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  1. Just a quick question is a quicker way of making terrain without having to manually create the level, as what I would like to do is make a 2x1000km map with a top down image I have.
  2. Right here's the situation. I am currently trying to fix my ticket bleed for a map. the mapsizes are: 16 player no vehicle mode 32 player no vehicle mode 32 supply lines 64 supply lines 16 player nv has 4 flags; 2 grey flags & 1 for each team. team area value for each flags is 34. When team 1 or two holds 3 flags the ticket bleed kicks in. However the situation is on 3 other game modes. for instance on 32 nv, team 2 has 1 uncap with team 1 holding 6 flags at start, team area value for each flag is 17. When the round start team 2 starts to bleed tickets and only by capping a flag at the start will stop the ticket bleed for the attacking side. Also a noteworthy instance is wehn the attacking side holds 5 of the flags the defending team doesn't suffer any ticket bleed/loss. I have read that having head on or assault makes no difference to the ticket bleed as I have tried to changing it from one to the other. In the init.con file the tickets are set accordingly. I did have team 2 set as 6 but that had a faster ticket bleed at start. gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 16 1 100 gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 16 2 100 gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 32 1 200 gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 32 2 220 gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 64 1 150 gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 64 2 165 gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 128 1 50 gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 128 2 50 gameLogic.setDefaultTimeToNextAIWave 8 gameLogic.setTicketLossAtEndPerMin 1000 gameLogic.setTicketLossPerMin 1 12 gameLogic.setTicketLossPerMin 2 4 Any ideas would be useful. ps I haven't tried using phyton as i wouldn't know where to start. Just checked with stock maps, works exactly the same. On assault no ticket bleed for defending team until they lose all flags. With head on they lose tickets when one team holds all/most of the flags.
  3. In helping to promote the first strike mod to the battlefield community, i was given permission to port over this fantastic map from first strike to battlefield 2142. Game modes includes: Assault lines No vehicle mode To view the ingame footage see: Try the first strike mod by visiting: http://www.fsmod.com/ and to download the map: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=22IGGEVY http://www.filefront.com/14607939/battlefi...oine-mos-espa/#
  4. copied suez canal ai folder, then tried clive's version both versions don't make any difference after I create navmesh at it gets stuck on that same gts-073 string. How do i add ai layer (col3) to collision mesh? that might fix it as alot of the statics have col2
  5. Object number: 1937 Object name: crate_1_a Building bounding box trees mesh and object does not intersect. Object 1937 didn't intersect with ground! ---------------------------------------------------- Object number: 1938 Object name: crate_3 Building bounding box trees mesh and object does not intersect. Object 1938 didn't intersect with ground! ---------------------------------------------------- Object number: 1958 Object name: tat_stick Building bounding box trees mesh and object does not intersect. Object 1958 didn't intersect with ground! ---------------------------------------------------- Object number: 1981 Object name: tat_chair1 Only a bbox object exists! Building bounding box trees mesh and object does not intersect. Object 1981 didn't intersect with ground! Nothing in object fifo intersects with ground mesh! Cutting out combat-area Tesselating combatarea-border Tesselated 26509663 edges done Removing enclosed triangles Removed 205 triangles Removed 735 triangles Removed 377 triangles Removed 232 triangles Removed 164 triangles Removed 159 triangles Removed 240 triangles Removed 176 triangles Removed 338 triangles Removed 223 triangles Removed 347 triangles Removed 371 triangles Removed 619 triangles Removed 263 triangles Removed 429 triangles Removed 555 triangles Removed 320 triangles Removed 676 triangles Removed 504 triangles Removed 408 triangles Removed 502 triangles Removed 555 triangles Removed 604 triangles Removed 529 triangles Removed 378 triangles Removed 592 triangles Removed 781 triangles Removed 640 triangles Removed 11922 triangles Done Flooding keypoints Removed 16231 faces done done Optimizing Removing messy triangles Removed 10 triangles Setting waterplane materials Time passed 0 hours. 0 min. and 0 sec. Applying watermeshes materials Time passed 0 hours. 0 min. and 0 sec. This logfile was opened 17:4:30 25/9 2009 Command is Optimize navmesh.exe -dir work\tatooine_mosespa\GTSData -cmd opt -mode Infantry ****************************************************** WARNING: There are no keypoints defined for Vehicle!! ****************************************************** Translating watermeshes Time passed 0 hours. 0 min. and 0 sec. Removing non-orientable faces Removed 0 faces Totally removed 0 messy triangles Removing non-orientable faces Removed 0 faces Removing selt-intersecting faces Removed 49 faces Cutting out headclearance holes Expanding 1315 faces Time passed 0 hours. 7 min. and 1 sec. Removing messy triangles Totally removed 9 messy triangles Removing non-walkable faces Removing faces sloping more then 90.000207 degrees Found and removed 24615 sloping faces. Removing non-orientable faces Removed 0 faces Removing selt-intersecting faces Removed 8 faces Optimizing Removing thin triangles on the boundry Found and removed 1692 thin triangles Removing non-orientable faces Removed 0 faces Removing selt-intersecting faces Removed 27 faces Flooding keyPoints. Removed 3125 faces Shrinking mesh. Shrinking subsurface 1 (1) with 25402 boundary edges
  6. Yeah by the looks of it on the screenshot, it looped on one part 8 times then crashed. It's a conquest map, set on the ground. The above error was via bf2142 mod with the statics in a custom folder. i'm trying to run it via the firststrike mod in createnavmesh. i did have 3 layers set which might have caused the crash. whereas this attempt I have just 1 layer. atm it's doing cutting out headclearance holes. i'll update whether it finishes or crashes.
