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  1. Would also be cool if then the cockpit started to shake and wobble and a red light and an alarm turned on
  2. hell yeah I can! And that's why I'm satisfied with my method as I said, but thanks for your help anyway
  3. hmm... I know now how it works, but it seems as if I'll have to spend some hours getting the weighting done, just to start animating? Or is there an easier, time saving way? Anyway, I've done what I wanted, another way around. My initial problem was to get the hands and arms of the soldier to appear in the scene to make animating easier. Well, I've done that, by adding each mesh to it's bone in the hierarchy, and as parented objects move with their parent,... I'm satisfied with this right now, but of course if there was an easier way to do the vertices weighting, I'd do it rather than having to cope with my method.
  4. thank you very much for that fast reply in first place, MS. So if I am right I can just import the skinned mesh into 3ds max with the bf2 plugins? *EDIT* I was able to import the the skinnedmesh from the soldier, thought it seems as if it is 10 times bigger than the 1p skeleton. I'll try to rescale it properly. *EDIT* Ok, I was able to rescale it, and it fits the bones now. I'm guess I'm ready to move to the second step you mentionned earlier, the weighting of the bones. I sorta know what it means, since I've done it to get my M4 to work in crysis, but I have no idea what this is gonna be like for bf2. Please enlighten me on this and show me the way to go
  5. I've heard you can import the soldier's arms and hands and rig them onto the bones, so you can see. After watching some of Chad509's videos, I realized it was possible. I asked him by comment how he got them into 3ds max, but he didn't reply yet. The only help I could get by him was an old reply saying the arms and hands meshes can be found in the bf2 archives. I've searching in the objects_* archives but I couldn't find anything relevant. Can anyone point me into the right direction for that? Oh and here's the video I was talking about:
  6. Finally, a clan as managed to 'offer' me their server for testing purpose, but now I'm stuck at the point where you need the server files for the mod. I'd like to know how do I create the server files for my mod. I tried copying/pasting my mod's folder into the dedicated servers mods folder, but as soon as I launch the server with it, it crashes at 3%. Please, someone help me with that.
  7. Just wondering... anyone know these vehicle drop hacks, supply drop hacks, right? I've been wondering if that exists for artillery too, and if the coding sutff for these 3 things are similar. I have no idea what these hacks look like, how they work, which files they affect, but IMO they can be rather useful in the modding scene. People has done something incredible with these hacks, and don't even know how useful it could be for us (at least, for me ): how can they have changed the "time to reload" of the vehicle/supply drop if it has been marked as hard-coded? In my mod, I want to make the US artillery being able to shoot all 5 minutes, 'cause it's shooting nukes. I bet a lot of mods are searching the same as me, and I hope now that this thread will get replied as soon as possible with useful cheers
  8. #1: You must apply by yourself the material in the editor by clicking on Defaults (in the tweaker bar) > Materials and then you should see the names of the materials you gave in 3ds max and you can apply each of them to a bf2 material such as concrete or rock. The editor won't automatically apply a bf2 material to the materials from your mesh.
  9. Same here... I noticed nearly all bf2 vehicles have the line saying ObjectTemplate.hasRestrictedExit 1, but if you put it to 1, you can't exit anymore. What is it good for? and how it comes you still can exit bf2 vehicles though this is set to 1? Just remove that line and you should be able to exit it.
  10. Get gmax because it's free. Otherwise, are you ready to waste $3500 to get 3ds max 9, just to have some more features such as editing bf2 animations?
  11. http://www.clickteam.com/eng/installcreator.php Install Creator is a nice program to make such things, you can set a default installation path, add a description, a custom header afaik and a lot more. You should try it
  12. #1 is hard. As long as you can't handle the editor, you won't be able to make a nuke effect. Here a nice tutorial that explains you basically what the effect editor is like and how you use it: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=6569 Thanks Croupier
  13. I don't think there is a way of tweaking the soldiers objects to act like static objects. Even so, they would stand straight with arms horizontally with just no animation. There is a way of doing this, by making a custom object and export it as a staticmesh, using 3ds max, or gmax (kind of free version of 3ds max but with less features). That's the only way you can do it I think
  14. ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0 no physics = floating in the air
  15. I couldn't even get a working emitter emitting a custom geometry in-game which I wanted to use for my nuke. I know it was one of the moderators coming up with a small tut where he showed me a pic of his effect with a geometry that hurts the player, that he used in a gas cloud effect, but I can't find that thread anymore. Did you packed your mod before trying?
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