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  1. Here's some answers: 1): If you use any other option than Save All -> OK (even unchecking or checking any of the boxes in the save menu) it will most likely cause an editor crash. So make sure youre not changing anything in the save dialog box and always use Save All. 2): Im pretty sure DICE used photoshop or anything similar (But probably Photoshop ) to paint on the blue. A lot of maps have had some retouching outside of the editor if it comes to colormaps, it just adds something extra. Most of the time only slight details are done outside of the editor or things that you just simply can't do otherwise. 3): The helipads and runways get painted on if you place them (And im not 100% sure but maybe you also need to do some groundtexture) Anyway, it has nothing to do with lightmaps i think. 4): Search button is your friend if you want a tutorial... But the reason your terrain always shows up as black is probably because you havent done any lightmaps? And the texture/color only buttons allow you to either just paint the detailtexture (and preserving the current color beneath it) or to just change the color (and preserve the detail beneath it). 5): Check the positions of your road spline points. If you have 1 point at the left side of your map and 1 at the right side, than the editor will create a road which goes directly from one point to the other. Any terrain that doesnt match the height of the road at a certain point will be snapped to the road. You can either try using more spline points or use the option "Build Final Road" which will snap the road to the terrain instead of the terrain to the road. 6): Ive got no idea why it crashes. Its the BFEditor and that things just came from hell... It crashes, it has bugs and its not really the best editor out there... But its the only thing we've got and EA/DICE refuse to give us a decent editor so sorry but i can't help you with that :"( 7): Can't answer this for ya.. I do most of my lightmapping in 3dsMax rather than the editor. Like i said before: DICE doesnt update the editor. Hope this helped you a little bit
  2. Mate, that looks so freaking awesome! I was just looking over this forum once again (haven't posted here in a loooooooong while, seriously a very long while.) and i saw your thread. Once i read the storyline i thought by myself "If they'd take the story and make a retail FPS game from it with another engine, you'd have an incredible game." Really, if you guys would do so, I'd probably buy the game Now, let's go download those client files and see if the gameplay is as good as the storyline... //Falcon (Yes, the guy from Karkand ) EDIT: I've just played it and it's awesome! Although it does need some polishing (Don't know how far this mod is but for a full version 2.0 i'd expected a bit more) But like i said: Its cool ;P
  3. nice BEEX thanks for the research
  4. yeah its a VTOL V-22 Osprey (like I said in my first post here ) And I wasn't really planning on making the wings to really rotate because they only make a 90 degrees turn if it's "stabled". But the engines could use the same system as the engine from an F35. Don't know and still have to try that, so we'll see what comes around EDIT: What should I do if i want to texture it... Is there any way to let a program create a file that shows me were all the parts should be located on a texture sheet or do i just have to mess around and figure out were the wings are, the hull and all on the sheet?
  5. well what can I say... Its a gift No, but seriously, this is my first model not my first try with creating an object or something xD I also was looking for the damn button that allows me to create a box or a sphere... However it IS my first try on making the objects fit with eachother and everything. This model is like a test for me and while I work on it i learn more. Here's how far it is now: //Falcon
  6. thanks everyone also for the helpful tips
  7. i just started using 3dsmax and i made this. Its supposed to be a V-22 Osprey, and it needs to get more details etc. The rotors are not there yet either XD Its my first try and i know it needs some smoothing. And i want it to be hollow but i still have the solid box shapes. Does 3dsmax have a hollowing or cut-out tool? //Falcon
  8. Someone already asked this: but can somebody please make a list of where to put all this. Im not quite familiar with Python coding and all but i wanna check this out for myself. Thanks in advance and another question: is it possible to make and airstrike with choppers, like an Apache that comes in while shooting rockets at the target? //Falcon
  9. Falcon

    Wowmod (wip)

    well, WoW does have guns as a ranged weapon you can get a gun, or a crossbow/bow. But it really has guns Anyway: I saw this topic and i thought of how to do classes. my idea: Priests as medics, warriors as assault, hunter as sniper, druids as support, etc xD
  10. Falcon

    Karkand 2142

    Please visit here: http://www.totalbf2142.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21788
  11. Well Karkand is going to be in the Desert so I cant use it on that one But maybe the next one...
  12. I'll remember you When the beta testing starts, I'll pick some people to test. I'll try to get you in aswell.
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