  7. Some of the collision meshes have col 3 whereas others don't
  8. i've got this error when attempting to run create navmesh anyone know what causes it?
  9. i've tried removing the locid in the info.dsc as well as adding <briefing> text here </briefing> and adding <briefing> levels/tatooine_mosespa/customstrings.csv </briefing> but to no avail. example of code below for belgrade [/ <name> Belgrade </name> <briefing locid="LOADINGSCREEN_MAPDESCRIPTION_Belgrade">map description for modders maps not localized (english only)</briefing>
  10. assault lines is team specific, so as long as you have pac as the defending team and the supply group id set correct it will work.
  11. What i've been trying to do is add a intel report for a custom map. As i've noticed in the localization strings it holds the intel report. Is there a way to bypass this or mount a custom string in the map so it loads into the loadingscreen? example of intel report below for tunis located in the strings file LOADINGSCREEN_MAPDESCRIPTION_Tunis_Harbor In an attempt to stop the flow of EU reinforcements to the Suez Canal, the PAC launched a series of raids against key transportation hubs. The most vital of these targets was Tunis Harbor. Fog in the Strait of Sicily, allowed the PAC to land its 8th Command Regiment almost on top of the harbor defenses. This strategy enabled them to pin the EU forces in the harbor with the Mediterranean at their backs. The Valkyrie Brigade formed the backbone of the EU's defense with their company of L-5 Riesig Battlewalkers.
  12. Originally created by: general un co of the first strike developement team Ported by; myself single player needs sorting out as their are some bugs atm. game mode includes: assault lines no vehicle mode single player/coop Some screenies: and finally a video:
  13. I've also done the 32 player version which has 1 pac uncap, has the same issue as the 64 player map
  14. i've been granted permission to port tatooine mos espa to vanilla 2142. for the 64 player map there are 3 uncap for pac and 7 flags for eu. I've looked at bridge at remegan to see how the layout is done and the layout is give as ObjectTemplate.supplyGroupNeeded 2 1 0 for the locked base. However when i start the round the back base is unlocked. Here's the info from the 64 game play objects in short for each flag Comercial_District_pushmap_1__2_3 ObjectTemplate.controlPointId 10 ObjectTemplate.supplyGroupId 3 ObjectTemplate.supplyGroupNeeded 2 1 0 Docking_Bays_pushmap_2__1_5 ObjectTemplate.controlPointId 8 ObjectTemplate.supplyGroupId 1 Jabbas_City_House_pushmap_3__1_5 ObjectTemplate.controlPointId 9 ObjectTemplate.supplyGroupId 1 The_Market_pushmap_4__5_6 ObjectTemplate.controlPointId 6 ObjectTemplate.supplyGroupId 1 Gardullas_Palace_Ruins_pushmap_5__2_3_4_7 ObjectTemplate.controlPointId 7 ObjectTemplate.supplyGroupId 1 Wattos_Junkyard_pushmap_6__4_7 ObjectTemplate.controlPointId 4 ObjectTemplate.supplyGroupId 1 Southern_Slave_Quarters_pushmap_7__5_6 ObjectTemplate.controlPointId 5 ObjectTemplate.supplyGroupId 1 Southern_Imperial_Landing_pushmap_8__6_7 ObjectTemplate.controlPointId 3 ObjectTemplate.supplyGroupId 0 South_West_Imperial_Landing_pushmap_9__6_7 ObjectTemplate.controlPointId 2 ObjectTemplate.supplyGroupId 0 South_East_Imperial_Landing_pushmap_10__6_7 ObjectTemplate.controlPointId 1 ObjectTemplate.supplyGroupId 0
  15. i used acouple of the xp cliffs, you can see them in one of the screenies. As for the bugs rocks, where are they located in bf2's folder? Might give them a try also. however i think i have come across a solution, i noticed in first strike there is some flat static terrain which could be ideal, only problem is that the launcher has bugged the game from starting up i.e that infamous shader bug where it causes a ctd after optimizing shaders and fails to start up with the no cd error message
  16. It will be a cracking map once it's finished, but can't really do much to it without the artificial/static object terrain.
  17. even the special forces expansion or merely just the boosters? That being armored fury and euro forces, at least that way well see people on the servers then, that is if most of them come back to vanilla after being converted to PR
  18. ok here's some screenies from the editor Tunnel opening tunnel mouth hill tunnel sky view As you can see, what I'm after is some form of static objects which will blend in to cover the gaps where I made the tunnel. Ideally for the entrance, and to cover the above terrain.
  19. found it though i haven't tested it as i have the editor still open ObjectTemplate.addTemplate as_titan_forcefield ObjectTemplate.setPosition 2.712/3.85275/-29.9
  20. I got the pac titan loaded into the editor, which line of code is responsibile for the external shield?
  21. Ok here's the situation, i am working on a map which will have a sewer level at the base of a plateau running through to the part where it meets the mouth of an ocean. due the constraints of terrain shaping inside the editor, what i would like is to have someone knock up some sections of static terrain which would sit on the parts where there is a gap between in the terrain. i'll post up some screenies once I have shaped the level to give you an idea of what i had in mind.
  22. I have the wtv and the dds plugin for photoshop. i'll post a screenshot of the detail and colour texture when i paint the terrain. I have been using the textures which have been packaged in the battlefield 2 mod such as: grass01, green06, sand02 dark etc...
  23. Cool map, i like the look of the tunnel
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