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  1. I followed every step i know to make a BF2142 map. I've got the point of starting the game..........that's where the problem beggin. The in game map where you choose where to spawn is grey and it's written default in_game map at the top and the bottom....so i can't choose a spawn point anywhere...please someone help me with this!!!
  2. Hi! I'm kind of new in making map in BF2142. I wanted to do maps to play like 4 vs 4 in conquest.....so i read forums to try to do a map. I think i've made one that could work but that's where the problem beggin.....after i do all the things in the editor i click Save all and then the editor save all file into my new map folder. The problem is that BF2142 use 4 icon in it's map folder: info, archive.md5 and client server zip file. But the editor do not save it like it that...it save it like in BF2....So i try to put everything together in 2 zip file along with the info file but some folder that other BF2142 map have are missing and also the file archive.md5.....i try changing things in info and .con file but nothing...when i try to start a server the game i've created doesn't appear. So is could someone give me the step by step how to save everything in order to make it work in BF2142...Thanks
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