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  1. Ok, so I am a bit new to coding but I am understanding it very well. I have done a bunch of basic stuff and a few harder things (with help of researching) Some things I have done -Changed damage of weapons -Took away wire guiding of missiles. -Took away heat seeking of AA and made it detonate near aircraft, including making it go straight. -Added remote control to claymores. -Added weapons from another mod into my screwing around mod -Changed zoom of weapons -Added silencer to weapons -Changed sounds of weapons -Changed deviations -Increased Recoils -Added ambient radio to hummer -Changed kits -Changed crosshairs -Changed default firing mode -Added firing modes Added zoom to stationary weapons That is basic stuff, I hope it doesn't make me sound very good because I really am not. I would prefer a mod with a experience coder already to help me out.
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