on the BF side.... but if EA did that change in vannila base..... well, that was as silly as killing the arti for CoOp commader AI. Why in the world would they set a limitation like that?!!! OK, next dumb question.... aside from going back to 1.41 and redoing all my tweaks for vanilla, is there a work around or is this hard coded. This is for a non ranked private server.
  14. I redid one of my maps and changed the army to use EU. I replaced the US material and then included the leopard tank, lav25, jeep fav... xpak2 versions and the euro fighter. Nothing new, done it before. I've done this many times before and never had a problem playing SP, CoOp and on a dedicated server (mine) and always ran great. Now that I added patch 1.5 this odd error comes up when you try to use the EU fighter in CoOp on the server. What's strange is when I tested it SP, CoOp and GPM and via hosting, it works fine. To add to it is the the Map runs fine on the dedi as long as I don't try to get in to the EU fighter.... bots can use it, but I can't. Thinking on this that it might be the map, I tried another stock map that Xstat did, Op Smokescreen since it has the EU fighter o his 32 player. Same error. So I tried the map(s) on my comp and another server that still is patched to 1.41 and no errors, works great. So I'm having a bit of trouble getting my head around this one. Why does the EU fighter now crash the server on 1.5 and not on 1.41. Why does the map work in all respects, SP CoOp and GPM when hosting, but on the 1.5 server it will crash as soon as you jump into the plane and only the plane. I can't think of anything that would do or cause this.... not logical. Nothing has been change on the plane other that some weapons tweak.... increase in ammo, that's it. So..... hopeing someone has an idea of where to look as to what may be the cause. --------------------------- BF2 Error --------------------------- Debug assertion failed! Version: 1.5.3153-802.0 Build date:2009-8-20 17:8 Module: io File: c:\dice\projects\bf2branches\patch_1_50\code\bf2\io\BitStream.inl Line: 59 Text: (fatal error) Value out of bounds val: 1201 lower 0 upper: 1023 Current confile:
  15. Oh well.... thought I'd try and do something nice for the community, but got beat to the idea. Thanks though for the insight.
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